Sichuan 91 -year -old lady has been "pregnant" for 60 years, and the truth is unexpectedly falling. Doctors: Children have been calcified

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Introduction: Luo Bingwen, who is already 63 years old, can’t think of it anyway. The mother who was sent to the hospital for the hospital for wrestling was found to be pregnant.And his father has passed away for 60 years, and his mother is already 91 years old this year. How could he be pregnant.Under his repeated questioning, his mother finally revealed the reality to him, but Luo Bingwen, who learned the truth, was extremely moved, and cried on his old mother’s legs.

Huang Yijun, who lives in the countryside, is 91 years old this year.She now lives with her son and daughter -in -law, and her body is still very tough.Although he is old, Huang Yi is an unable to hold his idle personality.Watching her daughter -in -law had to handle housework and help her grandchildren with children. She was very distressed.So he volunteered and took the initiative to take the daily work to help the home.

On this day, Huang Yi went to the village entrance as usual, but he did not expect that he fell as soon as he left.With the help of the villagers, Huang Yijun was sent home.After the son Luo Bingwen learned the news, he hurriedly returned home from the work site of the work and took his mother to the hospital for inspection.

Unexpectedly, Huang Yijun directly rejected his son’s proposal, saying that he was not a big deal, but just sprained his waist and cultivated for a few days.Luo Bingwen speculated that her mother might be afraid of spending money to the hospital before she couldn’t bear to see the doctor.Therefore, he repeatedly persuaded his mother to check as soon as possible, but Huang Yijun ignored his son’s words.

A few days later, Huang Yi not only did not improve, but even worsened his injuries.She started to swell at the ankle first, and then she couldn’t even get off the bed.Not only that, her back waist is also painful, and her appetite is poor, and even eating has become a problem.

Luo Bingwen was very anxious to see his mother.This time, he did not ask his mother’s opinion anymore, but directly with his wife, he sent Huang Yijun to the hospital in the county.

In the county hospital, the doctor first performed a full -body examination for Huang Yijun, and then made a CT scan for her ankle and waist alone.When the report came out, the doctor first had an unbelievable expression, and later he was dignified.

A few minutes later, the doctor stopped Luo Bingwen and said that he asked him to go to the office with himself.At this time, Luo Bingwen was very anxious. He thought it was a big problem with his mother’s body, so he hurried to the office with the doctor.After the doctor closed the door, he glanced at Luo Bingwen and said, "Your mother’s waist is fine, but it is ordinary sprained. However, you may not know if there is something, she is pregnant."

At this time, Luo Bingwen’s face was unbelievable, and he stunned directly.The doctor looked at him like this, and sighed and said, "We can’t believe it, but you watch this film, the filming is clear, she is really pregnant."

At this time, Luo Bingwen was mechanically returned to the ward mechanically from the office.Seeing her husband’s return, the wife who was taking care of her mother -in -law hurriedly asked, "What did the doctor ask you to do? Our mother’s list is fine." Luo Bingwen ignored the anxious wife and stared at her mother’s face and asked, "MomDo you know, you are pregnant! "

After listening to the wife, he stunned directly, and glanced at the mother -in -law on the bed, and said loudly, how is this possible!My mother is more than 90, and it is impossible to get pregnant at all.Those doctors must be wrong!These mediocre doctors, I find them!

However, at this time, Huang Yijun, who had been silent, grabbed his daughter -in -law’s hand and said, "Don’t go, don’t blame them, I’m really pregnant.Luo Bingwen beside him suddenly stood up, trembling and asked: Mom, what’s going on!

At this time, Huang Yijun looked at the anxious son and daughter -in -law in front of the bed, and sighed deeply.Then he opened his own box and told a past 60 years ago.

Things have to start with the 1940s. At that time, Huang Yijun was just a teenage girl.Due to the poor family situation, her parents began to marry her early, hoping that she could find a husband worthy of entrustment, and from then on, she could live a full life.

Under the introduction of the matchmaker, Huang Yijun met Luo Bingwen’s father, Lao Luo. With the consent of the parents of both sides, the two got married soon.After marriage, Huang Yijun had a carefree life. Although her husband was not particularly rich, she was well -known and was very intimate.

Moreover, in a few years, Huang Yijun also gave birth to his son Luo Bingwen, and the family of three lived together.However, when his son was four or five years old, Lao Luo had a sudden illness, and soon he let go of people, leaving young wives and young sons.

At this time, Huang Yi was distressed. She couldn’t believe that she was a widow at a young age.And Lao Luo’s departure also worsen this family that was not rich.After losing the pillar of the beam, Huang Yijun was forced to take on the heavy responsibility of life.While she needs to take care of her young son, she has to handle farm work to maintain the life of the whole family.

However, just a few months later, Huang Yijun found that he was pregnant!In the face of this relics, Huang Yijun’s mood was very complicated. She wanted to leave a trace of blood for her husband, but she was worried that she could not support the two children by relying on her own strength.

Even if she found that she was pregnant, Huang Yijun did not dare to rest for a day.Until one day, she suddenly fainted in the field.Fortunately, some people in the village happened to pass through before sending her to the hospital in the town.

When she woke up in the hospital, the doctor told her a bad news: The child in her belly had no fetal movement.In other words, she has become a dead child.Before Huang Yijun reacted, the doctor told her that you had to go to surgery immediately, otherwise her life would not be guaranteed for a long time.

Huang Yijun held up the sadness in his heart and asked the doctor how much money did it cost to do.The doctor told her that it would need about 120 yuan, and she needed to bed in bed for one month after the operation. I hope she will be prepared early.After listening to the doctor, Huang Yijun silently made a decision in his heart: if you don’t have surgery anymore, let the child stay in his stomach.

It turned out that 120 dollars were almost a year of living for her and her son at that time, and she was unable to pay at all.And after the operation, she had to rest for a month, and she couldn’t do it. After all, there were young Luo Bingwen who needed to take care of.After making up his mind, Huang Yijun went home overnight and never talked about it to others.

At this time, Huang Yijun prayed silently in his heart, hoping that she could live a few more days, at least she had to raise Luo Bingwen to grow up.Unexpectedly, there was no obvious discomfort except for occasional backaches in the future.In this way, Huang Yijun has always been with this "dead tire", which is actually 60 years.

After listening to her mother’s narrative, Luo Bingwen couldn’t control her emotions, and she cried on her mother’s legs, and the daughter -in -law around her reddled her eyes.Luo Bingwen never thought that his mother had sacrificed so much for himself, and he had a deep guilt to his mother deep inside.

However, after crying, Luo Bingwen thought of another thing. This dead child had been in the mother’s body for 60 years. Why did not affect the mother’s health?After all, in his memory, the mother has always been good and not even sick.

In order to find out how the mother’s physical condition was, Luo Bingwen was about to transfer to his superior hospital to prepare for Huang Yijun to do a detailed whole body examination.This time, this pair of mother and child met Dr. Luo, a famous obstetric doctor.

After Dr. Luo’s inspection of Huang Yijun, he found that the dead fetus in her belly had developed more mature.In other words, he stopped developing in the big month.The reason why he was able to "live in harmony" with Huang Yijun for so many years is because he is an extra -uterine embryo and has not grown in the uterus, but in the abdominal cavity.

Not only that, the reason for the child’s fetal stopping was discovered by Dr. Luo.It turned out that it was precisely because the position of the embryo survived was not right that it made it difficult for him to obtain the basic nutritional needs of growth, so it was destined to be a dead tire.

However, Huang Yijun’s luck was very good because the fetus had been developing at her spine.Although the amniotic fluid in her body was dried when the fetus stopped, the fetus was firmly tied to Huang Yijun’s abdominal cavity by the umbilical cord.Not only did it not drop the body, but even the air was isolated. Instead of inflammation and rot, calcification occurred.Because of this, Huang Yijun could have been living with this dead child for more than 60 years.

After talking about all the situation, Dr. Luo also gave his professional opinions.He suggested that Huang Yi should not have surgery and stay in his body.There are two reasons for doing this: First, Huang Yijun is already old, and I am afraid that the risk of surgery for surgery can not be affordable; the other is that this dead fetus has been calcified, not only will it not affect Huang Yijun’s body, but it has even become her body.Part of.

After repeatedly confirming that the dead tire did not have a negative impact on Huang Yijun’s body, Luo Bingwen was discharged from the hospital with an elderly mother.However, at this time Huang Yijun was relieved, and she even enlightened her son -in -law, saying "I’m okay, really don’t hurt!"

A 91 -year -old man, no one would think of her 60 years of pregnancy.And everything she has affected is for her own children.In order to raise her son, she sacrificed her health at the expense, and even abortion surgery was reluctant to do it.Fortunately, Luo Bingwen has grown up, and is now full of children and grandchildren.Perhaps the reason why mother’s identity is great is because she can put herself for her child.Huang Yi is not only a great woman, but also a great mother.

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