Rizhao buy plus seafood 土 Local indigenous strategy !! Do not step on the pit

Come to Rizhao Travel, eat seafood rarely

Where to eat? Why not be pitted? Where can I buy it?

Today I am fully entrusted !!

No need to watch the flower eyes in various strategies and are still pitted

Hurry down and watch ~

Everyone knows that you have to eat seafood when you come to sunshine

Don’t think that seafood in the seaside city is cabbage price. If you want to be cheap, you must not eat fresh seafood.

The seafood determines it from its value itself

We go to the coastal city to eat seafood, not it is cheap, but its freshness

But if you make a special trip to eat seafood, don’t choose to come from June, July, and August.

During this time, you cannot catch seafood in the sea

Most of the market on the market is breeding seafood, and there are few varieties

So if you want to eat fresh seafood, you have to hurry up ~

How do Rizhao people eat seafood?

You can do it by yourself, buy well in the market, or order directly in the store

In the practice, boiled, steamed, garlic, sauce, spicy fried, and different seafood have different cooking methods!

Our locals prefer steamed, boiled, spicy stir -fry


More than 100 pounds or a lobster, emperor crab, etc., we generally do not eat it, they will only buy it when they are used to entertain foreign friends

Clade, scallops, shrimp, sea oysters, sea rainbow and various sea fish are regular customers on our table.

Where can I buy seafood and not be pitted?

There are only two options to buy seafood: market or pier

Although the pier is fresher and cheap, there are too many pit

You still look at this guide to prove that you are still Xiaobai, just go to the market to buy it honestly

How fragrant the market is clearly marked and the price is not pitted.

The famous seafood markets are Shijiu Seafood Market, Luyu Market, Jinyang Market, and Daquangou Seafood Market

Just choose one casually, it’s not too much, wherever you go, wherever you go

In the selection, it must be based on fresh and lively jumping. You can eat frozen seafood everywhere

The shell must be picked one by one, it is best to have a tongue tongue and shrink back.

Fresh pairs of shrimp are curved, straightforward explanation is dead, and the fresh ones are black on the head of the shrimp.

Sea fish pulls away to look at his fish gills, and the bright red fish gills indicate that the fish is fresh

Finally, when you buy seafood, remember to bargain.

Where can I eat seafood?

Rizhao seafood stores are all over the place, and the processing costs are basically similar, that is, the taste is different.

There are local flavors opened by local people, and the creative flavor of foreigners opens

I usually choose to go

Small fishing village of crossing the sea:

An old shop that has opened more than ten years of local uncle is also a place where I entertain my friends

Although there is no reputation, it is not an online celebrity shop, but the locals are retired guests, authentic sunshine flavors

The seafood coffee is the sign of their family. You can eat a variety of seafood at a time.

There are also sea sausage rice and catfish dumplings. They also have a must -order food ~

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