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Under normal circumstances, the blood routinely checks the height of white blood cells, and the doctor allows the use of antibiotics. Is this right?How can I judge whether antibiotics should be used based on the results of the blood routine test?

Answer: White blood cells are not equal to bacterial infections. Many factors: non -infectious factors such as stress, shock, and drugs can lead to elevation of white blood cells. Therefore, we cannot rely on leukocyte height.Is there any symptoms of bacterial infection to determine whether antibiotics need to be used.If the percentage of white blood cells and neutral granulocytes increases at the same time, we will consider the possibility of bacterial infection.

The doctor gave antibiotics without a detailed examination. After taking it back to other hospitals, he found that it is not necessary to take antibiotics. Do you have to take enough treatment?Will it cause the anti -drug resistance of other bacteria in the body?

Answer: Of course, antibiotics are not used for not bacterial infections. Antibiotics cause drug resistance after a long period of inappropriate use of antibiotics. The antibiotics used daily.There will be self -repairing functions, you can not worry too much.

Is it better to eat phosphate calcium particles than cephalosporin?

Answer: It cannot be said that the safety and efficacy of cephalosporin are good. Cefchia and other cephalosporin antibiotics commonly used in pediatrics are good choices.We need to choose more appropriate in the field of antibiotics, not better.

The baby’s bronchitis breathes, and the doctor will open the same injection to the children who see the doctor. First, you lose the cephalosporin. He has not improved to lose Achi for two days. Is this right?

Answer: Such is not proper, usually a tendency judgment is usually required before choosing the medication.

Hello, if you are weak, how can you simply distinguish what is antibiotics?Is it all antibiotics with the word "moldin"?

Answer: Of course, you can’t judge which antibiotics are.The easiest way, you can query through some professional apps.

Do you need antibiotics for one year of age and three -month -old baby bronchitis?

Answer: The most common cause of bronchitis is the virus. The virus infection is a self -limited disease. Generally, antibiotics do not need to be used. Unless the baby’s condition is delayed, the combined bacterial infection is used to use antibiotic indications.

Do babies catch a cold, do they need to go to the hospital for virus or screening for bacterial infections?If it is a virus infection, do you need to use antibiotics and other drugs do not need to be used?

Answer: It is best to perform a screening and do at least one blood cell examination. This is meaningful to identify bacteria and viruses. If it is virus infection, it can be treated.Without purulent secretions, purulent secretions may be prompted. It may be prompted that the baby has merged bacterial infection, which needs to be diagnosed. When necessary, antibiotics need to be used.

A 5 -year -old baby does not have a fever, does not cough, and does not hurt his throat. It is just a routine inspection of the kindergarten before entering the garden and found that the throat is red. The tonsils are swollen the next day, and there are no other symptoms. Do you need antibiotics at this time?If you need it, which type of antibiotics is better?

Answer: This needs to be judged whether it is a virus infection. If it is a virus infection, it is invalid to use antibiotics.It is recommended to determine the treatment plan after the hospital is clear.

Hello, the child checks the tonsil inflammation, rhinitis, and potassium amoxicillin, Chennor, how long does it take to eat?Is the medication correct?

Answer: There is no problem with the choice of drugs. Generally speaking, the treatment of tonsil inflammation is 10 days.

Are cephalosporins and Achi both antibiotics?What are the corresponding symptoms when used?

Answer: Cef and Akithromycin are antibiotics, but the pathogenic microorganisms targeted at the two are different. When the doctor says that you may consider the infection of the mycoplasma, the chlamydia (we call the atypical pathogen) infection)There are many types of children. For children infection, it is mainly for bacteria, which is different from the pathogenic microorganisms targeted at Akithromycin.It is difficult to distinguish from the symptoms.

What diseases of children are inevitable to use antibiotics, and children with acute laryngitis have used antibiotics and hormone side effects?

Answer: When there is infectious diseases caused by bacteria, we use antibiotics.The infection caused by bacteria is a big topic and category, so I can’t enumerate you one by one here. The easiest way is to give it to professional doctors or pharmacists to handle the problem of antibiotics to professional doctors or pharmacists.It is small that the impact of antibiotics and hormones on the short -term use of acute laryngeal influence on children is very small, and parents can not worry.

Children with blood tests are chlamydia infections, fever, cough and sputum, good spirit, weighing 20 kg, how to use Azithromycin?

Answer: There are special methods and precautions in the public account. It is very detailed and you can query.

The baby is almost two years old and repeatedly coughs. The doctor contacted the pneumoniacum chlamydia. The test results were weakly positive.Do you have to eat for three weeks?The doctor’s answer is used.Is it taken like this?what should I be aware of?Thanks

Answer: There are detailed explanations in the lectures of mycoplasma pneumonia and Azithromycin on this platform. You can see it.

There are one generation, second generation, third generation, fourth generation, the higher the algebra, the lower the side effects?

Answer: Not exactly. This is more scientific. From the toxicity of the kidneys from the first generation, it is relatively obvious from the first generation. After the second generation, the kidney toxicity of the kidney is relatively low, especially the third and fourth generation renal toxicity is very small.It is three poisonous medicines, and there is no absolute safe medicine.

Blood tubulitis and pneumonia caused by the virus, no matter what severity, does it need to use antibiotics?Can Mu Shutan injection not be used for atomization, is it?The cough is sputum and needs atomization. What kind of medicine is used for atomization?

Answer: Of course, infection caused by the virus does not need to be used by antibiotics; Mu Shu is used for atomization because of the problem of the auxiliary materials. Therefore, it is not recommended.Scharton can achieve expectorant effects by oral and intravenous.

There are many types of antibiotics in each type. Is there any difference between them?Choose according to different condition or according to physical fitness?

Answer: The choice of antibiotics should be selected according to the severity of the infection, the type of disease, the possible pathogenic microorganisms, and the basic situation of the patient.Each type of antibiotics has its own relative common characteristics and its unique characteristics, so when choosing, you should choose the appropriate antibiotics based on the characteristics of the patient’s disease.

I would like to ask the doctor for 5 days a month ago. Can I get pregnant now?

Answer: Yes.

I have a cold and fever in the early pregnancy. I do n’t know what kind of medicine can I use. I heard that penicillin can be used?

Answer: Colds are generally virus infections. Panthromycin does not work. Cold delay combined with bacterial infection can consider using penicillin, but you must take medication after a doctor diagnosis.

My Xiaobao bronchitis, in early December, opened an imported antibody cephalosporin in the hospital. It took four days.In mid -December, the trachea was a little inflamed. When I went to the community clinic, the doctor prescribed erythromycin and said that the previously prescribed inlet cephalosporin had a slow effect.Want to ask you that imported medicines, especially antibiotics, can’t use domestic ones?

Answer: Of course not, the effect of the effect is important depends on the use of antibiotics. In addition to the appropriate type of selection, the appropriate dose and method of administration will determine the final results. It is not necessary to connect to whether the drug is imported. Of course, we are not necessarily connected. Of courseYou should choose good quality antibiotics.

Little doctors who just went to the clinic, want to know the classification of many generations of antibiotics in common generation?

Answer: You are talking about the classification of cephalosporins. The cephalosporin is currently divided into 5th generation. From the first generation to the fourth generation, the activity of positive bacteria decreases in turn, and the activity of negative bacteria is increased in order.The activity of positive bacteria.

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