Seven kinds of manifestations in the body of pregnancy indicate that your anemia will affect your baby’s IQ and resistance

Anemia for pregnant women is a common common disease during pregnancy. For pregnant women, it is often anemia during pregnancy, which is normal, but it should be paid to it.As a result, the fetus was hypoxic, causing delay in the fetal palace, premature birth, and even death.So, how does pregnant women judge whether they have anemia?What are the symptoms of anemia for pregnant women?

1. The manifestation of anemia during pregnancy

1. If the anemia of pregnant women is only mild, there are no obvious symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for a special examination.If the blood test results of pregnant women show that the hemoglobin is below 10 grams/100 ml, the red blood cell pressure is less than 30%, or the count of red blood cells is less than 3.5 million/cubic millimeters, it means that the pregnant woman will start to supplement the iron.

2. Maternity anemia often feel tired, want to sleep, and has no strength throughout the body. This is the earliest symptom and the most common symptoms of anemia.It was said that it was short, weak, and dizzy when I went up the stairs on the second floor.

3. The face and mucosa of anemia are generally pale.It should be noted that it is generally believed that those who are pale skin should also be more reliable based on the size of the palm and the color of the nail bed.

4. People with anemia often feel headache, dizziness, dazzling, and dispersal attention. Those with severe anemia may also have conscious ambiguity or even syncope.

5, palpitations are one of the symptoms of prominent anemia.Those with anemia are too fast, and they can hear soft murmurs when the pulmonary valve area and the tip of the heart are in the contraction period. This situation is called anemia murmur.When the pulmonary valve area and the tip of the heart are in the diastolic period, the murmur can also be heard, and the situation is more serious.

6, loss of appetite, bloating, wanting to vomit, constipation is also the symptoms of anemia. This is because anemia causes digestive system disorders.

7. Difficult to breathe or breath is one of the symptoms of anemia.Because anemia can cause low oxygen or hypertonatemia in the respiratory center.

If you have more than 4 items, you have to go to the hospital for a blood test.

2. How to prevent anemia in pregnant women

1. Inspection on time

At least twice in the middle and post -stages of pregnancy should be checked twice in order to detect anemia early and take corresponding measures to correct anemia.

2. Eat iron -rich foods

Animal liver such as chicken liver, pork liver is rich in iron and can be eaten in moderation.Duck blood, egg yolk, lean meat and other foods have higher iron content.

3. Eat more high -protein food in the middle and late pregnancy

Fetal development of fetuses in the middle and late pregnancy, eat more high -protein foods, such as milk, fish, eggs, lean meat, beans, etc.

4. Take iron under the guidance of a doctor

For some expectant mothers, consume iron from the diet alone, and sometimes it cannot meet the needs of the body. For expectant mothers with obvious iron deficiency anemia, you can take iron that is easy to accept and absorb under the guidance of a doctor.Prevention.

There are also some pregnant women who often cause diarrhea during pregnancy. This is a problem with the digestion of the gastrointestinal and intestines, which makes the iron element that cannot be digested.In fact, as long as pregnant women often eat some foods with high iron content, pay attention to diet balance, and often go to the birth check during pregnancy, so as to have a healthy baby.

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