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Ms. Xue couple took her two daughters to Da Yuecheng, Hangzhou to eat.When she changed her daughter to urine, she found that her child’s buttocks were a bit dirty, so she took it to the maternal and baby room of the mall to rinse. As a result, the faucet opened for five seconds, and the child screamed.

[1818 Golden Eye] Rinse the baby in the mother and baby room to scream and scream

Video provided by Ms. Xue: It is hot water, very hot and hot hot water. I just watched the temperature just now, and I can’t adjust it. The urine is not wet and unbuttoned.The side was all hot.

Ms. Xue said that the video was filmed as soon as the incident. On May 3rd, the couple took their two daughters to eat in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, and gave the urine for more than 8 months.When the child was a bit dirty, they pushed the stroller to the mother and baby room on the third floor of the mall.The faucet of the basin is induced to produce water, and there is no obvious cold water and hot water logo. On the day of the interview, the reporter tried it. The cold water flowed out of the faucet.

Ms. Xue: Dad hugs her sister. I stood in this position and washed the child’s body in this position.

Reporter: Before starting to rinse, have you tried water temperature with your hands?

Ms. Xue: No.

Reporter: I saw this faucet without the logo of cold water and hot water?

Ms. Xue: I think it must be cold water by default.

Reporter: How long did you find that the water temperature may be wrong after flushing at that time?

Ms. Xue: About five seconds later, my sister screamed, and I hesitated for a second, thinking that she was uncomfortable elsewhere. Dad reminded me that this might be hot water. I touched it and it was really hot.

Reporter: What is the hot water you feel?

Ms. Xue: I feel that it is more than forty degrees, because the 40 degrees of water temperature is the water temperature we take bathing for children every day, so forty degrees I have a concept.

Open the cabinet door under the basin, there is a small water heater in the cabinet.Ms. Xue said that at the time, she was reminded that she found that there was this water heater in the cabinet.

Ms. Xue: I think it is hot water, is there an external tube? At that timeRinse the child, because it is hot, and it takes a lot of cold water to rush. As a result, I saw that I did n’t know how to get it below. I held the child to the female toilet next door and rinsed for more than a minute.I screamed, and I took her back.

Ms. Xue said that many staff members of the mall arrived at the scene afterwards, and the two sides simply communicated.

Ms. Xue: Later people from the customer service department said that it can be solved for us. I said that our children have just been hot, but now there are no particularly big problems, so I want to wait a little bit, because at that time, I promised that my sister must go to the mall.I took it early in the morning. I asked my (child) dad to ask for a long time. The doctor’s diagnosis was not obviously rash, but you have to observe for a week.

This hospital’s medical records stated that "family members complained that the abdominal hot water burns last night and no obvious rashes were seen." In addition, Ms. Xue explained that the pimples mentioned in the medical records were the problem of the face and lower limbs of the little daughter, and the heat was hot.The water is scalded.The reporter also rushed to Ms. Xue’s house to confirm that the child’s abdomen skin could no longer see abnormalities.Ms. Xue hopes that the mall can compensate the children’s medical expenses and her husband’s misunderstanding.

Ms. Xue: The outpatient cost is only one or twenty yuan, and a moisturizing cream of self -funded. This is about 100 yuan. My father asked for a long time.

Ms. Xue said that in order to prevent other children from being burned by hot water, the mall should improve the temperature setting of the water heater of the mother and baby room as soon as possible.

Ms. Xue: They did not explain why there were little kitchen treasures. They explained that the water was from cold to hot, and said that it was required in February. Why did they open afterwards? They didn’t know.I think it is good to have hot water, but the temperature of the hot water is too high. Like our children, this time it is too light. After all, it is eight months. If it is a child of two or three months, this will beScald, the consequences are really unimaginable.

The customer service staff of the mall said that there was no right to interview, and afterwards, the manager of Hangzhou Dayue City Comprehensive Affairs made a phone reply.

Lou Jing, Manager of the Comprehensive Affairs Department of Hangzhou Dayue City: We are also very worried and sorry. After the incident, our shopping mall customer service rushed to the scene for treatment. Worried about the baby’s condition. It is recommended that the baby goes to the medical treatment.EssenceRegarding the little kitchen treasure, in fact, the most important reason for the installation of little kitchen treasure in our mall is to improve the quality of service, especially in winter, it is convenient for customer baby to clean and use hot water. After the weather is warmer, we are closed.

Regarding the specific processing plan, the mall responded like this.

Lou Jing, Manager of the Comprehensive Affairs Department of Hangzhou Dayue City: In the next step, we will also improve the use of water temperature, and the other is to increase the sign of the sign to avoid such things.Regarding the request of customer costs, we also conducted a call return visit. The most important care of the baby’s situation, and we also hope that customers will provide us with related invoices for medical treatment and promote subsequent cost compensation.

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