Smoking during pregnancy is related to the risk of children with congenital heart disease

A new study published on May 27th in the "American Heart Association Magazine" found that the risk of children with congenital heart disease during pregnancy during pregnancy increased the risk of congenital heart disease during pregnancy.

The study was led by the University of Bristol and conducted international cooperation with researchers from seven institutions.It brings together data from the British, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Italy more than 230,000 families, including the world -renowned 1990s of the University of Bristol University.The study was supported by the British Heart Foundation and the European Commission H2020 plan.

In the UK, about 13 babies are diagnosed with congenital heart disease every day.This means that the large blood vessels around the heart or the heart do not develop normally in the uterus.Determining the cause of congenital heart disease can help prevent some of these cases and eventually save life.

Main author, Kurt Taylor, Dr..Students at the University of Bristol said: "The birth queue is unique, because many birth queues not only have data from mothers and children, but also their father’s data. It is important that obtaining data from father and mother and children make us.Can use new research design to investigate the possible cause of congenital heart disease. "

The study analyzed the relationship between weight index, smoking and drinking and congenital heart disease of future generations.The data of these features are obtained by measuring weight and height, and the early pregnancy survey of early pregnancy.As part of the Lifecycle project, the measurement values between each queue are consistent.A initiative aimed at studying the impact of pregnancy and infant factors on future health and well -being, from childhood to adults.Researchers can test the reliability they discovered by comparing the results of their parents and father to help identify whether the impact they see is "real" or the result of other factors.

Kurite continued: "Here, we have proved that smoking mothers during pregnancy are more likely to have children with congenital heart disease. Our research results also show that it may not be overweight or obese or drinking at the beginning of pregnancy.The reason. Heart disease, although the previous research shows that this is not the case. These results may help support women for childbearing age. At the same time, it is recommended that women and men maintain healthy weight before and during the period and restrict drinking."

Professor Deborah Lawlor, chairman of the British Cardiology Foundation, who is responsible for this research, added: "The smoking rate is declining, but in the UK and other high -income countries, the poor group smokingThe rate is still very high, and these discoveries further highlight the necessity of supporting smoking cessation globally; in addition, if we can accurately calculate how pregnant women smoke increase the risk of congenital heart disease, this will find new ones to prevent these diseases.Method. No smoking. "

Dr. Sonya Babu-Narayan, Director and Expert of Heart Diseases, said: "Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors to develop heart and circulatory system diseases. It is also the biggest reason for the overall inequality of Europe, but supporting smoking quitting is a reduction.One of the most effective measures for these unequal phenomena. We need to provide them with appropriate smoking quit support and suggestions to make everyone easier to quit smoking. "

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