Sad!The man drunk to fly to a pregnant woman, and the child flew out of the body directly. Witnesses: Too miserable!

Surprise scene!The pregnant woman was hit by a drunk man, and the abdomen was severely damaged. The children were hit out. The tragic scene was shocking.The angry audience was very angry with the perpetrator and cursed him relentlessly.So what happened to the day?

A Buick car shook through the Avenue. Suddenly, his young couple rushed to the stroll, the speed was too fast, and the man instantly fell into an unconscious darkness.

The crowd was caught off guard. The Buick quickly hit a husband and wife waiting for joy. The husband was hit like a bird, and it fell on the trunk of the vehicle stopped by the roadside.And the wife with the fruit of life, under a strong impact, suffered drastic pain on the back, the baby in the belly broke instantly, the innocent babies flew out, the intestinal lines were overflowing, and the sad scene was heartbroken.Essence

Even if there were such painful consequences, the driver of the accident continued mercilessly and collided the vehicles parked on the roadside.After seeing this scene in a nearby taxi driver, he quickly put on his own safety and did not hesitate to do his best to stop the Buick car.

He quickly jumped out of the car and prepared to stop the driver’s atrocities.However, when the taxi driver opened the door, a pungent alcohol rushed, and the airbag in the car popped up.The driver from the accident slowly got out of the car, shaking his body, and it was difficult to stabilize himself.

Due to the serious situation, the case had to be handled by the police.When the police arrived at the scene, even the experienced old police officers could not help but take a breath, and the young police officer almost scared out.The police decisively took the driver from the scene and immediately performed blood testing.

The police immediately took the driver back to the police station, but the roadside still told the scene horror.According to their memories, just at that moment, the two men and women held hands on that road and intertwined their beautiful future blueprints.Suddenly, their husband suddenly realized that a Buick car behind him was driving crazy to them, so the two quickly grasped each other’s hands and tried to escape the disaster.Unfortunately, the speed is so fast that they cannot avoid the coming of tragedy.

In the end, the husband was seriously injured and left the world forever on the spot. Although Xiaohong still kept a sense of consciousness, he worked hard to climb to the husband’s side and kept calling for his name. However, he never had the slightest response.

Subsequently, the driver of the accident turned the steering wheel and was waiting for the couple waiting for the new life.Because the wife is about to get birth, in order to make her less torture, the two will take a walk after dinner every day.

The couple are planning to sell their housing houses in the future, buy a more spacious house, and provide a living environment for parents of both parties.

During her wife’s pregnancy, her mother -in -law always took care of her intimately.However, just two days ago, her mother -in -law had to leave because of her urgency at home. She did not expect that as soon as her mother -in -law left, the tragedy happened.This scene is really heartbreaking.

The speed of too fast causing the man to be hit rapidly, and hit the car trunk parked on the side of the road; the pregnant wife was affected by a heartbroken impact, the abdomen was instantly cracked, and the fetus in the abdomen was forced to be forced to be forced to be forced to be forcedLeave the safe internal environment.

According to the witnesses, the baby’s appearance is very charming, tall and beautiful nose bridge, big eyes with bright eyes, and a curly and moving hair.It’s so pitiful, so pitiful!Why

In that terrible car accident, only the little red couple was spared, but the others were unfortunately killed.They originally looked forward to the dream of a better future, but crushed tens of millions of pieces due to the behavior of the driver.And the parents of both sides have to bear the pain of bereavement, which is how cruel it is for them.

Soon after, the police finally announced the results of the blood testing of the driver, and the alcohol content turned out to be four times the standard of drunk driving.What is even more angry is that in just a few years, he actually had more than 80 traffic violations, and each time he borrowed other people’s driver’s licenses to get rid of the fine.This long -term illegal behavior made him gradually unscrupulous.Such facts are distressed and can only lament the distortion of human nature and the loss of morality.

After the wine woke up, the police asked the driver at the time, but he had no memory.Subsequently, the police played the surveillance video for him.

He cried out, saying that all this was his fault, and promised to make every effort to make up for the loss of the victim’s family.However, these expressions cannot make up for their endless pain, because they lose their life.

After the tragedy of a car accident, the family of the driver paid a huge price. In order to compensate the victim’s family members, they resolutely sold the company, real estate and vehicles.Although the law did not clearly define the punishment of drunk driving at the time, the incident caused widespread social concern.The court made a final decision under tremendous pressure to sentence the driver to life imprisonment.For this judgment, people have published different views and discussions.

After two years, drunk driving was finally included in the criminal law, and the maximum sentence can be sentenced to death.If the driver at the time faced the current legal terms, he would definitely face an absolutely irreversible death penalty.

This incident sounded the alarm. Our impulse not only endangered ourselves, but also brought endless pain to others.Therefore, we have to remember in our hearts, drink without driving, and do not drink.

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