Reminder for pregnancy couples: If you want to succeed in conceiving, you need to learn to determine whether you are in the ovulation period

For couples who are in pregnancy, the most concerned thing is how to increase the chance of conception.

To make women succeed in pregnancy, you need to successfully combine with the successful and eggs. It is different from the number of men’s Jingzi. Women’s eggs are very precious, only one month is excreted, and it can only survive for 12 to 24 hours after excrement.Therefore, men and women can only be in the same room during ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy will be higher.

At present, many women are judged mainly based on the menstrual period when calculating the ovulation period. Generally, the first 14 days before the next menstrual period is ovulation day, and the ovulation period is 10 days before and after the ovulation date.

But in fact, many women’s menstruation is not so regular. If this method is used to calculate the ovulation period, there will be certain deviations. Therefore, it is recommended that women can judge the ovulation period in combination with the following methods. Let’s take a look!

1. Use ovulation test strip test

Women’s urine contains lutein -generated hormones. Generally, 1-2 days before ovulation, this hormone can reach its peak, and the use of ovulation test strips can test the level of luteum generic hormone.

Women can start daily testing every day during the ovulation period. When they find two purple -red lines with the same color on the test strip, it indicates that it is about to be ovulation day. At this time, hurrying to the same room in the same room can increase the chance of conception.

2. Measure the basal body temperature for judgment

The basic body temperature of women during ovulation will rise. Women can start to measure body temperature after getting up in the morning every morning, and record it every day. Once the body temperature is found to be 0.5 ~ 0.6 ° C, it means that the ovulation period is now. At this time, the same room is also the same room.The best chance.

3. Observe leucorrhea

Women’s leucorrhea will also change major changes in a menstrual cycle. In non -ovulation period, due to changes in estrogen levels, leucorrhea is generally dry, small, and viscous.There are more transparent leucorrhea and can also be brushed. During this period, women always feel that the private parts are more humid, which is also prompting the arrival of the ovulation period.

The above methods can help women accurately determine whether they are in the ovulation period. If there is a maternity plan, the same room can increase the chance of pregnancy during this period, and you must seize the opportunity.Of course, if you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, you must not only have the same room during ovulation, but also pay attention to the following:

1. Keep a relaxed and pleasant mood

Many husbands and wives are very nervous when preparing for pregnancy, and this mentality is very unfavorable to pregnancy.Too tight mentality can even affect endocrine and reduce the chance of pregnancy.Therefore, both men or women should adjust their mentality, maintain a relaxed and happy mood, and regulate the schedule to avoid staying up late and keep the body in the best state.

2. Quit smoking and drinking

Whether men or women, they must actively quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy. Tobacco and alcohol can affect the quality of sperm and eggs, thereby affecting successful pregnancy.In addition, it is necessary to avoid drinking coffee, soda, chocolate, etc. in life, and caffeine in these foods can also affect the probability of pregnancy.

All in all, if you want to succeed in pregnancy, you must grasp the ovulation period.In addition to calculating the ovulation period based on the changes in the menstrual cycle, women can also judge the ovulation period through ovulation test paper testing, observing leucorrhea, testing basic body temperature and other methods.

In addition to the same room during ovulation, women must also maintain a relaxed and pleasant mood in their lives. The couple should also quit smoking and drinking, eat a healthy diet, help increase the chance of pregnancy, and give birth to a healthy baby.

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