Seven sweet things after pregnancy, the pregnant mother in the whole middle is too happy

1. Give your baby name with your husband

Although I don’t know the baby’s gender, the family has already started to turn the dictionary and the ancient books to give the baby name.When taking the name, the pregnant mother is beautiful in her heart. While finding the name, she is fantasizing about the baby, let alone be happy!

2. Say hungry and immediately cook for you

After pregnancy, even if he said that he was hungry in the middle of the night, his husband would get up immediately and cook; sometimes he especially wanted to eat food sold outside at night, and her husband would go out and buy it.It feels like being spoiled to heaven, how can I not be sweet!

Third, feel the fetal movement together

The baby is the crystallization of the couple. The two feel the fetal movement together, and speak with the fetus with a thin voice; when the pregnancy examination looks like the fetus looks like the fetus, the two of them are happy. This is the appearance of happiness.

Fourth, choose supplies for the baby together

Before the baby is born, many supplies are ready!Choose a crib and baby for the baby with her husband ….. It’s like I have felt the baby’s atmosphere at home in advance, and she wants to buy and buy anything, even if the baby can’t use it after birth.

Fifth, take a walk together after meals

After eating at night, you hold my hand, follow the dog at home, walk in the cold wind together, and you can also talk about each other’s vision for one day. Isn’t it beautiful on this day!

6. Accompany you when you are pregnant

After learning about pregnancy, the pregnant mother was too late to be happy, and the pregnancy vomiting followed.The last second was a good dinner, and the next second started to nausea to vomit.The prospective dad will help pat his back when you are pregnant, and pretend to be accusing the fetus in the abdomen "Don’t toss your mother anymore, dad will be distressed."

After pregnancy, the day of raising a fetus at home is too boring. The prospective dad will prepare a small surprise for you from time to time. It is not necessarily a very valuable gift, as long as you have the heart.

Pregnant mothers, how many of the above seven things?The pregnant mother in the whole is so happy!

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