Regarding those things for early pregnancy, you know that it is safer, and girls must understand


As a girl’s parents, have you popularized the common sense of self -protection for children?Without the loss of parents.Some girls in modern society are where they are not pregnant.In fact, some symptoms in the early pregnancy are very obvious. If the girl cannot be perceived by feeling, she will definitely distinguish it according to her physiological state.This is of great significance to women.

1. Menstruation stop

Girls have ushered in the first menstrual tide as they enter adolescence.But pregnancy will stop the menstruation suddenly disappear. If the girl finds that her menstruation is not coming, we must remember it. Whether we have sexual behavior two weeks ago, if there is, it means that you are pregnant.Of course, it can be determined after test strip test or diagnosis in the hospital.After all, some menstrual stop may be related to the ovarian, or it may be caused by abnormal hormonal secretion, and even anxiety may affect the arrival of menstruation.

Second, breast tingling

Different people have different feelings. Some women have breast tingling after pregnancy, and some people only feel swelling.But the breasts feel after pregnancy. This is a physiological response that cannot be escaped. Therefore, when we suddenly have a feeling of breast discomfort, don’t worry about whether we have any diseases, but to remember whether we are in whether we are inThere are sexual behaviors not long ago. If so, look at the color and nipples of the areola. If there are many changes in this kind, congratulations and get pregnant.

Third, often disgusting

Some women feel nauseous after pregnancy, and even some women who never motion sickness have begun to have a motion sickness response.This is a manifestation of early pregnancy. Of course, the symptoms have different feelings of different people’s constitution, and some women do not feel nausea and vomiting after pregnancy. This is also normal.

Fourth, skin color change

The folk said that the skin color of the pregnant woman with a girl is beautiful, and the people seem to be more beautiful, and the women who have a boy will have a longer and more cracking situation. In fact, this statement is not unreasonable. The male hormone in the pregnant woman who has a boy is moreMany, it can even lead to a sparse beard, but don’t be afraid. As the child’s birth, the mother’s appearance will recover.

Five, easy to tired

Many women will be sleepy and dozing after pregnancy, which is also a manifestation of early pregnancy.

Six, frequent urination

With the third month of the woman’s pregnancy, the bladder will also be oppressed due to the growing up of the fetus, so she began to appear frequent urination.

7. The abdomen becomes larger

If the above changes have not attracted attention and the belly suddenly becomes larger, will we always find something?But you can enter three months of pregnancy at this time.

The above content is for reference only. Please do it under the guidance of professionals. On the road of parenting, we are all novices. How to take care of the children better, you can pay attention to me, and discuss the things on the parenting road with me.

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