Six months of pregnancy, expectant mothers encountered fractures, whether they were big or small?

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During pregnancy, expectant mothers are afraid of two words- "sickness", let alone "flaws" like fractures, because at this time, they may "affect two people."

Four months ago, Xiaofang (pseudonym), who was 6 months pregnant, experienced such a worrying accidental fracture. Fortunately, surgery was avoided after rehabilitation by rehabilitation by Hangzhou Fuyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Bone Injury Hospital.

On June 18, Xiaofang, who had just finished confinement, hugged the child. With the husband’s bright (pseudonym), he returned to Hangzhou Fuyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Bone Injury Hospital.A beautiful encounter of the cute little angel.

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In early February of this year, Xiaofang, who was 6 months pregnant, accidentally sprained at home and was immediately taken to a local hospital.The diagnosis was a left ankle fracture, but the doctor was helpless.Whether it is conservative treatment or surgical treatment, it is a huge challenge for a pregnant woman. The risk of treatment is extremely high. The doctor even threw the problem of "Bao Da or Bao Xiao".

"At that time, the doctor asked me to choose a big one, and we were all scared at a time. I took my lover to see the fracture. As a result, let me make this choice. During that time, the family was extremely anxious and helpless." Liang LiangLiang admitted that his wife and children must not be less.

In order to obtain the ideal treatment plan, Liang Liang took his wife to run around. Finally, under the recommendation of a friend, he found Director Chen Jinhong, the Department of Inmosis Department of Fuyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Bone Injury Hospital.

"Director Chen has a successful precedent for conservative treatment during pregnancy. We seem to grab the life -saving straw at once!" Liang Liang saw hope.

After arriving at the hospital, Director Chen Jinhong actively appeared in the anxiety of patients and their families. While checking in detail and asking the condition in detail, he patiently answered the patient’s doubts.The Xiaofang family looked at Director Chen, who was busy, and had a trust in addition to gratitude. They said that they would definitely cooperate with treatment.

In order to shoot X -ray films and better understand the specific situation of the fracture of the foot, Director Chen personally took the person to do a lot of protection measures to minimize the impact on the fetus generated by the foot camera on the fetus, as the patient and the fetus and the fetusHealth and escort.The shooting results show that the three fractures of the left ankle can be treated with re -treatment.This good news that does not require surgery finally relieved the family members of the patient who had been troubled by the fracture for a long time.

On the day of the bone, everything was ready. Director Chen’s methods were "fierce", and the three times, five, and two were bandaged."I didn’t expect to complete the treatment so soon. I originally thought that I would have suffered a lot." In order to alleviate Xiaofang’s psychological pressure, Director Chen also took a bridge and introduced a fracture mother who was successfully treated in 2008 toXiaofang.

Three months of recuperation, two outpatient reviews, and regularly changed and adjusted adjustments. Director Chen always pays close attention to the patient’s vital signs of the patient until Xiaofang gave birth to a child.After a month of restraint, Xiao Fang’s injured ankle became flexible every day.At the time of retraining this time, Xiaofang’s gait was normal and red. Director Chen told Xiaofang’s bones that he had a good growth, and the family was happy. They happily said: This is a beautiful encounter between the healthy white angel and the cute little angel.

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