risk!Young women’s abdominal pain should be treated with gastroenteritis. After 20 days of bleeding, it is known that "ectopic pregnancy" is "ectopic pregnancy"

Women who have no menstruation during childbearing age are not menstruation

Must pay attention to

Especially when it appears

Abdominal pain and diarrhea of unknown cause

Don’t think as a simple gastroenteritis

Delay therapy

The serious will be dead

Recently, a young woman in Fuzhou had abdominal pain for many days. It was treated as gastroenteritis and took her own blood circulation. In the end, it was delayed for more than 20 days to cause severe bleeding. After being inspected in the hospital, she learned that it was "ectopic pregnancy."

Fortunately, the doctor helped her to stop bleeding through emergency surgery and kept her uterus.

Stomach pain thinks gastritis

After pain, take the blood circulation medicine by yourself

More than 20 days ago, Xiaoyan (pseudonym) suddenly had a stomachache in the middle of the night, thinking that eating bad things had gastroenteritis. I thought that I should be able to relieve it.Reduce.

Accompanied by her boyfriend, Xiaoyan hurried to the County Hospital for treatment, and the doctor immediately gave the right treatment.

After simple treatment, the symptoms of abdominal pain relieved a lot, and she returned home to rest with her boyfriend.However, in the following half a month, Xiaoyan’s symptoms of abdominal pain were repeated. During the pain relief, she also bought the drug that promoted blood circulation.I was thinking that there should be no big problems, but with the more severe abdominal pain, Xiao Yan’s vagina began to bleed.

Helpless, Xiaoyan and her boyfriend came to the county hospital again. After learning about Xiaoyan’s symptoms, the doctor immediately suggested that she refer to the treatment of Fuzhou First Hospital of Fuzhou City, the higher -level hospital.

Fierce abdominal pain found "ectopic pregnancy"

Uterine rupture bleeding up to 2000ml

Xiaoyan was quickly referred to the emergency department of Fuzhou First Hospital.After a detailed understanding of Xiaoyan’s medical history and an aunt cycle, the doctor on duty immediately diagnosed Xiaoyan to be a "ectopic pregnancy" rupture of bleeding and severe abdominal pain.

Sure enough, Xiaoyan’s urine test results reminded positive. Further color Doppler ultrasound examination also reminded Xiaoyan that he was pregnant and considered ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is extremely dangerous. If the amount of bleeding is large, Xiaoyan is dangerous at any time.In order to let Xiaoyan get out of danger as soon as possible, the emergency department immediately turned on the green channel and transferred Xiaoyan to the gynecology department of Fuzhou First Hospital.

During the operation, Deputy Chief Physician Chen Meiling saw that Xiaoyan’s abdominal cavity had accumulated blood, with 2000ml.These bloods that poured into the abdominal cavity were caused by the rupture of ectopic pregnancy.

After surgery, Xiaoyan’s bleeding stopped, and the uterus was kept, and there was no danger of life.

Ectopic pregnancy rupture is very dangerous

The cause of women’s menopause during childbearing age should be found out

Deputy Chief Physician Chen Meiling said that the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are very similar to gastrointestinalitis. Many women do not discover the phenomenon of ectopic pregnancy in time, which is very dangerous.

Many young women did not pay special attention to their menstrual cycle, and they suddenly discontinued and did not find abnormalities, and they did not know that they were pregnant.So that sudden belly pain is often used as gastroenteritis.

In addition, some women with ectopic pregnancy will also have irregular vaginal bleeding, and the amount of blood has a lot of blood, which will make people think that they are irregular menstruation, and minor abdominal pain can also be used as dysmenorrhea caused by irregular menstruation.

Ectopic pregnancy rupture is very dangerous. In a short period of time, it can cause severe bleeding and even threatened life.

Therefore, Deputy Chief Physician Chen Meiling reminded that in general, when an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube bed, abdominal pain occurs at about 8 weeks of pregnancy. Women of childbearing age suddenly discontinue menstruation. They should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid damage caused by ectopic pregnancy.

These symptoms have these symptoms

Female friends should pay attention

▼ ▼▼

1. Abdominal pain

The main symptom of ectopic pregnancy (referring to fallopian tube pregnancy) is abdominal pain, and more than 95%of ectopic pregnancy will cause abdominal pain.At first it may be stomach pain and hidden pain, and once ectopic pregnancy is ruptured and bleeding, severe abdominal pain will occur.

2. Dizziness or syncope

Due to ectopic pregnancy, hormones in women’s bodies will change, and their bodies will show anemia, and they will show obvious symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and fatigue in the early days.And because of the abdomen bleeding and often diarrhea, syncope may also occur, and shock occurs when the amount of bleeding is large.

3. vaginal bleeding

About 60%-80%of women in ectopic pregnancy will cause irregular vaginal bleeding.Therefore, it is recommended that female friends discover that they will not be inappropriately occur after the same room after the same room, and be alert to ectopic pregnancy.

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