Rumor: progesterone is not a fetal magic medicine nor a teratogenic drug

A 12-5 news made the pregnant mother who was originally fragile.

"What? How to do the childlobes can cause child deformity? What should I do when I first got pregnant?"

First, please don’t panic. Although the progesterone is not a fetal medicine, it is not terators.

Is lutenone be effective for tire protection?

The current medical research confirms that progesterone has a premature factors that have premature birth (born in 28-weeks-36+6 weeks) to prevent premature birth.Fetal is very common, but its effectiveness is not recognized.

In 2013, COCHRANE published a fack of analysis in 2013. There were 2,158 pregnant women participated in the experiment (a total of 14 random control research). It was found that the abortion rate of the three experimental groups was not significantly different from the use of plants or placebo.Ketone treatment is not effective for preventing abortion.Research targets include pregnant women with or non -flow history, and pregnant women with a history of recurrence of abortion.

In 2011, COCHRANE published an analysis of 421 pregnant women participating in the experiment (4 random control research). The study found that oral progesterone can significantly reduce natural miscarriage, but the lutenone used in vagina does not significantly reduce the abortion rate.But because there are not many participants in this study, the reliability of its conclusions is controversial.

50%of the natural abortion is caused by abnormal chromosomal development in the embryo itself. For this type of abortion, the use of lutenone tires has basically no effect.

Based on the current evidence, it is difficult to give tire protection for suggestions to support or oppose progesterone for warning.

For other drugs that treat threatened abortion, including human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), β-receptor agonist, vitamin, Chinese medicine, etc., high-quality research data does not support their use.

Will the use of progesterone during pregnancy cause fetal malformations?

There is no evidence that the use of progesterone during pregnancy will increase the chance of fetal malformations.The fetal deformity mentioned in the previous article cannot be directly judged that it is caused by a fetal needle.Just like a person passing by the murder scene, it is said that that person is not rigorous, and more evidence is needed.

What should I do if vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy?

A small amount of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is very common, with about 20-25%of the chances of incidence.Early pregnancy bleeding can be used as a symptom of aura abortion, but it is not to say that all early pregnancy bleeding final ending is abortion.For pregnant women who are pregnant 7 to 11 weeks, even if the amount of bleeding or even the large amount of bleeding is large, as long as the fetus has a normal heartbeat, 90%-96%will not have a miscarriage.Moreover, the later the symptoms of bleeding, the later the possibility of miscarriage, the lower.

What we can do for vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is:

1) B -ultrasound confirms that internal pregnancy in the palace, the embryo is developing normally

2) Gynecological examination exclude cervical diseases and understand the situation of the palace mouth

3) Looking forward to therapy: rest, but not in bed; avoid severe activities, reduce or avoid sexual life

4) Drug treatment: The use of progesterone does not have sufficient evidence support or opposition. It is necessary to communicate in detail with the doctor with a doctor and discuss the plan.

What should I do if I have low progesterone during early pregnancy?Will the progesterone value have a miscarriage?

There are no literature or guidelines to prompt to maintain the minimum progesterone level required for normal pregnancy.In other words, the progesterone value of each of us is different.It is possible that progesterone is very low, but there is no symptoms of prerequisite abortion, no bleeding, abdominal pain, and embryo development.There are also people with high progesterone value, but the embryo stops developing, or the symptoms of threatened abortion occur.I have encountered many such examples myself in clinical practice. I must not just rely on one progesterone value to determine whether pregnant women have a threatened abortion and whether to use lutenone to keep their tires.

There is no abdominal pain in early pregnancy, and the symptoms of threatened abortion such as vaginal hemorrhage do not need to be checked at all, and the progesterone value of the detection does not need to pay attention at all.It can also be said that it is more straightforward. I have twice pregnant and my colleagues in obstetrics and gynecology. I will not check any progesterone value without abnormal symptoms.Even if my second child appeared early pregnancy bleeding, I did not check progesterone and did not eat progesterone.My friends around me consulted and came to the pregnant woman who came to the doctor, and I never recommended it to check the progesterone value.

Although the current studies of progesterone have shown no teratogenic effects on embryos, they should follow the principle of "SIMPLE" during pregnancy. Try not to take medicine without medication.

There are too many medical knowledge in this article. Finally, I will briefly summarize: progesterone is not a fetal medicine, but it is not a teratogenic drug.Based on the current evidence, it is difficult to give tire protection for suggestions to support or oppose progesterone for warning.For pregnant women with aura abortion symptoms, they can discuss with the doctor whether to use lutenone to protect the fetus.It is not recommended for progesterone testing for pregnant women without symptoms.It is not recommended to use lutenone to protect the fetus according to low progesterone.


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