Should I batch a mother -in -law mother in Guangxi?


Guangxi, rural, Baoma, broken house, three children, unemployed lazy husbands who are not mentally energetic, the living room of the bathroom kitchen may even be used as the shabby huts in the bathroom, a family of five to sleep, one bed and one bed, and it is even one.The urine bucket is in the room. Nowadays, you are pregnant, cooking, and meals, and the children are almost always showing the children.All elements are combined, showing the daily life of a very difficult rural child, on any platform, bringing the flow that cannot be removed, which also achieves the account of a sailing mother and realized the realization of the mother.One way.

In the current environment, it is really difficult to make, but if you find the way to earn before, most people are afraid that they will only get it in.

Even before before, I never realized that I would use this speed to their pockets in this speed as now.

Many netizens have persuaded a sailing mother to change the status quo, but how is it possible?Isn’t changing the status quo?

There are tens of millions of grandma, and there are always a few that can float to the face. Maybe a certain sail mother is one of these minority. I think she will not change, and even the picture presented will be more difficult to live.

Should it be criticized?Personally, it is not in your heart. Compared to the screws from the back of the well, how can the two be able to monetize their own life?Perhaps her husband, her child, her mother -in -law, and even sherself, sherself is already one of the "workers" of a certain assembly line. This is her job, just like you rush to the bus every day to rush to the subway to eat takeaway.The same.

Some netizens said that they must watch the video content of a sailing mother every day because they told themselves that they must not live such a life in the future, and they also played an incentive role.

The recent point is that a sail mother is pregnant and is about to produce. What should everyone do if everyone cares about the child?In fact, everyone puts your heart in your heart, and your attention to your contribution to her is her "method".

In the end, I just want to mention that it is not easy to get in October, and it is not easy to raise a child. The big son’s mouth is going to see it anyway. Do you say it?

I really can’t understand this?Is it okay to push your hair?

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