Rumor: You can’t give birth to sour. How many do you believe in rumors during pregnancy?

The child is a bond between families, maintaining husband, wife, mother -in -law, and children.The relationship between brothers and sisters.The importance of a child is unspeakable.

Basically, every newcomer will choose to ask for children, and there are few Dink families.One is that no one will not like soft and waxy children, and the other is that everyone wants to have a reliance when they get old, so as not to be alone.

There has always been a saying that "sour girls" have always been circulating in the folk. They think that those who like to eat sour during pregnancy must have a son, and those who like spicy food must have a daughter.

Earlier, some of the time and some backward feudal areas will still be based on this child. If the daughter -in -law likes to eat sour during pregnancy, I will be good for my daughter -in -law.

If the daughter -in -law likes to eat spicy food, it must be a daughter, then I will treat each other. The nose is not nose and eyes.Some mother -in -law will also let the daughter -in -law fight the daughter -in -law for giving birth to a son, until the remaining son.

Some people have obviously disliked their sons, but forced themselves to eat acid during pregnancy, and they are deeply obsessed with this statement.

1. Sour spicy girl

First of all, this statement is definitely no scientific basis. Eating sour and spicy food will have something to do with the dietary habits of pregnant mothers and the living area.

Some people said, "Who in my family likes to eat sour when she is pregnant, but it is really a big fat boy!".

This situation can only be said to be a coincidence.

As we know, people in Guangdong are relatively sweet, Sichuan is relatively spicy, the north is relatively salty, and it is sour on the west.And it becomes more, and it does not become less because I like spicy food.

If so, what should I do if the sweet and salty south and north?

Secondly, women will have loss of appetite and do not want to eat after pregnancy, and their spirit will be poor. Sour and spicy foods will stimulate the desire to eat for pregnant women. According to their personal taste, some people like to eat sour, and they will like to eat sour, andSome people are sweet.

All kinds of evidence shows that children and daughters have nothing to do with what they like to eat. Those who are still holding this psychology will rest!

2. There are men with pointed belly, round belly

I remember that when my cousin was pregnant, we all sat at the door one day. Everyone was okay after eating in the afternoon. Neighbors nearby were sitting together.

Talking and chatting, talk about the topic to giving birth to a child.At that time, my cousin was pregnant for 7 months, and her belly had been high.

The sister -in -law next to him usually eats radishes and cares about it. When he sees her sister’s belly so big, she said, "The baby’s belly is so big and it is definitely a daughter."

At that time, we didn’t take it seriously about her, thinking it was a joke.

Who knew that one day after three months, my sister came with a good news and gave birth to a daughter. Everyone was happy.At that time, except for the busy children, it was to take care of the adults, and no one expected to go there.

After the discharge, everyone talked about this. He also said that the man was God, and it was really accurate. He said that his daughter had a daughter.Everyone expressed great interest in this.

In this regard, I really said it must be coincidence.

Judging from the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly, judging that the child’s gender is purely nonsense.Whether the pregnant woman’s belly is pointed or round is related to the size of the fetus, fetal position, and the body size of pregnant women.

If the fetus is leaning against the mother in the mother’s belly, the mother’s belly will raised and looks particularly sharp; if the fetus is facing the mother in the uterus, his back will close the mother’s belly, and the mother’s belly will definitely be round.

3. Pregnant women’s skin is good for boys

There is such a saying that if the skin of the pregnant mother during pregnancy is smoother and delicate, then there may be a boy. On the contrary, the skin becomes a boy when the skin deteriorates.

When Ms. Lin bought a aunt when buying daily necessities in the supermarket, the aunt said, "You must be pregnant with a boy!" When she saw her! "

Facing the mother’s oath, she couldn’t touch it. The aunt said, "You see your skin is so bad, the neck is still so dark, definitely it."

Ms. Lin went back and took a look at the mirror that it turned out to be black, and she also felt that her skin became worse after pregnancy.Although I believed it a little bit, I couldn’t help but check it.

This investigation really broke the rumors!Black neck black is caused by excessive melanin. As for the skin, the skin is definitely related to yourself without cosmetics. Since pregnancy, he has been worried that cosmetics will hurt your child, so the skin has deteriorated.

It was found that this Ms. Lin only realized that her skin had nothing to do with her child.

Some are explained in accordance with the same thing.It is said that the child is ugly, as long as the mother’s skin becomes poor, it must be a boy.

In fact, women’s estrogen and progesterone in their bodies will change after pregnancy.And some people will become worse due to estrogen secretion.

Some people can’t.It is a matter of personal constitution.It is clear that the gender of the fetus is clearly unbelievable based on the skin’s skin.

4. Pregnant women have fat daughters, pregnant women are thin

Some people think that pregnant women must have a girl, and pregnant women have a thin boy. The reason is that the boy is strong and grows fast. In the mother’s belly, the nutrition that the mother eats will be absorbed.

Girls are generally relatively small, and they are not as urgent as boys with nutrition. The fetus absorbs less. Most of them have absorbed adults, and adults must be fat.

I laughed unkind when I saw this

Then I also saw a report saying that "a pregnant woman in Shandong gave birth to 7 pounds of baby girls". What do this according to the previous theory?

In fact, pregnant women are still related to their personal constitution. Some people are mad if they are not fat even if they are pregnant. They are like actresses Yang Mi. When they are pregnant, everyone can wear loose clothes.People have completed their life events unknowingly.

Some people are not the same. As soon as they are pregnant, they are like a person, and fat people can’t recognize them.Like me is the kind of person who drinks cold water.

Secondly, the body size is also related to the secretion of estrogen.Some people become "obese" because of some pregnancy symptoms such as edema.

In fact, there are the same boys and girls. As long as children can be healthy and healthy, they are more important.The family and parents’ affection will not change due to gender.The existence of blood than water will only make the relationship between parents and children closer.

If you are pregnant with a cute baby, then I wish you a healthy and cute baby in advance!

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