Remind you expectant mothers: These three major abnormalities occur during pregnancy, be careful of pregnancy diabetes

Women should pay attention to blood glucose regulation during pregnancy, and conduct relevant examinations on a regular basis. Once the blood sugar is attracted attention, treatment will be carried out if necessary, otherwise it will be in a state of high blood sugar for a long time and develops into gestational diabetes.development.What signals of this disease should be understood, pay close attention to physical changes, have a good disease warning, and take response measures in a timely manner.

What abnormalities indicate that the blood sugar is too high?

Surgery of gestational blood glucose can pose a threat to health. High blood sugar for a long time, more or less different body, and some women manifest itself as vulvar itching.

It seems that the vulvar itching and high blood sugar are not directly associated. Most of them are gynecological problems, but gestational diabetes is special, and there are no obvious symptoms of three more, such as drinking, eating more, urine, and weight loss.Repeated pseudoma infections can be manifested as vulvar itching without timely control.It is necessary to distinguish from ordinary gynecological problems, itching and stubbornness, long duration, focusing on your blood sugar changes, and judging whether blood sugar is too high.

Women who threaten healthy gestational diabetes can find that their belly is larger than pregnant women at the same stage during pregnancy.As the fetus continues to grow, the abdomen is becoming larger and larger. It is often different from that in the early pregnancy and the belly size in the third trimester.

By the pregnancy, the abdomen is significantly larger, which is much larger than the pregnant woman at the same stage. After examination, the fetus is too large and too much amniotic fluid, it may be gestational diabetes.

Under the influence of gestational diabetes, many women show the abnormal weight of weight. If they have a lot of obesity after pregnancy, the weight is significantly exceeded, and they should pay close attention.Most women pay attention to nutrient supplement after pregnancy, and feel that eating more to lay a good condition for the growth and development of the fetus.

However, if the weight has soared abnormally and it becomes a lot of gaining weight, it may be a disease signal. Those women with gestational diabetes threatening healthy are usually abnormal weight during pregnancy.Essence

It can be found through the above content that gestational diabetes cannot be underestimated, and the impact it brings is wide. As the blood sugar fluctuates pregnant women itself feel abnormal, the growth and development of the fetus are also affected. Pay attention to the changes in blood sugar.It is judged whether it is cope with the treatment or the cure of life. Sometimes the blood sugar is slightly exceeded, and the good living habits can be controlled. Don’t ignore it.

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