She is the three princes who died in dying. They are naturally impressive, but they are fascinated …

She was the three princes who were suffering from her fatal fetal fetuses and died.

Rebirth I became the lady of the mysterious General of the Tianda.

This life is divided into people or dogs, people treat them, and dog slaughter.

Ye Hanxing: Xianggong, who are you, this mask is a bit old, making a new one for your wife.

General Youtian: Mrs., let’s make up for the candle of that hole in that cave.

"What about the three princes …" Ye Hanxing’s lips overflowed with a slight groan, and Bai Nen’s hand stroked his high bulging abdomen.Not the twin.

The mother -in -law looked at the beautiful face of the three princes was full of cold sweat. The fetus was stuck in the birth canal for half a day, and something would happen again.

This is the first emperor Sun in Xuanyuan. Several maternal princes looked at each other. In her heart, the three princes did not order, and Ye Hanxing must not cause Ye Hanxing.

"The three princes went back and returned immediately." The mother -in -law soothed Ye Hanxing’s emotions.

As soon as the words fell, a "squeak" pushing the door came from the door.

The person who entered the door, Lianbu, was wrapped in a slightly plump figure in a thin gauze. Furong’s face with a light smile and a gentle face.

Although Ye Wanying is a sister born in her stepmother, she has just since she feels the relationship. Because Ye Hanxing is not good at pickled in the house, she takes her to the Three Prince’s Mansion, and the sisters support each other.

She moved lightly to Ye Hanxing’s bed, and did not avoid blood stains. She painted Yin Hongdan’s hand on Ye Hanxing’s belly, and her eyes were cold and jealous. She said softly: "Sister is afraid that it is not easy to give birth to this child? "

"No, I want to give birth to this child for Saburo!" Ye Hanxing endured pain, his eyelashes trembled, and he didn’t see Ye Wanying’s suffocation, and he grabbed the hands of the person in front of the bed.

The competition in the court was fierce. She gave birth to the first emperor’s grandson and could also compete for some chips for the three princes.

"My sister is really affectionate to Wang Ye. It is better to help you as a sister." Ye Wanying smiled and put his hand on Ye Hanxing’s belly, heavily pressed.

"Ah-" Ye Hanxing screamed.

Her chaotic mind also knew a lot, reaching out to grab Ye Wanying’s hand. At this time, she also saw that the mother -in -law in the room was gone.What do you want to do? "

"Help my sister’s birth!" Ye Wanying smiled, and the puppets on her face were dissipated like a cloud. She had a sharp look, and the two maids pulled Ye Hanxing’s hand on the left and right.

"The three princes offended it, please cooperate with it, don’t let the slaves hurt you." Mu Lanqiao said with a smile, there were two vortexes on his lips.

Vaguely remembered that the girl was still loyal to herself not long ago.

Ye Hanxing’s heart was desperate for a while, and her abdomen had once again pressed the pain that made her flawlessly thinking, "Save … help! Save my child."

A stinky cluster was stuffed into Ye Hanxing’s mouth.

The abdomen was pressed several times, and the child was pushed out of the production channel. With a light body, Ye Hanxing fainted.

"Well!" A scoop was poured on her face.

"Congratulations to the three princes and gave birth to a little emperor grandson for the three princes, hehehe …" Mu Lan smiled with a satisfactory smile and kicked Ye Hanxing on his feet.

Ye Hanxing resisted the weakness after production, supported his body, and murmured, "What about my child?"

Muska was abandoned and thrown a child full of blood. When Ye Hanxing hugged the child, his tears meandered.

The child’s body is still warm, but why did he be full of body and why wouldn’t he cry?

"My sister is really blessed. This child has ten pounds!" Ye Wanying’s laughed, and it was a harmless look of human animals. When he turned around, he said sharply: "Unfortunately, it is dead."

"Ah-, no!" Ye Hanxing grabbed the child tightly, telling himself that he was just asleep.

Ye Wanying snatched the child fell to the ground, his face was full of embarrassment, watching Ye Hanxing, who looked at his barefoot and climbing to the ground, holding her chin, and watching her still exquisite face: "You think my mother is my mother.The abalone bird’s nest given to you really makes you eat, who makes you unable to control your mouth, the child is not so big, how can you make it difficult to give birth? "

Ye Hanxing was enough to reach the child, holding him in his arms, and his heart was painful in his heart.

She never thought that she was regarded as her stepmother as a biological mother, and she was so vicious.

"I think that it is not thin, but all I have shared with you. Do you do this, you are not afraid of Saburo know?" Ye Hanxing’s teeth were trembling.To flutter the arrogant face, the hypocritical face torn completely.

Ye Wanying’s fingertips around his ears, looking at Ye Hanxing contempt.

"If it wasn’t for Brother Yu, can I drive the mother -in -law out?" In her faint words, it was as cool as Ye Hanxing’s heart like a millennium ice. "You are too naive, what I want is the three princes.Position, my future child is a sister -in -law, and inherit the Dadong. "

Speaking of her hand stroked in the abdomen.

Ye Hanxing’s apricot eyes widened, his fingertips trembled at Ye Wanying’s belly, and asked, "You, do you have?"

Ye Wanying nodded and broke Ye Hanxing’s last hope.

"He, why is it so to me …" Ye Hanxing’s noodles were like paper. The original bulging abdomen became flat after the child was born, and the whole person was weak like the fallen leaves in the autumn wind.

"Because …" Ye Wanying attached to Ye Hanxing’s ear and said: "Because I told him that your child is a siny species, when the three princes are out of the tour, you are lonely and unbearable with the little beads in the yard.Haven’t you found that there is a little little sister named Dezi in your yard? "

Xuanyuan Yu was toured for three months. The child was pregnant all night before he was walking, only once, but it was really his child.

"I killed you!" Ye Hanxing shocked, and all the blood rushed into his mind.

Before Ye Hanxing rushed over, Ye Wanying kicked her belly. Ye Hanxing’s belly was colic in the belly, and she was lying on the ground, and she couldn’t climb up. Tears wet the ground.

Her head began to feel faint, and her lower body felt wet.

I do not know how long it has been.

"The three princes are back!" Outside the door was the words of the little girl’s crispy.

"Three … Saburo …" Ye Hanxing was lying on the ground, and her green silk was scattered on her head. Her body was all blood, like a female ghost in hell.

Outside the door, Ye Wanying said in a coquettishly: "Brother Yu, it’s terrible, the sister was born with a dead tire, and she was purple. I glanced at it, and now I was scared to bang her chest."

"Huh, throw away the dog!" Xuan Yuan Yu was full of coldness, and his handsome eyebrows were full of anger.

Severaled to the door, Ye Hanxing heard it clearly. She has never seen such Xuanyuan Yu. Such cold and cold, the child is indeed his biological.

"I hate you!" Ye Hanxing shouted in his whole body, she climbed like a worm towards the door, and a bunch of blood fingerprints were printed in the room.

To death, she didn’t ask Qing Xuanyuan, why didn’t he trust her.

"Child, my child …" Ye Hanxing opened his eyes suddenly when he trembled, and his glazed eyes were no longer pure, and he had the hatred of bones.

At this time, a familiar face came into view. Cai Ning pursed her lips and kneeled beside Ye Hanxing’s bed, and wiped her sweat on her face with a warm towel.

"Cai Ning, are you not dead?" Ye Hanxing grabbed Cai Ning’s wrist, and said with a hurry, and said at a low moment, "I’m dead, we can finally reunite."

"Mrs., you have nightmare, what are you dead!" Ca Ning smiled, revealing a row of immature millet teeth, and the whole person was very fresh.

Ye Hanxing rubbed his eyebrows, and had a dull pain in his head.

Cai Ning was serving her girl from an early age. On the eve of her marriage, she stole money, and the stepmother dialed the musk orchid to herself. Presumably, she was also a deliberate planting. But at that time, she only cared about the joy of getting married with Xuanyuan Yu.Regardless of the explanation of Cai Ning, she cast her well.

"Are those things in dreams?" Ye Hanxing touched his abdomen, his waist was not loose after giving birth, and the twenty -eight girl was tight.

It can be reunited all of this, so I will definitely protect Cai Ning’s loyal servant!

"Madam, what dreams do you have, slaves have been scolding Miss Er!" Caoning continued to grab Ye Hanxing’s hand and carefully wiped every finger for her.

Ye Wanying?Ye Hanxing sneered, this is definitely not a dream. The pain of this cone is too real, and the small meat ball, he didn’t have time to see his mother and left.

Ye Hanxing’s eyelashes trembled, and the tears fell down.

"Mrs., don’t scare Ning Ning, what’s wrong with this, is it still thinking about the three princes, and the slaves don’t know what the old lady thinks, just marry you to the general." Seeing Ye Hanxing crying, he cried,Cai Ning was panicked at once. She knelt in front of Ye Hanxing and said anxiously.

Ye Hanxing stopped, and a tear even hung on his eyes, and his lips trembled lightly. "Who is your wife? Who is the general? Is the grandmother who is immortal now?"

Several questions asked Cai Ning a little bit.

The little girl said with a breath and said, "Miss, the steward asked me to call you his wife. The old lady died three months ago. One month before dying, let you marry the general.General. "

After speaking, looking at Ye Hanxing’s eyes, Cai Ning whispered: "Miss, are you amnesia?"

The tears hanging in her eyes fell, Ye Hanxing was like a paper color, and the valve of memory was completely opened. She remembered everything after her grandmother made her to General You Tian.

The man who became a relative with him, didn’t even have time to lift his head to fight.

"I have no amnesia, Cai Ning, I’m just a little tired." Ye Hanxing digested the things in memory, and could not tell which one was a dream, or the previous one was the previous life. This is the second life.

However, the trajectory of life is completely different.

In this life, she even married General You Tian, and she returned to the age of sixteen.

Cai Ning said gently, looking at Ye Hanxing, and said with a smile: "Mrs., when you sleep, your monthly money has been issued, there are three hundred or two silver, or slavery.Go shopping with you and buy some clothes and jewelry, you may not be tired. "

Three hundred and two, Ye Hanxing was stunned. This General Youtian’s house was really wealthy. In the past, she was only one hundred and one month when she was the three princes.

When it comes to, Ye Hanxing’s eyes flashed. She asked, "Can we go out now?"

"Of course it is okay." Cai Ning had a high interest.

The master and servant simply packed up and went out.

The bustling street made Ye Hanxing feel like a next life. The previous life married the three princes.

The hawkers selling snacks screamed to break their throat to promote their own things.

While walking, Ye Hanxing accidentally bumped into a person’s body. He was hard on his body. Ye Hanxing hit his head pain and took two steps back.

Looking up at this man is really tall, a half head and a half head taller than her, wearing a crow green gown, holding a folding fan in his hand, and before watching it carefully, Ye Hanxing hurriedly bowed his head.

"Which girl is walking without watching, drill into the arms of people." A man wearing a jujube gown standing next to the man said.

This man’s mouth was also poor. Ye Hanxing saw him clearly, his lips were extremely thin, and his speech was slippery.

"Our wife is not intentional. Several sons are in trouble." Cai Ning took care of Ye Hanxing’s body, his face was tight, fearing that people would bully Ye Hanxing.

"Sorry." Ye Hanxing looked down and pulled Cai Ning’s hand.

"It turned out to be a very good little woman …" Ye Hanxing took a few steps, and the long words still passed to her ear.

She was unhappy, and the capital was really a lot.

When she walked away, the man with the jujube red gown turned his head frequently and said, "Ru Yan, is this your daughter -in -law?"

Shen Ruyu turned his head and looked at him. Ye Hanxing’s figure had long been far away. He looked at his eyes. His good -looking brows frowned slightly, and he stared at Cui Jia with his eyes.

"Surprisingly, you came back, and your daughter -in -law hit you in your arms. This is really fate." The folding fan in Cui Jia’s hand knocked on the sinking chest a few times and joked. "It’s amazing, it’s not as unbearable outside the outside. Did you touch your little hand that day? "

Shen Ruyu’s face, the scholar was murmured into the murderousness of Jin Ge Tiema, and Cui Jiali closed his mouth.

"Come on, Alche is waiting for us." He raised his eyebrows.

Cui Jia followed his step.

At the door of Anyuan Houfu.

Ye Hanxing’s eyes flickered with a complex look. She lost her mother in the early years and was later raised by her grandmother. Hao always regarded Hao as a biological mother. Who knows that it is not biological.Govern her fetus, so that she can make it difficult to give birth, and pave the way for her biological daughter and grandson.

It was always difficult to calm down, Ye Hanxing’s eyes closed, and his hands were fist.

"Madam …" Cai Ning shook Ye Hanxing’s arm.

"Go in." Ye Hanxing returned to God. Hibiscus -like face had the calmness that was not in line with age. She came back, and she wanted Ye Wanying to pay the price!

Cai Ning wanted to speak, and the cheeks said, "Do we just go?"

In memory, every time I return to my maid’s house, there are gifts with large bags.

Ye Hanxing sneered in her heart, and she was really cheaper. The mother and daughter of Hao were really cheap. In the future, they will face the heinous anger, and her hatred of her early death.

In the flower hall of Anyuan Houfu.

The Hao’s gesture with a rich and rich posture was sitting elegantly on the chair of Jinsi Nanmu, holding a blue and white porcelain tea cup in his hand, and his mouth blowing the tea.Hansing mother’s niece.

The sharp eyes talked Ye Hanxing from head to toe, and looked from the inside out. When Hao’s determined that Ye Hanxing didn’t even bring a needle, he sank his face.

"Xing’er, what’s the matter with you returning to the house? Your father has gone to the Ministry of War, and the mother will have an appointment with a few ladies." Hao’s mouth touched and put the tea cup aside,The tea cover collided with a cup and made a crisp.

The implication is very busy, so I didn’t have time to greet Ye Hanxing.

Ye Hanxing lowered her eyebrows, just to make Hao’s unable to see the scarlet in her eyes, and saw her pretending to be gentle and Ye Wanying’s acting skills. Ye Hanxing was like tearing her hypocritical face.

"Although the wife goes, I just come to see my grandmother." Ye Hanxing raised her eyes, like a pool of lakes, and all the emotions in her eyes quietly went away.

It was just a "mother" but stunned her throat, and she was habitually called on weekdays. Now she can’t be called. Hao’s hypocritical face is not worthy of her mother.

Hao did not care about Ye Hanxing’s name. He was not attentive at all with a step daughter who did not care about her at all. He was still tight with his wife to enjoy the flowers and horses.

She waved Ye Hanxing’s meticulous hand to maintain her perennial maintenance, and she could also see the thin cocoon left on her hands when she was a maid.

Ye Hanxing pressed down his eyes, and he was ready to leave.

At this time, Ye Wanying, wearing a pink shirt, laughed and laughed a bunch of silver bells, jumped in from the door, and the Tankou enthusiastically called "Sister."

"Sister … sister." Ye Hanxing’s eyes were moist, her body trembled gently, and she controlled herself with all the strength.

In this life, she must make Ye Wanying worse than her.

Ye Wanying rushed into Ye Hanxing’s arms like a flower butterfly. When she found that Ye Hanxing had no response, she told her lips: "My sister has become boring."

She pouted slightly, not to mention men, even Ye Hanxing couldn’t help but want to pity, but unfortunately she already knew her true face under her pure leather.

Ye Hanxing said faintly: "I dreamed of my grandmother last night, so I wanted to see it."

Ye Wanying and Hao’s phoenix drooping the same circle, the pink lips pursed, and continued to say in a naive tone: "Is my sister speaking well in the general’s house?Won the five major and three thick, wearing a mask in the day, look like a ghost! "

"That’s your brother -in -law." Ye Hanxing’s Liu Mei frowned slightly. Although he had no friendship with the man, he couldn’t tolerate Ye Wanying so slander.

In other words, she slander this time is just to make herself unhappy.

Ye Wanying spit out her tongue and pretended to be wrong. She was sitting up and naturally. Ye Hanxing had worried that Ye Wanying was bullied in his heart. Now, thinking about himself at the time, it was really funny.

"Sister, you’re like this, don’t you bring me a gift?" Ye Wanying looked at Ye Hanxing, just like Hao.

"Don’t make trouble, your brother -in -law has not returned home for half a year. It is also difficult for the days to come." Hao’s eyes scanned and accepted very quickly.

"Mother, Ying’er will buy you a lot of wearing in the future. You can’t do a sensible one." After speaking, he gently stared, implying someone.

Ye Hanxing stood firmly like Taishan, and she kept a light smile on her face. Watching her mother and daughter jumping up and down, she stood a little tired and stretched out her hair.

Ye Wanying saw the very good dark green emerald wore on Ye Hanxing’s hand.

"Sister, your bracelet is very beautiful, can you lend me to wear it?" Ye Wanying’s eyes were bright, and his steps moved to Ye Hanxing again.Touch the bracelet.

"Ying’er, I ca n’t take this bracelet, you can n’t wear it, you may not be able to wear it." Ye Hanxing looked at Ye Wanying’s wrist thicker than himself, and declined.

Ye Wanying touched the slippery bracelet, and had long occupied it.

Her shellfish teeth on her lips, and her eyes seemed to be crying, and she asked: "I just like this, my sister, how can you be so petty to me."

Another accusation was blank on Ye Hanxing’s head.

Hao also sat at the end, and said dissatisfied with Ye Hanxing: "Xing’er, my sister is rare to see something. If you are a sister, you must be more generous.You can get it down. "

The mother and daughter sang one after another, and she was just robbing. Ye Hanxing knew in her heart that this trick had cheated countless good things from her.

The good heads and faces in the dowry left by the biological mother were taken away like this.

This time, Ye Hanxing did not intend to give it. She raised her lips, and a smile flowed in her eyes. The whole person was like a beautiful picture rolling and the finishing touch, lively and beautiful eyes.

Just look at her gently lifts, revealing the very good emerald jade bracelet with the water head. The eyes were full of regret: "Ying’er, this is given to me by the husband, saying that it is the relic of my mother -in -law.Give her, wouldn’t it be the wrong person if he dreamed of dreaming, and the husband would be unhappy if he knew it. "

Listening to her, Ye Wanying hesitated.

"Well, that Ying’er is not good at people." Ye Wanying stuck to the jadeite jade bracelet with eyes, and was reluctant, and was afraid of being found by the dead.

Ye Hanxing talked with a guest, and wanted to get away.

She was preparing to leave, and she felt a strong struck behind her. Ye Hanxing stunned, knowing that it was Ye Wanying pushed, and she stepped on her clothes.

Both of them fell to the ground.

"Ah-" A terrible scream sounded, Ye Hanxing rubbed the red and swollen knees, and slowly scared. When she fell, she heard the voice of broken jade, and her wrist was empty.

On the ground is the broken jadeite. Ye Wanying was mourning. She was still lying on the ground, and her face was cut off a shallow red mark, and she took some blood flowers.

The girls came to help, and there was a mess in the flower hall.

Hao rushed over, pushed Ye Hanxing away, and his mouth lifted, "You … this accidental person, the involvement of your sister was injured."

Ye Hanxing’s complexion was calm. It turned out that the mother and daughter had revealed her mind in the early days. It was always bad for herself. Ye Wanying wanted to push himself without getting the emerald bracelet, and would rather destroy it.

In the last life, he was really stupid as a pig.

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