Seeing red bleeding in the early pregnancy, is it a sign of miscarriage, what should I do?

Early pregnancy is fertilized eggs bed, cell differentiation

Important stage of organ formation

Some expectant mothers discover vaginal bleeding during this period

It is inevitable:

what happened?Is it a small property?

What is going on in early pregnancy?

Drop bleeding -fertilized eggs bed

The expectant mother will find a little blood stains on the underwear, and the color is deep and shallow.Some expectant mothers will still have a small amount of menstrual bleeding even in the month, but there are no other abdominal pain or menstrual discomfort.This may be a normal reaction of fertilized eggs in bed, which will not affect embryonic development.

However, it should be noted that the level of maternal hormone in pregnancy changes greatly, the cervix is softer than before pregnancy, but it is also more fragile. Some seemingly slight movements or irritation can also cause dripping bleeding.

If the following situation occurs, it is necessary to prevent "mines"

Early abortion

There are mainly the following reasons that caused early abortion:

In terms of embryo: embryo chromosome abnormalities (common in genetic, infection, improper use of drugs, etc.)

In terms of expectant mothers: systemic diseases, abnormal reproductive organs, endocrine abnormalities, abnormal immune function, etc.

In terms of prospective dad: Sperm chromosome abnormalities

Environmental factors: Long -term in a harmful environment

Ectopic pregnancy

Generally, abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, and some will also be accompanied by severe abdominal pain, and even a large amount of bleeding will cause shock.

Therefore, if the B -ultrasound is not found in an early pregnancy examination, the B -ultrasound is not found in the uterine embryo, and the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) test needs to be combined to check whether there is an ectopic pregnancy.


Portuguese tires refer to the hyperplasia of the placental pill nourishing cells after pregnancy, and the height edema of the intermediate quality, forming a variety of blisters. These blisters are connected into a skewers, which are like grapes, so the tires are named, also known as the blisters.

Most patients with hydatidum have irregular vaginal bleeding after 2-4 months of menopause. The initial amount is less and it is easy to be misdiagnosed as a threatened abortion.Since then, the amount of bleeding has gradually increased, and there are repeated bleeding, and sometimes the foaming tissue is discharged.Severe shock!

Cervical lesion

I have no problem with the cervix after pregnancy.If there is cervical inflammation or cervical polyps, the surface capillary can be ruptured and bleeding due to hormone changes after pregnancy.If the cervix occurs before cancer lesions, there will also be bleeding symptoms.

This is also the reason for Jiajia to be bitter and advocate the reason why women of childbearing age do two cancers during pregnancy.

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