Should women after pregnancy should continue working?

Should mothers work after pregnancy? Should I continue to work?

In this world, the requirements for women are too harsh. It seems that they should have had children and do housework at home. So today, should we talk about whether the mother who is pregnant should continue to work?

First of all, women are not men’s accessories, nor are they of fertility machines, so they must have the ability to make money by themselves. This will have more rights to speak. Now you can not go out to work, but you must think clearly. If you leave, if you leaveOf course, men can also live this idea. In fact, this society seems to be equal. In fact, in many places, the status quo of men and women is not equal at all.In the past, women only needed to lose self and be a good wife, good mother, good daughter -in -law.At that time, their social division of labor was very simple. Men were more strong than women because of their physical strength. Therefore, from ancient times, they assumed the responsibility of going out to support their family members.Such a clear social division of labor is also the reason for the low status of women.Because in the eyes of most people, being a housewife is actually very easy.But in modern society, women’s social division of labor is more complicated and harder.Because women must not only teach their husbands, bring their children, but also go out to work at the same time. They cannot be disconnected from society, have the ability to make money, and can completely leave the child.

I think women after pregnancy should work, because no matter what you do, you have a low feeling in front of your husband.But you need a year of recovery, and it ’s hard to get away from the ghost door. You should take a good rest!It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to fight now, but after experiencing the dual oppression of the body and spirit, it seems that you don’t have any energy to work. You need time and space to relax.You need to learn some professional knowledge and use books to improve your ability, so that in future work, you will be more smooth, you should seize this opportunity.I really want the parents of both parties to be older, or if their health is not good, then it depends on their own financial ability. If the conditions are good, you can ask the parenting and the conditions.Work, he took the baby full -time before the child was in school.

Many mothers will face such problems. The children are old. They do n’t want to miss the child ’s growth. They want to go out to work. However, the parents of both sides are older. I can only raise the woman.You can find your own work at home. For example, you can learn from the media. You can also draw some adorable daily life at home. You can also draw. Being a illustrator can also freely write the manuscript to turn the side business of others into the main business.

In the end, I want to say that the plan can’t keep up with changes. The most important thing is to follow my heart and understand the reality. Don’t lose yourself and give up yourself because you have a small blessing star.In this world, you have many ways to achieve your own value. Don’t think you are useless. In fact, you have done it enough

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