Say goodbye to the tires and miscarriage!Six reliable methods for pregnancy strokes

The first: the ewe 1 month of pregnancy

The breeding management of about 1 month of pregnancy is a critical period to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus.The stir of stress for one month of pregnancy should be reduced, including replacing the breeding environment, changing feed, catching, vaccine, and drugs.It is forbidden to use Alteridazole insect repellent, which may cause fetal malformations.

Second: 2 months of pregnancy

After 2 months of pregnancy, with the increase in the pregnancy month, the fetal development gradually accelerates, and the amount of feeding should be gradually increased. You can use 40 % soybean, 30 % corn, 20 % barley, and wheat 10 %.Soak warm water for 6 to 8 hours, grind it into pulp, plus the total amount of soybean and other feeds such as 10%to 15%bean cake, 5%~ 8%bran, 1%salt, supplement the pregnant sheep 2 ~ 3 times a day,Each sheep are fed 50 ~ 100 grams of mixed concentrate,

Third: Youth ewes should also increase the amount of concentrate properly.

After 3 months of pregnancy, the total volume of the pregnant sheep to feed the grass should be appropriately controlled, so that the feed of foaming and adding concentrate should be added to the sheep.The fetus affects normal growth and development.

Fourth: The ewe is 4 months pregnant

After 4 months of pregnancy, the fetus weighed 60%to 70%of the weight of the lamb when the lamb was born. At the same time, the ewe also accumulated a certain amount of nutrients to breastfeed after production.Generally, at this stage, the feeding amount of concentrate should be increased to about twice the early stages of pregnancy.Crystal and juicy feeds such as carrots can be fed more.It is forbidden to feed potatoes, leachies, and cottonseed cakes or rapeseed cakes that have not been treated without removal treatment, and prohibit mildew and deterioration, too cold or overheating, excessive acidic or mixed with wheat, poisonous grass (such as noisy flowers, no thorns contain mimosa, and mimosa.The feed of) is not caused by diseases that cause abortion, difficulty in giving birth and production.

Fifth: 1 month before giving birth to the pregnancy

About 1 month before the birth of the ew, the feeding amount of coarse materials should be appropriately controlled, and some soft feeds should be fed as much as possible, such as micro -storage or salt straw, green and green juice feed, and increase the amount of bran feeding in the concentrate., Elititarian intestinal profit.About 10 days before the birth of the ewe, reduce the feed of feed according to the digestion and appetite of the ewalogy.

It is also a period of unstable before giving birth. At this time, the use of various stress, vaccines, and medicines needs to be reduced.Friends who are arranged at this time should need to pay special attention to the use of two or most two drugs as possible. Do not use three drugs at this time.

Sanlian and four -proof vaccine can be hit every 20 days before giving birth, allowing the lamb to be passively immune and reducing postpartum diseases.

Pregnant ewa 2 to 3 days before giving birth

Two to 3 days before giving birth, the ewalogy is good, the breasts are swollen and accompanied by lower abdominal edema, which should be reduced from 1/3 to 1/2 of the feed of the original diet to prevent the amount of milk at the beginning of the quantityOr the milk is too thick and causes the stuffing of ewes breastitis, milk return and lambs; for the relatively thin eckles, if the breast is dry one week before giving birth, in addition to reducing the amount of coarse material, the hemp cake should be appropriately increased, and the hemp cake should be appropriately increased.Bean cakes, soy milk or bean dregs such as protein -rich prolactin feed, as well as green and juicy light -diarrhea feed to prevent the lack of milk after giving birth.In addition, the feed and drinking water of the pregnant stir should be kept clean and hygienic.

Sixth: Vitamin and mineral elements supplement during pregnancy

The balance of vitamins and mineral elements during pregnancy during pregnancy is very important. It directly affects the estrus, reproduction rate and lamb and survival rate of the quarrels.

as follows:

1. Lack of vitamin A Duoyali delays, or less produced by ewes, blindness or facilitation of new lambs, no tire clothes, high incidence, keratinization of placenta, increased incidence of uterine inflammation.Decreased sheep’s sexual desire, testicular atrophy, decreased sperm in the fine tube, and the ovarian function of the ewa;

2. Vitamin D deficiency can easily cause estrus delay;

3. Vitamin E and selenium are important antioxidants. It is reported that vitamin E deficiency can cause lamb congenital malformations.

4. Calcium phosphorus imbalance leads to before or postpartum paralysis of ewa.

Boy production paralysis is the most common obstetric disease in strokes. Both goats and sheep can occur, but it is more common in goats. This disease is often occurred in the group and concentrated in adult quantal pre -delivery or postpartum.In other times, sheep’s anti -gait stops gait, stops dung and urination, and even weakens or lost perception.The disease is very harmful and often causes large economic losses to the sheep farming industry.

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