Reminder: The four things of women "spread" are prone to abortion during pregnancy

I believe that many female friends are concerned about this problem. Masting abortion is a phenomenon that many female friends are unwilling to see, but sometimes it is unavoidable, especially some gynecological diseases, which can easily lead to habitual abortion. ThereforeThe cause of habitual abortion is important, which can help female friends pay attention to daily life.

1. Endometritis.The most common cause of women’s abortion is caused by endometritis. This is because the development of the embryo was affected by endometritis in the early stage of the development of the embryo, which caused the embryo to draw nutrition from the abdomen.As a result, women’s abortion.

2. Pathogenic microorganisms.Pathogenic microorganisms are also important causes of abortion, especially some giant cytomegal virus, toxoplasma infections.However, the emergence of these viruses does not have obvious symptoms, so it is difficult to find, but they can cause fetal deformity and eventually abortion.

3. Chronic vaginitis.If female friends suffer from chronic vaginitis, they will also cause abortion of female friends. This is because the vagina loses a protective barrier, which is easily stimulated by inflammation, causing female genitals to be infected, which will cause abortion.

4. Irregular menstruation.Female friends with irregular menstruation are also likely to cause abortion. Female friends have irregular menstruation, which will cause less progesterone secretion. It is not conducive to women’s pregnancy. Even if she is pregnant, there will be abortion.Therefore, female friends should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Examination 1. Inspection of immune factors.Female friends suffer from habitual abortion diseases. First of all, immune factors must be checked. Immune factors include transparent band antibodies and phospholipid antibodies. From these aspects, we can know that what female friends are because of habitual abortion.I hope female friends will pay more attention.

Examination 2. Infectious factors.The examination of the infection factors is one of the necessary examinations for female friends with habitual abortion. The examination of the infection factors can determine the specific cause of the habitual abortion of female friends in order to achieve early and early treatment.That friend should attach great importance to it.

Examination 3. Examination of endocrine factors.After suffering from a habitual abortion, female friends have to conduct endocrine factors. The reason why the endocrine factors are required to check that the base temperature of female friends is abnormal. I hope that female friends should pay attention to habitual abortion.Check the work.

Reminder: Now habitual abortion has attracted more and more women’s attention, because habitual abortion will cause harm to women itself and family, and the emergence of habitual abortion will promote the dream of many female friends to be mother’s dreams. ThereforeIt is necessary to prevent the disease in daily life.

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