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Summary: As long as sexual life is restored after childbirth, contraceptive measures should be taken.

I can often receive questions from mothers: if you do n’t come to the aunt after giving birth, can you do n’t contraceptive?

Knock on the blackboard emphasized: as long as you restore sexual life after giving birth, you must take contraceptive measures, otherwise, you are joking with your life!

A news of the previous two days, a pregnant mother who was pregnant at 36+ weeks in Hunan, her condition made the doctor who was admitted to her nervous.

Ms. Li only had a section a year ago, but now, she is pregnant again, and the baby in her belly has been born for 36 weeks.

Under normal circumstances, if it is a mother with a cesarean section, the doctor will explain to at least 2 years and then conceive, but Ms. Li has a second child less than 2 months after she has dissected.

The doctor learned in the consultation that Ms. Li felt that she would not ovulate without menstruation and breast milk after delivery, and she would not get pregnant, so she did not take contraceptive measures, and she was pregnant.

And at the beginning of pregnancy, Ms. Li did not know. It was not until the physical examination of the unit that she was pregnant for more than five months!

The interval is so close, one child is still a caesarean section, and the large wounds on the uterus after surgery have not had time to recover, and they are pregnant. The degree of danger can be imagined.Cold sweat.

Not to mention that the interval is too short, it will have the impact on the fetus.

Doctor reminds that the breastfeeding contraceptive method is unreliable. Although the ovulation date may be extended during breast milk, the chance of pregnancy will be reduced, but you may still be pregnant.method.

At the same time, the mother who produces it at the same time recommends that she will be pregnant after one year, and the caesarean section will be pregnant at least 2 years. They must be responsible for their bodies.(News source: Beiwan New Visual Comprehensive Xiaoxiang Morning News People’s Daily)

I do n’t get pregnant without menstruation, and there are many mothers who caught in this misunderstanding.

In Zhihu, many people ask questions. The questions are: I have no menstruation, what should I do if I get pregnant again after 3 months?

There was a mother who was pregnant again less than three months and was pregnant again. Others were pregnant and happy. She was difficult to get pregnant this time.

There is also a star mother in Japan, who is on this misunderstanding.

She gave birth to her first daughter in September last year. She did not expect that she had passed a year. She announced on her personal social account that she was pregnant with her second child, and the baby’s due date was at the end of the summer of this year.

Hui Ailan said that two months after giving birth, she suddenly felt uncomfortable. For the sake of safety, she immediately went to the hospital for examination. After inspection, she found that she was pregnant again.

At such a near interval, whether the child is born or cesarean section, the uterus has not been recovered, and then pregnant, there is really risks, it is to mothers and fetuses.

Therefore, the safety considerations have been taken, and they are properly contraceptive before preparing for the second child.

Many mothers believe that postpartum breast milk, coupled with no menstruation, means no ovulation, no pregnancy, and no need for contraception.

This view is wrong.

Although there is indeed a combination of breastfeeding, it is necessary to use breast milk to achieve natural contraception, and the following three situations must be met.

① The baby has not been six months old.

② Mom did not have menstruation during breastfeeding (dear).

③ Mother according to the needs of the baby with full breasts, feed on day and night, feeds milk at least every four hours during the day, and feeds milk every six hours in the evening, and does not provide supplements, which means that the baby does not eat anything except breast milk.

Only with the above three points, breastfeeding can reduce the chance of pregnancy, and this method is only suitable for six months after childbirth.

And this method is not 100 % effective. Sometimes, the baby suddenly decreases appetite, such as illness or natural quitting night milk. These situations, feeding Holmes, can not inhibit ovulation.

Although my mother has not been menstruation, it has actually lost contraceptive function. If other contraceptive methods are not adopted, it may lead to pregnancy.

At the same time, there is also a point: ovulation will be ovulated before menstruation, and menstruation will come after 2 weeks. During this period, breast milk mothers may still be pregnant.

For breastfeeding, the interval is very short. Regardless of the first child is a delivery or caesarean section, the risk complications of the second child pregnancy will increase.

Caesarean section mother: there are large wounds on the uterus after surgery. The risks such as scar pregnancy, dangerous front placenta, and uterine rupture occur after pregnancy, and the interval between the two pregnancy is too short.The risks will also be higher.

Mother -in -law: I am pregnant too early, or if I get pregnant again within 18 months after giving birth to a baby, it may increase the risk of some health problems in the second child, including premature birth, low birth weight, less than fetal age, less than fetal age.Because the mother’s body has not returned to normal, there is no way to provide a good nutrient for the baby.

As long as the sexual life is restored after childbirth, contraceptive measures should be taken even during breastfeeding.

About breastfeeding contraception: What we need to consider is that we must not inhibit milk secretion or affect the health of the baby.

Considering the above two points, the most recommended contraceptive methods for breastfeeding mothers are currently recommended. There are several types:

1. In -the -palace birthday (birthpool ring)

The effectiveness of the in -the -palace breds exceeds 99%, which is a long -term reversible contraceptive method. There are currently non -hormonal in -palace internal breds, and also contain a progesterone’s in -palace.It will not affect milk secretion and baby health.

① Hormonal Nourishing Ring-Valid 3-5 Years

The internal inner incense of the hormone palace contains progesterone, which is a synthetic form of progesterone hormone. This hormone can make the cervical mucus thicker to prevent the sperm from reaching the uterus.

② Copper -containing nursery -valid for 10 years

A small amount of copper -containing rings are used to interfere with sperm movements, which can prevent eggs from fertilization and implantation.

After the breeding ring is placed, it may feel mild spasm pain or a small amount of bleeding and low back pain, but it usually relieves it in a short time. If you want to get pregnant, you can just take out the birth ring.

2, condom

A condoms with or without killing sperm can be used without breastfeeding.

However, the vagina of breast milk mothers may be dry than normal, which may cause stimulation of condoms. If dry, you can consider lubricants.

3. Hormonal contraceptive method

Oral adoption contains only progesterone contraceptives. If this method is used every day, it is very effective for breastfeeding mothers. The failure rate of this contraceptive method is slightly higher than that of estrogen -containing and progesterone oral contraceptives. The disadvantage is comparison.Low.

Note: It is not recommended to oral compound contraceptives containing estrogen. Estrogen is related to the reduction of breast milk supply to breast milk.

4. Nexplanon

Plant contraceptive rod is also a long -acting reversible contraceptive method, with more than 99%effectiveness.

The doctor implanted the implantation of the skin under the skin. Once implanted in place, the implant can help prevent pregnancy for up to four years. The implant contains progesterone. This hormone helps prevent ovarian ovulation.Helps the cervical mucus thicker and prevent sperm from touching the eggs.

It can be implanted immediately after childbirth. It is valid for three years. If you are pregnant again, you can just take it out.


Petroathe ketone is an injection that can be used safely during breast milk feeding and will not inhibit milk production. At least one study shows that this contraceptive method may be on the quality of breast milk in fat concentration, calories, minerals, and protein composition.It has beneficial impact.

During breastfeeding, effective contraception is important. Moms can choose a more suitable contraceptive method according to their own situation.

If the conventional contraception is not done well, emergency contraception can be taken if necessary, but emergency contraceptives can only be used as a last resort and cannot be used as a conventional contraceptive method.

At the same time, breast milk mothers should also pay attention to take it strictly in accordance with the instructions.

The last thing to say is: If the child is a mother with a caesarean section, the postpartum contraception must be done well. The interval is too close to the second child, which is really dangerous.

At the same time, there are a lot of things to pay attention to at the stage of cutting. These points must be remembered:

① Strictly abide by the interval time.Do not get pregnant 18-24 months after cesarean section. Although the external wounds will heal quickly, the degree of uterine scar muscle 2 to 3 years after cesarean section can reach a good state.

So the recommended interval is more than 2 years, but it is not the longer the interval, the safer.If the cesarean section takes more than 6 years, the scar of the uterine incision will gradually become thinner, muscle fibers will become connective tissues, and the tension will deteriorate.

② Do a good pre -pregnancy examination.Before pregnancy, doctors should evaluate uterine scars to see if the situation of the uterus is suitable for pregnancy, and the embryo bed should be checked in the early pregnancy. If the pregnancy sac is grown on the surgical stasis, it is generally impossible to continue pregnancy.

③ Choose a good hospital.Regardless of whether it is pregnancy or childbirth, they must choose a hospital with good medical equipment. They need to be able to cope with emergencies as soon as possible, such as uterine rupture and severe bleeding.

④ Mothers who have surgery of uterine fibroids are best to get pregnant at a time.Because there will be incisions after uterine surgery, scars are scarred when there are incisions.

Moms of caesarean section must pay attention to that as long as they are cesarean section, scars will be left, and the keywords of the scar uterus are: uterine rupture, big bleeding, uterine resection, danger of life ….

Although it is a small probability time, once the consequences are serious, and the interval is too short, these risks will undoubtedly increase.

Popular science is complete, I hope mothers can protect themselves well!

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