Seven months of pregnancy, found that her husband had an affair, her approach was very sturdy


Reader Xiaotao was pregnant for seven months. When he washed his husband, he found that his pocket had a small supermarket shopping ticket, which had products such as brown sugar and aunt towels.

Xiaotao found a hundred reasons for her husband. Perhaps it was brought to colleagues. Perhaps she met friends in the supermarket and checked together. Although she was very embarrassed, she was working hard to anesthetize herself.

The next day, Xiao Tao went to the birth inspection alone, sitting on the subway watched other pregnant women with her husband to accompany, she comforted herself as her mother.

The results of the checkup were not very good. The doctor said that her bile acid stasis may cause premature fetal birth.

Xiao Tao called her husband tremblingly. Her husband did not care about her health, but asked her why she had to worry about her pregnancy?

At this moment, Xiaotao’s tears finally collapsed. After crying, her mother -in -law called her. Obviously her husband had told her mother -in -law.

The tone of her mother -in -law is exactly the same as her son, asking her why she does not take care of herself. If the child costs how much it costs to take care of it, the child will have an influence in his life.

Xiaotao said angrily and grievantly, I am not a fertility tool, I also know if I have danger?

When I returned home at night, Xiaotao took out the wrinkled shopping ticket and asked her husband. Her husband’s face suddenly changed, and he explained in a panic to explain for a long time, and Xiao Tao couldn’t hear it.

The sixth sense of the woman was too accurate. With a look, she understood the truth in seconds. She is now seven months pregnant. She has no way to get a fetus at all. She can only give birth to the child and divorce.

I can listen to more than a dozen experiences like readers, and everyone will hate themselves to marry the wrong person.In my opinion, marrying the wrong person is a problem, and too weak is the root cause.


If you are not able to bully from the beginning, your husband yells you for the first time, and you return to him ten times. The mother -in -law despise you for the first time. You use your strength to prove herself, and then stay away from her.You are afraid of you again.

The attitude of a woman determines the attitude of others to you. All dignity is given by themselves.

Tong Liya was also derailed during pregnancy. When the whole world thought she would divorce, she took photos of the confinement and her baby head and cheered for herself.

Women’s weakness is a mother, but she said so, and did the same.

She returned shortly after giving birth. She made many TV series and movies and won some awards. This year, she also hosted the Spring Festival Gala. Everyone praised her temperament.

She is no longer the woman behind Chen Sicheng. She is herself. She is a woman who is brave, independent, and knows what she wants.

When Li Liya was just married, she was often vomited. She was very humble. Once they talked about the topic of extramarital affairs when they promoted the movie "Beijing Love Story".

Chen Sicheng’s point of view is that no matter who it is, there will be betrayal of marriage, even psychologically.Tong Liya said embarrassingly that she would go home.


In fact, a woman must take out her own attitude, and give her husband a needle -needle before marriage to let him know your bottom line. No matter who it is, there is no room for recovery once derailed.

Don’t say that any child is pitiful. Before derailment, you should think of the consequences. Adults should pay for their mistakes.

The higher the cost of derailment, the smaller the chance of making mistakes, the lower the cost of derailment, and the greater the chance of making mistakes.

Loyalty is the basis of marriage. If a person can’t even do the basic loyalty to marriage, what qualifications are you qualified to talk about love and responsibility?

There are also some people that after marriage and the opposite sex, they do not maintain a sense of boundaries. They are like before marriage, and they have no sense of scent with friends of the opposite sex. This is also an immoral behavior.

Before, a wife gave a meal to her husband and hit her husband to support an umbrella for a female colleague.

At first glance, I feel that my wife is too stingy, isn’t it just to support my colleagues? What is there any fuss!

But if you think about it, you can help colleagues to lend her umbrella. There is no need to support the umbrella to send her home? A married person should always maintain a safe distance with the opposite sex. This is a consciousness of married men and women.

I have a friend who signed a pre -marital agreement with my husband before marriage.

As a result, her husband was derailed, and she laughed without crying or noisy. Everyone thought she was for money. She said that he was good to her.

Those who found the other party betrayed their marriage and chose to divorce within a few years after marriage, and the following days were made by themselves.

Compared to the sixty -year -old who knows his partner, it turned out to be a personal scum. Isn’t it more lucky that people who know it early?

There are only zero and ten thousand times of extramarital affairs. Don’t naively think that he will change it next time. The truth is because of your easy forgiveness. He will never change it next time!

My point of view is very rigid, and married people, don’t touch extramarital affairs.

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