Rumor, stay away from cats!You can also get along with cats to get along with cats well

Mother Jing grew up in the countryside since she was a child. At that time, many families in the countryside had cats to catch mice and raised dogs to see their houses. After pregnant women were pregnant, dogs were still raised, and cats were raised.No cats can be raised if you are pregnant.In the 1980s, many families had three or four children. The adults in the family went out to work. There were only old people, children, cats, dogs, chickens at home.

Now the living conditions are good, the children can raise less, and even many couples find that pregnancy is not an easy task, so it also pays special attention to the child, and it pays special attention from the moment they are pregnant.

Indeed, our living conditions are good, but the physical fitness of people has declined. Many husbands and wives are pregnant for more than a year or even a year, and after pregnancy, they pay attention to pregnancy.

Alian is such a mother. After two years of marriage, she wants to be pregnant, and she is pregnant for almost a year, so she is also very happy to the child’s arrival.After pregnancy, Alian would not go to work anymore. Instead, he concentrated on raising the fetus at home. Both of the couple attached great importance to this child. I often read some parenting books. I saw a parenting book saying that pregnant women should not meet cats. Cats.The cat’s feces may have a bow -shaped worm, and once the toxoplasma is infected with a pregnant woman, it will cause fetal malformations.

Although they did not raise cats, would there be problems with two cats in the neighbor’s house?The buildings they live in are two households on the first floor, and their neighbors often go out to skate cats. Sometimes they find that cats have pulled shit to the corridor. Although the neighbors were cleaned later, it was difficult to protect the bow in the shit.So Alian’s husband went to knock on the door of the neighbor’s house: "My daughter -in -law Alian is pregnant. In the book, the pregnant woman cannot be too close to the cat. The cat has a bowworm, which will affect the health of the pregnant woman.Don’t let it go, or get it away! "

And the children of the neighbor’s house went to college and did not go home often. The cats were their sustenance. They both called the cats and cats. The two were cats and mothers.When you come up, our cat’s son is very healthy, so coquettish, don’t breathe, cats in the community, why don’t you let others go to the house.

The full name of the Toxoplasma is the Toxoplasma Gondii. It is a parasitic parasite parasitic in the cells that are distributed around the world and can infect birds, dogs and even humans.Among them, its most important host -cat, the average infection rate is about 30%to 40%.

Many doctors suggest that they do not raise cats after pregnancy, do not contact cats too close, mainly because cats may be bow -shaped worms, and pregnant women will affect the health of the fetus once they are infected.If you are not pregnant when you are not pregnant, if you go to the hospital to check the eugenics, the T in the four TRCHs of the Gongsheng of the inspection refers to the bowworm.

Cats are the host of the Toxoplasma worm, but not all the cats have toxoplasma, and two ways to be infected with Toxoplasma worms are touched with cat feces with bow -shaped hormones, and one is eating.Raw meat containing bow -shaped worms.

Therefore, raising cats may not be infected with bow -shaped worms, and to eat raw meat without cats.

1. It is recommended to check the four eugenics before pregnancy

Generally speaking, the four eugenics are recommended to check before pregnancy to understand their physical condition.

2. Cats at home must pay attention to vaccination

The vaccine is to prevent pregnant women from being in contact with cats. In fact, whether there is a pregnant woman at home or not, as long as there are cats and dogs in the family, they are recommended to inject vaccines.

3. Don’t be a shovey officer for pregnant women

After pregnant women are pregnant, do not help the cat bath and clean the cat’s excreta, and it is recommended that there are special cleaning tools at home.After the family cleans up the cat’s excrement, they should wash their hands and then contact the pregnant woman.

4. Cats need to keep up

After pregnant women, do not let the cats at home go out to eat food or contact other wild cats to prevent being infected by other cats. It is also prevented from being unhygienic and parasites.

5. Cats don’t eat raw food

It is not recommended to eat raw fish or meat for cats to prevent eating bow -shaped worms and infect pregnant women.Generally speaking, the cat feed on the market directly to the cat.

Mother Jing said: We must be careful after pregnant women are pregnant, but cats are also good friends of our human beings, but cats and pregnant women can also get along in harmony when they ensure health.

I am a mother of Jing, a girl’s mother, trainer in the mother and baby industry, the original author of the multi -platform, the physician, pharmacist, nutritionist, and psychological counselor of the childcare industry, providing childcare consulting for thousands of parents.I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing your baby!

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