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Every day, patients on the Internet consulted me with artificial abortion. In fact, this is the problem I like to say the most. Although this is the most common family planning surgery of the obstetrics and gynecology department, unless it is the mother’s body is not suitable for continuing to continue to continuePregnancy, or suffering from having to have a miscarriage, I do not recommend patients to abortion easily, let alone abortion.

Today, let’s talk about the topic of artificial abortion. Although it is a bit heavy, we must not help but say.

Before talking about this topic, let’s take a look at how artificial abortion is done.

Artificial abortion, referred to as abortion, uses surgery to terminate pregnancy, and uses the principle of negative pressure to suck the pregnancy sac and endometrial tissue from the uterine cavity, also known as negative pressure suction.

This abortion method is suitable for patients who are pregnant within 10 weeks, or patients who have some serious diseases that cannot continue pregnancy or have a drug abortion.Before doing this surgery, detailed preoperative examinations and evaluations need to be performed. If pregnant women have the following situations, they cannot enter artificial abortion, such as vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, body temperature above 37.5 degrees, uterine cavity deformation, surgical equipmentCan’t enter and wait.

The biggest benefit of artificial abortion is the high rate of success. The current research data shows that the success rate of the operation abortion is 98%to 99%. Most of them can be completed at one time, and the success rate is higher than the drug abortion.Another advantage is that the time is short. Most of the surgery time is within half an hour. Anesthesia can be used. The number of postoperative reviews is small.It is most suitable for patients who are afraid of trouble, fear of pain, bleeding, and hope to complete abortion at one time.

In general, artificial abortion is a relatively safe and effective way of miscarriage, and the probability of complications is about 0.9%.

Seeing this, many people will say that it seems that there is no problem with artificial abortion. Now the painless abortion is so common. There is no need to do a lot of questions about abortion.Is this really true?We look down.

Artificial abortion is an important "business" in obstetrics and gynecology. After every festival, patients or family planning outpatients in major hospitals will end.After the long holidays such as the Mid -Autumn Festival, the National Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, etc., it is called the peak season. The number of artificial abortion is more than 10 people per day. Usually, there are about 5 people in the off -season.Think about how many people have a daily abortion in the country reached?

According to data in 1990, the number of annual outaclers in China was 13 million.

According to statistics from WHO in 2016, the global abortion surgery from 2010 to 2014 was approximately 56 million per year. China ’s flow data in 2014 and 2015 was more than 9 million, which is equivalent to one -sixth of the world.

These data are quite spicy, which will shock most people.Although the number of Chinese abortion has not increased significantly in recent years, the abortion surgery of the aborted population with aging and high -duplicate abortion surgery is even more worrying: 15 -year -old abortion, 16 -year -old output, 4 times a year …yes.

What is even more terrible is the wave of unscrupulous hospitals, "XX painless visual flow of people", "easy to sleep, troubles and trace", plus lack of sex education, insufficient self -protection awareness, ignorant girls once like this once, soOnce lying on the cold operating table again, he thought it was everything.What about the final result?Ure adhesion, abnormal menstruation, habitual abortion, premature birth, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even infertility.

I used to have a patient, 25 years old, because I did not get pregnant to do tubal examination, but I found that the bilateral tubal was completely blocked.After the inspection, the girl was crying and crying at the door, and she kept crying: "I just had an abortion surgery, how could this be?"

Other girls have no normal menstruation after abortion. After the hysteric laparoscopic examination, it is found that the uterine cavity has been fully adhered, and there is no normal endometrium.The endometrium is the soil of the uterus, and the endometrium can come off the menstruation, and the normal soil is lost.

The fallopian tube is completely blocked, and there is an opportunity for IVF, and the lack of endometrium of the uterine cavity is a problem of refractory, and it is likely to be unable to get pregnant.

These are not stories, and real scenes occur during gynecological clinics.In addition to sympathy, it is indeed "angry and not fighting."Girls, you know that there is no abortion, maybe everything will happen now, and there is really no regret medicine in the world.

The implementation of painless abortion allows more women to suffer from abortion and abortion without fear.In fact, abortion is very painful, look at Dr. Zhang Yu’s description.

In addition to pain, there are many disadvantages of abortion. The root cause is related to surgery.

First, surgery involves equipment, materials, surgical operations, etc., which is relatively expensive;

Second, during surgical operations, the instrument enters the uterine cavity. In the future, the chance of infection and pelvic inflammatory disease will be higher than that of the drug.

Third, excessive organs during surgery or abortion of surgery are performed, which can easily damage the endometrium of the uterine, causing uterine cavity adhesion, affecting menstruation, and even causeing infertility.

Fourth, there will also be some complications during surgery, such as uterine perforation, bleeding, incomplete uterus, cervical laceration, infection, artificial abortion syndrome, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, sweat, etc.

Please know, no matter how advanced the selected hospital is, no matter how good the doctor’s skills are, there is no problem at all.Before abortion, you must be cautious, cautious, and cautious!If you still decide the abortion in the end, you must choose a regular and reliable hospital, choose a trusted doctor, and don’t believe in the beautiful advertisements of the beautiful slogans and electric poles!

Finally, take a few more words.When the passion is staged for a moment and is not prepared for parents, please take good care of it!There are so many ways to contraception now. Is there no one you like?

Can not be ligated on the ring, you can use a condom;

Don’t like condoms, you can use short -acting contraceptives;

Don’t like short -acting contraceptives, worry about side effects, why should emergency contraceptives be taken as sugar?

In contraception, don’t always expect the man, this is also a woman’s own business.Responsible for your own reproductive health and learning safe and reliable contraception. This is the consciousness that every adult woman should have.I hope that the following law will never repeat the girls who see my article.

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