Review: The female manager was pregnant by her boyfriend, and she longed for the wedding after birth. My boyfriend turned to marry someone else

A radio mediation center in Changsha ushered in a pair of men and women, and their mediation content was also carried out around the children.At the beginning, the woman resolutely asked the man to fulfill his promise of marriage, but did not expect that the man was like a spring, constantly discrediting and distorting the facts. The woman’s family was very angry.

They presented various evidence to the mediators. In the face of iron -like evidence, the man had to admit that he had disappointed and deceived the woman, but the man did not agree to marry the woman. Finally, under the communication between the mediation staff, he agreedPay the funds of the female to raise children every month.

When it comes to children, it is actually related to the deception of the man.According to the woman’s statement, the man said that he was pregnant and married first during his relationship with her.What is going on?

The matter will start from a few months ago. Liu Huiyun, the mother of the protagonist of this case, suddenly ushered in her granddaughter. At that time, her daughter Qin Fang looked at her with a smile on her face, saying that her future husband was excellent, and this was very good, and this was very good, and this was very good, and this was very good, and this was very good, and this was very good, and this was very good, and this was very good, and this was very good.Liu Huiyun was shocked, because his daughter had not been in love for a long time, why did she get pregnant before they were unmarried?

However, suddenly one day, Qin Fang suddenly received a call to hear the sound and should be her boyfriend.The two suddenly quarreled and suddenly quarreled.After the other party hung up the phone, Qin Fang returned to the room alone, and there was a vague cry.

Before Liu Huiyun reacted, Qin Fang returned to Changsha alone, and did not call her back for a few days.This made Liu Huiyun very worried.So she went to the community where Changsha Qinfang’s boyfriend was located through the courier at home.

As soon as he arrived in the community, Liu Huiyun kept inquiring about the address of Qin Fang’s boyfriend. Under the guidance of a good -hearted person, Liu Huiyun came to the floor where Qin Fang’s boyfriend Chen Feiyang was located.But did not expect that her daughter was squatting outside the floor holding her daughter.

Once talking, Liu Huiyun knew that Chen Feiyang had abandoned his daughter and wanted to cut off the relationship with Qin Fang as he wanted to get married.This made Qin Fang almost desperate, but she still wanted to save Chen Feiyang.

The two began to ask the property for help, but the result was that Chen Feiyang had moved away.Fortunately, Qin Fang knew Chen Feiyang’s company.So the mother and son came to Chen Feiyang’s company together.

I did n’t think about it, Chen Feiyang was doing her own work carefree there. When she saw Qin Fang’s mother and son, Chen Feiyang was a little unnatural, but was still caught by Qin Fang’s mother and son, but Chen Feiyang was very afraid of his reputation.Emphasizing that there is no relationship between him and Qin Fang.

How did Chen Feiyang know Qin Fang?It turned out that after Qin Fang became a department manager of a wedding company, she began to actively prepare for love. On a platform, she received Chen Feiyang’s application for dating. Because Chen Feiyang was more excellent, Qin Fang also added him.

Soon the two came together. During the period of love, Chen Feiyang was diligent, making Qin Fang very satisfied, and even Chen Feiyang would promise to settle in Changsha in Changsha.

However, Qin Fang was hesitant, but Chen Feiyang insisted on not getting pregnant and not married, which made Qin Fang a bit embarrassed.Later, under the persuasion of Chen Feiyang’s mother, Qin Fang agreed to get pregnant first.

However, when Qin Fang was pregnant, he suddenly received a call from a stranger. The other party claimed that he was Chen Feiyang’s ex -girlfriend, and also told Chen Feiyang how to abandon her, and Qin Fang should not go to Chen Feiyang.

At that time, Qin Fang was pregnant and wanted to leave Chen Feiyang. It was impossible to leave Chen Feiyang, and Chen Feiyang’s performance was very good. It was not like the prosecution of the so -called ex -girlfriend.

And now, Qin Fang finally believes that Chen Feiyang’s ex -girlfriend Zhang Li said is true, but in the face of Chen Feiyang’s abandonment, Qin Fang said that he could not accept anything. She still wanted Chen Feiyang to fulfill her promise.

In this regard, Chen Feiyang refused to admit that he not only said that he did not give Qin Fang’s promise to marriage, but also said that he didn’t know that Qin Fang would be pregnant at all.When Qin Fang asked him to fulfill his father’s responsibility, Chen Feiyang refused on the spot, saying that he was unwilling to be his wife.

This made Liu Huiyun very angry. She held Chen Feiyang’s hair and let him see the chat history in his daughter’s mobile phone. There are many content about Chen Feiyang persuading Qin Fang to bring his daughter.Chen Feiyang was very embarrassed, so he had to apologize to Qin Fang’s mother and son. I hope everyone will get together.

Later, Liu Huiyun made this incident on the radio. The radio station was very interested in this, but she could not answer the call from Chen Feiyang.Later, Chen Feiyang talked to the staff of the radio and said that before she broke up, Qin Fang had not been pregnant. She had always been entangled with his child.

This made Qin Fang even more angry, so she made the previous two of the previous two people’s content on how to organize the marriage. In this case, the emotional mediation staff of the radio station invited Qin Fang and Chen Feiyang to the media mediation center.So the beginning of the scene appeared.

Finally, in the face of iron -like evidence, and the careful enlightenment of the mediator, Chen Feiyang also consciously lost his losses, but he said that he and Qin Fang were just playing, but for his own flesh, Chen Feiyang still had feelings.I agree with Qin Fang to take her daughter back to her mother’s house, and she pays 5,000 yuan a month for support.Although the matter was calmed down, Qin Fang’s pain could never be flattened, because she put her life in.

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