Sixteen -year -old daughter was pregnant unexpectedly, and my husband and I were in pain after discovering the truth.

My husband and I are both a second marriage. We work in a unit. We have a good opinion of each other after spending a long time together. After learning that both of us are divorced, we decided to live together.

Husband has a son, a son, I have a daughter, and the two children are the same age. My husband and I have a new family for eight years. Whether it is between us or children, the relationship has always been good. Relatives and friends are right and friends.This is envious. They said that it is difficult to reorganize the family that can be so harmonious, so my husband and I also cherish each other very much, cherish the beautiful and happy life now, and cherish our little family.

But these days, I found that my daughter seemed to be sick, and the spirit was sluggish. I always felt nauseous when I ate anything. I looked a lot of weight. I immediately told my husband and led him with him.Duo went to the hospital to check.

The results of the inspection came out, my husband and I were surprised, and Du Duo, who was just 16 years old, became pregnant!This news is like a thunderbolt. What is going on? How can a cute and cute daughter suddenly pregnant? As a mother, she was angry and distressed. What happened to her daughter?

My husband and I decided to talk calmly and peacefully, and figure out the beginning and end of the matter.Faced with this unsatisfactory daughter, I suppressed the anger in my heart and asked her what happened?The daughter told the truth. It turned out that the child turned out to be her brother!Two people have played together from childhood, and they have loved each other in their adolescence. Because Xiao is more mature than her daughter, they know more, so the two people have a relationship when they are ignorant, and they have made the current Mathema wrong!Xiaocai kneeled in front of me and my husband, and said that he did not expect that things would be so serious.After I heard the reason, I was in pain, and I had the heart to die. What did these two children do with us? This is!It’s too big!

My insomnia all night, in the final analysis, the mistake of this incident is still in my husband. I did not pay too much attention to the feelings of the children. I did not pay attention to their changes every day. Then I had such a scandal on the bottom line of eyelids.Now I am guilty, helpless, and I can’t extricate myself for a long time.

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