Several reasons why the expectant mother’s leg cramps are cooked. Don’t replenish calcium by yourself.

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"Legs cramps" are commonplace for expectant mothers, especially expectant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy.Many expectant mothers, when they fell asleep and cramp at night, they could wake up directly.Just like the two mothers described below:

Looking forward to your arrival: I have been more than nine months, and I do n’t have much cramps throughout my pregnancy, but every time I wake up in the morning, I will pump with their feet.

Xiao Xuezi: Basically, I have to cramp calves every night, and calcium tablets are also eaten. I feel useless. I do n’t know what’s going on?

Why do expectant mothers have leg cramps during pregnancy? Many expectant mothers think of "may be calcium deficiency". In fact, in addition to calcium deficiency, there may be these reasons.

The angel understands: I eat calcium tablets when I scratch, and I won’t cramp anymore the next day. If you forget to eat when you go to work, you must have cramps.

Let’s take a look at the daily intake of calcium in the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines (2016 Edition)": 800mg/day in the early pregnancy, 1000mg/day in the middle and late pregnancy.

Most expectant mothers have leg cramps in the middle and late pregnancy due to "calcium deficiency". Why do you say that?

Just like the suggestion of the above guide, after entering the middle of pregnancy, due to the accelerated development of the fetus, the daily demand of quasi -mothers increased more than 200 mg, but many expectant mothers did not increase the amount of calcium accordingly.There will be calcium deficiency, "leg cramps" are a "calcium deficiency signal" from the body.

How to judge whether leg cramps are caused by calcium deficiency?

1. See daily diet: Do you usually pay attention to eating calcium -rich foods, such as drinking milk every day, etc.;

2. Do you eat calcium supplement: Specific mothers who do not like to drink milk, whether to eat calcium daily or often to supplement calcium;

3. Whether the calcium is eaten to relieve: If you do n’t eat food rich in calcium and do n’t eat calcium cramps without eating calcium, but under the advice of a doctor, the cramps of the calcium after taking the calciumIt is likely that because of calcium deficiency, you must pay attention to calcium supplement.

Jingma support:

1. Usually eat more calcium -rich foods: such as dairy and dairy products, soybean and soybean products, small shrimp skin, shellfish and other seafood sauce, milk and dairy products are the best food for calcium supplement;

2. Pregnant women’s milk powder: Of course, expectant mothers can also choose to drink pregnant women’s milk powder. As long as you drink it, you can also meet the daily body’s needs for calcium;

3. Calcium supplementary agent: Specific mothers who do not like to drink milk can ask the doctor to open a bottle of calcium tablets for pregnant women, and take it according to the doctor’s suggestion every day;

4. At the same time, vitamin D: In order to promote the better absorption of calcium, calcium supplementation must be supplemented at the same time. Most of the pregnant women’s milk powder and calcium tablets contain vitamin D. Specific mothers who supplement them can take a walk to the sun every day.

Momo: After 36 weeks, I did n’t cover the quilt at night at night. I felt a little cold in the early morning. When I woke up in the early morning, I often pumped the calf once, and then I woke up directly.

Summer is here. During the day, I like to wear skirts to expose their legs, sleep at night without covering a quilt, plus expectant mothers are afraid of heat, love to blow electric fans, blow air conditioners, etc., and I accidentally get cold. This will cause legs during pregnancy.One of the reasons for cramps.

Jingma support:

1. When not too hot, try to wear long skirts or in stockings as much as possible to avoid staying in the air -conditioned room for a long time or blowing a fan;

2. When you sleep at night, cover or wear a long pajamas. When you blow the air conditioner or fan during the day, you can cover a small blanket on the leg.

Zero distance: I am a twin, as long as I stretch my waist, I immediately cramp immediately. The doctor asked me to eat 2 tablets of calcium a day. I added 3 tablets or cramps. I suspect that my belly was large, and I was always standing at work.Caused by legs.

Specific mothers who are pregnant or multiple, or when the expectant mothers and expectant mothers who are often standing are too much, especially when the pregnancy is in the late pregnancy. Due to high leg pressure and muscle fatigue, it is easy to cause spasm.Cunning.

Jingma support:

1. Avoid maintaining the same action for a long time, such as standing, walking, etc., you can stand up and walk for a long time, you can sit down and rest, avoid muscle fatigue and cramps;

2. The stomach is particularly large (such as double) fetal standard mothers, can reduce standing and rest more appropriately.

Lovers eat light: 33 weeks of pregnancy, sleep on the left side every night, occasionally cramps, and the left leg calves, but I suddenly wake up at three or four in the morning, and I am scared.Wake up and get up and massage me.

Similar to the muscle fatigue introduced above, the blood circulation of the lower limbs is not good, and it is also easy to cause the mothers to have leg cramps, and the reason for the poor blood circulation of the lower limbs is the following two.

1. Fetal development, larger uterus, stress on legs

The more than the third trimester, the fetal development is accelerating, and the uterus is getting bigger and bigger, and it will start to "occupy" around, expand its own territory.Frequent urination will also compress the venous blood vessels of the lower limbs and affect blood circulation. If the muscles in the leg can not be available enough for a long time, they will "resist", which will be manifested as leg pain and leg cramps.

2. I like the same posture while sleeping

In the middle and late pregnancy, the expectant mothers will start to sleep well, and they will choose the sleeping position they feel comfortable, and it has always been this sleeping position.With the same posture, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation and leg cramps.

Jingma support:

1. Avoid the same action when lying down or sleeping, and you can put a cushion under your calf when you sleep, so that the legs and feet are higher, which will help promote the blood circulation of the lower limbs;

2. Use warm water to soak your feet, apply hot legs, and massage legs and feet before going to bed at night, which will help accelerate local blood circulation and reduce leg cramps.

When the expectant mothers have leg cramps, there are no other people around, so how should she relieve it?You can try the following methods:

1. Hook to your toes, pull back your feet

When the leg cramps, some people will habitually "bend the calf", but it will be more painful after trying. The correct method is to sit or lie down, straighten the calf, gently hold the cramp legs with one hand, use the cramp leg, use the useThe palm of the other hand pulls his feet back and hooks back, but his legs are straightened.

PS: Specific mothers with large stomachs should pay attention to safety, don’t hold hard, you can try other methods to relieve.

2. Massage spasm muscles

It feels like a cramp. You can gently massage the muscles along the part of the spasm muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, the pain will be slowly resolved.

Beijing mothers suggest: but if it is frequent leg cramps, it is recommended that expectant mothers go to see a doctor, and then relieve it according to the doctor’s suggestion

Pregnancy is a matter of "pain and happiness". It feels like being a mother, but it is also very hard during pregnancy.We can learn more common sense, correctly cope and relieve, and go through pregnancy.Jingma also wishes mothers to go smoothly during pregnancy!

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