Seven major precautions for eating bird’s nest during pregnancy, if you want good results, these details cannot be ignored

How to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy is the best effect?What are the particular attention to eating bird’s nest during pregnancy?How to eat to truly "eat two people to make up for one person"?This issue has summarized the key knowledge about eating bird’s nest during pregnancy. It is full of dry goods. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. How long can I start eating bird’s nest when I am pregnant?

In fact, it is best to start eating from pregnancy, and keep eating until the end of breastfeeding.Modern people have long been in sub -health, which is not conducive to conception.I have eaten bird’s nests since preparing for pregnancy. It lasts for three months to raise the body into an ideal state, which is more conducive to successful conception.

How often do you eat bird’s nest during pregnancy?How much do you eat every time?

One person eats two people during pregnancy, and has a high demand for nutrition, so it is best to eat bird’s nest every day, at least two days of eating.

Eat 3-5 grams every day.The first-3 months and seventh months of pregnancy are the critical period of fetal brain development. It can increase a little bit of consumption, supplementing saliva can make the baby smarter.

3. How do bird’s nest eat the best absorption effect?

Eating bird’s nest in an empty stomach is the most fulfilling. You can get up in the morning to eat bird’s nest as breakfast, or to eat bird’s nest on an empty stomach half an hour before going to bed.After eating bird’s nest, don’t eat too much anything else immediately. In addition, eating less meals will be better.

Fourth, eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, what are the recommended ingredients?

The matching of bird’s nest pays attention to "with clearing clearing and cleaning." At the same time, comprehensive nutrition needs to be supplemented during pregnancy. It is recommended to match all kinds of warm supplementary ingredients, such as red dates, wolfberry, pumpkin, Sydney, lotus seeds, pigeon eggs, milk, etc.

5. What are the taboos of eating bird’s nest?

Don’t eat greasy and spicy foods while eating bird’s nest, otherwise it will stimulate the stomach and intestines and affect the absorption of nutrition.

Bird’s nest is rich in protein and should not be eaten with acidic foods, otherwise it will destroy the nutrition of this part. The food time between the two is at least 2 hours.Tea contains tannic acid. It is best not to drink tea when eating bird’s nest.

Pay special attention to controlling the ingestion of sugar during pregnancy during pregnancy.

6. What should I do if I eat bird’s nest pregnancy?

If the pregnancy vomiting is mild, you can eat it with yogurt, fruits, honey, etc. to help reduce the ingredients of pregnancy.If the pregnancy vomiting is severe enough to eat everything, the large amount of nutritional loss can easily cause the pregnant woman’s body to eat. It is best to go to the hospital in order to protect the fetus.

Seven, do you have to eat bird’s nest after giving birth?

It is recommended to eat it. Generally, it is recommended to eat from pregnancy to the end of the breastfeeding. After delivery, eating bird’s nest can nourish qi and help the body recover. You can use ingredients such as brown sugar, jujube, wolfberry, and pumpkin.

But pay attention!Because bird’s nest has the effect of promoting milk secretion, you must wait for the milk nest after the milk is smooth, otherwise the sudden increase in milk may cause mastitis.

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