Regarding the four sayings of pregnancy vomiting, which one have you heard? Examples: severe pregnancy during pregnancy, giving birth to a daughter

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Pregnancy is a difficult level during pregnancy. In this level, expectant mothers need to make sufficient preparations. For example, there is no stomach when you see anything, and you vomit when you smell the special smell.

Regarding the seriousness of pregnancy, many people have the way to answer in their hearts. Some people say it is blessing, and some people are afraid of disaster.

Is it self -consolation or indeed?Today Ido is answering for you one by one.

▼ Said 1: The darkness of vomiting during pregnancy, giving birth to a girl

Xiao Min couldn’t eat it during pregnancy. As soon as he smelled the steamed rice, he would vomit. The pregnancy vomiting was very serious. Even if he didn’t eat one night, he could spit several times in the morning.

Uncomfortable hospitalization

The worst one was in the hospital for 3 days in the hospital and has been playing vitamins and glucose.Later, a relative told her: "The vomiting is so serious, it must be a girl." Hearing this statement, Xiao Min did not believe it.

As a result, when the child was born, the nurse said, "Girl, 6 pounds and 8 two." Xiao Min had no reason to believe it.Is this a coincidence or real?


Kobashima: It is completely unscientific to distinguish between boys and children in the early pregnancy. Generally, it is about 18 weeks. You can see it through the B -ultrasound. Do not trust the means of investigating men and women.

▼ Statement 2: Pregnancy vomiting has a bad impact on the baby

When I was pregnant, my colleagues were very severe during pregnancy, I was really inadvertently worked, and finally chose to go home to raise their tires.And he is a nutritionist, and he is relatively clear about the nutrition he and the fetus.

When you can’t eat anything, you can find the doctor to check your body.The doctor just prescribed a few oral glucose and told her to drink it if necessary, don’t worry.

Pick your favorite food

In the early pregnancy, the nutrition that the baby needs is relatively small. Expectant mothers only need to ensure their diet nutrition to achieve the point of being hungry. If you ca n’t eat rice, there are maternal milk powder.

The things that expectant mothers need to pay attention should not be maintained completely on nutritional medicines. It is a good way to eat staple foods as possible. It is a good way to eat and eat less.

▼ Said 3: Pregnancy vomiting seriously is that the baby is protecting himself, smart

In our usual life, there are all types of foods that are exposed to. For adults, the body can be digested, but it is unbearable for the fetus.

At this time, the fetus secretes a large amount of hormones.Refusing harmful substances in the body to ensure their healthy growth. Some data show that in comparison, women with severe pregnancy are more difficult to miscarriage.

▼ Said 4: It is okay to be sick, just to bear it, just bear it

This statement is completely wrong!Some people think that pregnancy vomiting is only the effect of progesterone. This is a process that pregnant women must go through. Just go through it. Everyone comes here. Is this idea right?

Don’t bear to be uncomfortable

Obviously it is wrong. When pregnancy is severe, you must find a doctor for help, which may cause hydatids. When the ketone body in the blood continues to increase, it will affect the normal development of the fetus.

Pregnancy is not a trivial matter. Although he is very common, he should be valued.

◆ Normal pregnancy vomiting is like this:

Nearly 90%of expectant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction. These people are just a simple nausea, but more than 50%of people will really vomit, even if the stomach is about to be empty, they will vomit.It is usually reacted in about 6 weeks.

At the peak of about 9 weeks, it feels relieved in about 13 weeks. The main pregnancy will be concentrated in a few days to pay attention to self -observation.

Pay attention to rest

◆ You can sleep when you are uncomfortable

In the early pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers walk more and breathe fresh air. In the daytime, ventilation should be often ventilated to ensure that the air in their room is circulating.At the same time, adjust your schedule to ensure sufficient sleep.

The sleep time is guaranteed to be more than 8 hours every day, and you can take a nap appropriately, but do not affect the rest at night.

At the end

After eating the baby’s suffering, you will become a great mother.

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