Regret from a pregnant mother: a small wisdom teeth actually hidden such a big problem

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Do you know wisdom teeth?Presumably some people are more unfamiliar!It refers to the eighth teeth, which are counted from the main entrance to, and generally germinate between the ages of 16-25, symbolizing "the arrival of wisdom".However, many mothers found that it was easy to grow wisdom teeth during their pregnancy, and I did not expect that wisdom teeth were so fatter.

A 6 -month -old baby’s pregnant mother caused a tragedy of induction due to a wisdom tooth.This is the case. Before pregnancy, the pregnant mother had a wisdom tooth and was often inflamed. However, because she was afraid of pain, she kept holding it up. Until the pregnancy, the wisdom tooth was inflammated, evenWhen she was swollen, she had to go to the hospital for examination under the unbearable.But the results of the inspection need to be induced!Because the doctor found that her mouth contained a large amount of bacteria, and these bacteria also had a tendency to invade the oral flesh, and the consequences of not timely treatment were unimaginable.

The doctor also said that in fact, this kind of treatment is not very difficult under normal circumstances. As long as you take some hormone drugs, you can be controlled, but because she is pregnant, it will have an impact on the child’s health if taking this drug; and the health of the child’s health; and the health of the child’s health; and the child’s health will haveIf she does not take this drug, the condition will further deteriorate, and she may face the case that cannot breathe in the throat. At this time, the tracheal is needed.

After thinking about it, the pregnant mother’s family decided to keep the adult and choose to induce labor.Half a month later, her oral condition improved, but it was also because this caused a 6 -month -old baby to disappear.What a pity!Therefore, you can imagine how important oral health is for pregnant mothers.

In fact, it is not difficult to treat oral diseases in modern doctors, but the most afraid of encountering a pregnant woman, because drugs and surgery will cause harm to babies in the fetus.

So why are pregnant mothers easy to have oral diseases?There are actually the following reasons.

1. The effect of hormonal hormones during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the hormonal secretion of pregnant mothers will change. At this time, it will affect their oral health, and the inflammation of local capillary blood holes will generally occur.

2. Change of dietary habits during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers generally become smaller, but in order to replenish enough energy, most mothers will have the habit of eating more meals, and many mothers like sweet acids, which will cause gum problems.

3. The effect of estrogen

Due to pregnancy, the estrogen in pregnant mothers will increase. At this time, their gums of fine blood vessels are prone to hyperplasia due to congestion, which causes oral diseases such as swelling or loosening gums, and even pregnant mothers can form gingival tumors.

Therefore, the oral problem of pregnant mothers is a big problem, which is about the health of the baby in the fetus.So what should pregnant mothers prevent during pregnancy?

1. Brush your teeth more, it is best to do it after meals.

2. Use a soft toothbrush, and the brushing strength should be controlled. If the economic conditions are allowed, it is best to use an electric toothbrush.

3. Use dental floss often, but it should be performed gently when used.

4. Check the oral cavity regularly.

5. You can use some sterilized mouthwash or rinse your mouth with water after meals.

6. Try not to wash your teeth systematically

Are pregnant mothers remember?Don’t underestimate your oral problems!For your own health, it is more peaceful.

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