Smoking brings ten major hazards to fertility

1. Compared with non -smokers, the danger ratio (OR) of smokers is 1.1 in the 6 -month delay of smokers, but the OR of 18 months of the delay is as high as 3.2.The impact of smoking on the genital force seems to have a dose effect, and both women and men’s smoking affect the delay of pregnancy.

2. The manifestation of ovarian function is abnormal hormone secretion, follicle development disorders, menstrual disorders, early menopause, etc.Some scholars have reported that smokers have played a year to 1.5 years earlier than smokers.

3. Directly or indirectly affect the cervical function that causes the cervix to change the sperm through.

4. Increased incidence of bacterial vaginitis can become one of the causes of pelvic inflammatory disease, and it is also the cause of late abortion and premature birth.

5. A report of Washington, Washington, USA, prompts that smoking is related to fallopian tube infertility.The reason why smoking increases the inflammation and obstruction of fallopian tubes, but the result is unknown, but this result is supported by many researchers.

6. Smoking is one of the high -risk factors of ectopic pregnancy. Researchers have found that the risk ratio of smoking and non -smokers’ ectopic pregnancy is 1.9. It is believed that smoking has an independent effect on the incidence of ectopic pregnancy and has a more obvious dose effect.Smoking increases the mechanism of ectopic pregnancy. After clinical and animal research, a lot of assumptions have been proposed. The possible mechanism is to delay ovulation, changes in uterine and fallopian tube activities, and changes in immune function.

7. Increasing the abortion rate of natural abortion is related to smoking during pregnancy. It is independent of women’s age, drinking during pregnancy, and previous natural abortion.Moreover, it is mainly to increase the risk of natural abortion in normal pregnancy women in chromosomes.

8. The mechanism that affects the success rate of external fertilization to smoke affects the perfection perfection power.Other scholars have suggested that male smoking also affects the success rate of fertilization in vitro.

9. Affect smoking on male fertility can affect sexual function.Harmful substances in cigarettes can inhibit the secretion of testosterone, reduce the level ofrogen levels, and reduce sexual desires due to damage to the penis arterial vessel wall, difficulty erection of the penis, and even impotence.Smoking can affect the production and maturity of sperm.Smokers can produce substances that induce cell distortion and hinder lymphocyte synthesis of DNA, and the generation of sperm requires the synthesis of DNA and protein.Therefore, smoking has a significant impact on the production, maturity of sperm, and the proportion of deformity sperm; smoking may also damage the sperm gene, which affects the result of fertilization in vitro.The sperm penetration function of the smokers has also declined.

10. Smoking is one of the most harmful factors of fetal health and smoking -related hazards include miscarriage, premature birth, dead tires, placenta damage, premature fetal membrane breakthrough, slow intrauterine development, etc., and increase the possibility of fetal deformity.

Source: Health News

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