Shenzhen: Women received a gift from a girlfriend worth 100,000 yuan, unique birthday surprise?Too exciting!

Shenzhen, a city with ever -changing, open atmosphere.People here can always provide us with many amazing phenomena, and a birthday ‘surprise’ recently staged is even more amazing.When a Shenzhen woman celebrated her birthday, she received a stunned gift: a box of scraping with a box of 100,000 yuan.Immediately triggered a heated discussion among community and social media, making people shocked and confused about this luxurious and casual gift.

The friend of this birthday woman called her that in order to celebrate this special day, the driver would send a special gift.When she went downstairs and opened the box, her eyes were full of sparkling scraping, a total of 168 copies, each 600 yuan each, about 100,000 yuan.Surprisingly not only the number and value of this gift, but also the big writing and adventure spirit of the ceremony.

People have expressed their views, and discussions have risen in social media.A group of people praise the luxury and uniqueness of this behavior, saying that this is the wealthy life is so wayward.However, more voices are negative. They believe that this behavior is too impulsive and wasteful, and some even criticize its distortion of social values and call it "impulsive pig tree tree".

What should we think of this phenomenon?Is people’s personalization and unrestrained spread to this level?Or is our social elements, especially the values of young people are changing?

From a professional perspective, scraping, as a lottery ticket, is originally a leisure method, a tool to vent and entertain, but turn this leisure method into a gift -giving method to personal financial management and personal financial management and personal financial management and personal financial management andI have questioned the understanding of the lottery.We should be clear that the results of the lottery cannot be grasped, and the big purchase behavior pose a great threat to personal financial security.

However, such behavior also reflects the special lifestyle and values of some groups in the society.They are pursuing stimuli, good at expressing friendship and love for life in bold ways.This method also makes many people see the diverse existence of value.

No matter how we think and accept this behavior, I think we should all cause our thinking about our behavior and value.There is a certain value orientation behind each behavior. We should face it, analyze it, and understand it.Although the differences may exist, this will undoubtedly provide a broader vision and space for our society.

This incident, whether you think the behavior of this birthday lady’s friend is the embodiment of the boldness or the impulse to be irresponsible, and more importantly, we must think about and re -examine our values.We should establish the correct concept of money and consume rationally. At the same time, through this incident, we see the diversity of recognition and respect for values. This is the part we should learn and learn from.

In this complex society, amazing phenomena are endless.May we have enough wisdom to look at these phenomena. Although confusion and conflicts may not be avoided, we can always find the direction and ideal value in advance.


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