Refusing to pay for the "IQ Tax", how can the baby’s supplementary food be fed to "pit" baby?

Press: For novice parents, the problem begins with a meal after the child is born.

After learning a lot of parenting knowledge, parents have this feeling: the first step determines the next ten years.

The first step here is that brain science and children’s cognitive science call it "1000 days theory".The "1000 days of life" from the beginning of conception is the "opportunity window period" for children’s growth and development.At this critical stage, the brain can establish nearly 1 million new neurons connects per second, which is the speed that it cannot be achieved at any stage in life.

And genetic research shows that nutrition and breeding can affect the expression of genes.In infants and young children, provide balanced nutrition and scientific cultivation to infants and young children, which can change the expression of genes (including the structure and function of the brain), which will affect the play of children’s potential.The nutritional situation at this stage is related to the growth, development, disease, and aging of life.

The huge meaning is transformed into a heavy parenting responsibility.For novice parents, the problem starts with a meal after the child is born.

In this context, adhering to the original intention of "doing a good job in Chinese baby food", on April 26, Akita was full of the first industry’s first-purpose infant nutritional flour-infant mining nourishment flour to solve novice parentsFood problems that are encountered.

What to eat?

This is the first problem encountered after birth in China after birth.

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed the baby.According to the suggestions of the World Health Organization, the first 6 months after the baby is born, only pure breast milk needs to be fed. There is no need to eat other foods, and there is no need to feed water.

A large number of research results show that the various nutrients contained in breast milk are most suitable for the digestion and absorption of infants, and have the highest biological utilization rate, which can meet the physiological needs of infants in different periods.And breastfeeding has a positive long -term impact on both infants and mother’s own health.

Although breastfeeding is fed well, it is currently less than 30 % of the pure breast feeding rate in my country.The "Investigation Report on China Breastfeeding Factors" released in 2019 uses a multi -stage layered random sampling method to investigate the breastfeeding situation of 10,223 households.The survey results show that the current breastfeeding rate of infants from 0 to 6 months in my country is 29.2%, which is lower than the average of 40%in the world.At the same time, 8.1%of babies have never drank their mothers’ milk.

Breast milk is not enough.According to the above survey data, many novice parents adopted the "breast milk+supplementary food" feeding method 6 months ago.A study published in "Evidence-based Pediatric Magazine" also pointed out that nearly 70 % of Chinese parents will add supplementary food when their children are 4-5 months old.But as early as 2001, the World Health Organization did not recommend doing this.

Six months ago, breast milk or formula milk powder can fully meet all the nutritional needs of the baby.More importantly, considering the development characteristics of infant swallowing and gastrointestinal function, it is not appropriate to add premature food supplementary food.

After six months, due to the increased nutritional needs of the baby, especially the demand of iron, it is necessary to meet by adding supplementary food.

And if it is added too late, not only will the baby face the risk of malnutrition (especially iron deficiency anemia), but also may have difficulty in feeding such as partial food and anorexia.

There are many popular science knowledge about how to feed scientifically, but reality is that many novice parents are trapped in limited information.The above survey shows that although many families who know that the baby should carry out pure breastfeeding within 6 months of the baby chose other feeding methods due to factors such as the mother’s milk, family support is insufficient and personal work, but chose "breast milk+water" or "breast milk"+Supplementary Food "is more about families that lack correct feeding knowledge, and most families with pure breastfeeding understand the correct way of feeding.

In addition to the addition of supplementary food, the types of supplementary food and production are also very particular.For a long time in the past, being restricted by the limited types of complementary foods sold in the market and limited types of supplementary foods sold in the market.

Such as vegetable juice, vegetable soup, egg yolk mud/steamed egg custard, fruit and vegetable puree, meat puree, some porridge, etc.Although family production auxiliary food can reduce consumption costs, the control of ingredients, processing, production, and nutritional component reinforcement is mostly based on the habits and feelings of protecting people. It often lacks scientific basis, which is easy to cause digestive disorders to feed children.Digestion, diarrhea, partial eclipse and picky eaters, and lack of trace nutrient deficiency and malnutrition.

The malnutrition here is not the kind that causes the yellow muscles to be thin, but it is obviously full, but because of the incorrect food, the nutritional unevenness or the lack of some kind of vitamins and the essential minerals of the human body.The condition of excessive intake in nutrients is also called invisible hunger.

According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, China’s hidden hunger population is as high as 300 million, of which children are important victims of hidden hunger.A considerable number of children’s intake of foods with high fat and refined carbohydrates, but insufficient intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as vegetables and fruits.For them, the lack of this trace element may lead to the slow development of cognition, physique and other aspects, and even triggering irreversible serious consequences.

The results of the "survey and application of nutrition and health systems in China 0 to 18 years old" recently released by the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Institute of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.In the study, the protein density of infants and young children from June to 23rd was high, from June to August and September to November.

What is the standard of "good eating"?How to make children "eat right"?In such doubts, science and markets have begun to reshape their parents’ awareness of infants and young children’s diet.

A new generation of Chinese parents, deeply influenced by modern nutrition knowledge, began to work hard to remove those past, negative, unconscious habits, and make themselves more qualified educators.They are more concerned about the food structure and nutritional source of infants and young children.No longer satisfied with letting babies "eat".

A research on the "Consumption and Market of Chinese Infant Foods" published in "Chinese Maternal and Child Health Research", through 8,934 6-36 months old infants and young children to watch the consumption and market awareness questionnaire survey data added by supplementary foods,Analysis of the data, the conclusion shows that 87.1%of the caregivers choose "infants and young children should consume a variety of nutritious foods daily, so that the diets are gradually diversified, and they should be mainly based on food sources."8.9%of the children’s decision "; and the selection of" food supplements cannot meet daily nutritional needs, and nutrient supplements must be supplemented ", and 1.1%of" do not know how to replenish ".

With the improvement of people’s awareness of nutritional importance, the variety of industrialized production of infant food supplementary food is rich and quality. More and more younger parents are willing to choose industrialized supplementary food for industrialized production.

From the active search behavior of users in information and videos, consumers can see consumers’ interest in nutritional foods on the market.Based on the huge engine and huge number of calculations, in the search quantity of 2020Q1 Douyin and headlines, maternal and baby videos and content, "nutritional auxiliary food" has increased sharply on the Douyin and headline platform.Douyin and headline platforms rank TOP3 and TOP4 each, and TOP1 and TOP2 are high at 2020Q1.

The rushing Chinese parents promoted the rapid expansion of the Chinese supplementary food market.According to the "Report on the Trend Trends of the Chinese Infant Food Industry in 2023" released by Ai Media Consultation, from 2012 to 2022, the size of the Chinese infant supplementary food market has increased from 10 billion yuan to more than 5 times, reaching 52.7 billion yuan.

However, as the topic and popularity of the infant supplementary food industry are rising, speculative and chaos have also begun to increase simultaneously.

In order to protect the sensitivity of the taste of infants and young children and meet the needs of their growth and development, high salt, sugar, and fat foods have become taboos in infant and young children. Light taste is considered an important feature of children’s healthy diet.In 2020, the "Seasoning Requirements" in the "Infant Food Supplementary Food Add Nutrition" issued by the National Health and Health Commission clearly states that the supplementary food should be maintained, and salt, sugar and irritating condiments should not be added during the age of December.After gradually trying a light taste diet.

For the health of the baby, many parents are more willing to buy supplementary food products for infants and young children.The results of the investigation of Tamomang Research Institute in 2020 show that 91.6%of Bao Da Bao Mom will buy special supplementary food for infants and young children, not ordinary food.

However, the "2020 Infant Food Industry Research Report" found in the process of evaluating infant supplementary food, and the problem of high sugar and high salt on the market on the market is prominent.In order to cater to the taste of infants and young children, 77.89%of infant supplementary food producers add a variety of sugar to infant supplementary food.In order to cater to some consumers’ demand for low sugar or not add sugar, some merchants are promoted when they are promoted.Free sugar (free sugar in food includes lone sugar, sugar such as sugar, sugar and bicotin and natural existence in honey, syrup, fruit juice and concentrated fruit juice during the processing process).

According to the provisions of high sodium foods issued by the "Ten Articles of Chinese Residents ‘Salt Reduction" issued by the "Chinese Residents’ Salt Core Information" issued by the Food Safety Standard and Testing and Evaluation Department on August 19, 2019, 86%of infant supplementary food on the market is not suitable for infants and young children.

There are also fragrance problems.Studies on the American Science and End of the American Children’s Sciences have shown that infants and young children in infants and young children intake edible flavors and spices will increase the burden on the kidneys and damage the development of organ.Our national standard GB 2760-2014 Food additive use standards in the table B.1 in Appendix B "Food Snake Use Specifications" clearly stipulates that food spices and flavors must not be used in infant formula foods. However, the survey results show that 48.1 is 48.1%Of infant supplementary food adds edible flavors. At the same time, 100%of these supplementary food brands only use the words "edible flavors" in the ingredients table.illustrate.

All of the above are the chaos of "conscience". Due to the lack of implementation of the standards for infant supplementary food, the product positioning is not clear, and there are still many products that are actually only ordinary adult foods in the market.In the absence of standards, the concepts and labels are used to use their parents’ parenting anxiety to deceive consumers to "chop their hands".

At the same time, unqualified infant foods have been frequently exposed.From April 2018 to April 2019, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Management announced 18 batches of unqualified infant supplementary food products.In November 2017, the National Entry -Exit Inspection and Quarantine Department detected 7 batches of a brand of vegetable cod mud to use spices due to an ultra -range.

The endless market chaos has made beneficial knowledge science into a weapon for merchants to harvest parents ‘wallets. It continues to consume consumers’ trust in complementary food brands, which directly affects the healthy development of the baby.

"It takes 20 years to build a good reputation, and it is enough to destroy it." As the melamine incident broke out for many years, many parents are still worried that letting their babies eat domestic milk powder in "adventure".

Once consumer trust is destroyed, it is difficult to rebuild, especially in industries such as infant food supplement.

Safety and quality are the basic criteria for consumers to choose supplementary food products.The Chinese infant supplementary food market wants to continue to show huge growth. Only the quality and demand for consumers’ food supplementary food for consumers will continue to meet and tap consumers.

Some head companies are developing a variety of forms of complementary food products under national standards to lead the development of the industry.As a supplementary food for the "baby’s second meal" outside the milk powder, it needs to perform more stringent standards than its general food.As of 2022, there are three national standards (hereinafter referred to as "infant standards"), which are still implemented by the Ministry of Health of my country (hereinafter referred to as the "baby standard"), covering the auxiliary foods and canned foods of young infants and young children in 6-36 June. With the supplementary food supplements of infants and children and children in 6 months.

On April 26, 2023, adhering to the original intention of "doing a good job in Chinese baby food", Akita was full of flour -infant -bearing nourishment flour for infants and young children to perform the first GB10769 infants and young children.

Before the development of this infant sculpture, Akita was full of in -depth research on the feeding needs of Baoma. The research and development show that many Baoma will cook for the baby to make healthy and nutritious cakes, porridge, muffins, etc.There are high requirements.

The survey data released by "Chinese Infant Food and Market" also confirms this.Data show that the proportion of parents’ own food supplementary foods by themselves is quite 43.6%of the proportion of buying commercial products; most of them are their own families to make complementary foods, accounting for 20.9%; they are all their families who make supplementary foods.Only 5.1%are sold for supplementary food.

From the perspective of the type of supplementary food, it is the baby noodles added more, accounting for 71.3%, egg yolk and whole eggs account for 71.2%, infant and young rice noodles and rice paste account for 70.2%;Pork crispy/meat pine accounts for 57.3%, infant biscuits account for 50.8%; yogurt accounts for 32.8%, ordinary noodles account for 21.2%, puffs account for 13.3%, and homemade rice noodles and rice paste account for 12.2%.

However, in front of parents who have supplemented food, one after another, one after another: What is the right low and high -tech flour on the market?The product difference between multi -brand flour is blurred, how to choose?Is ordinary home -style flour commonly used for babies?

Some nutritionists in the industry have stated that "the baby’s teeth and gastrointestinal function development is not very complete. The addition of pasta needs to choose products that are easy to digest and nutrition.

Before Qiu Tian is full, the home flour on the market is often high -tendon flour tendons and high hardness. It is difficult for babies to chew and digest. Akita is full.The baby’s flour appetite is the ultimate.

Compared with the standard of ordinary wheat flour, the infant flour has two more detection requirements for E. coli and Salmonella on the benchmark. These two conditions will cause the baby’s physical safety hazard to exceed the standard.It is also stricter.

In addition to the strict requirements of various standards than ordinary wheat flour, in terms of nutrition, this infant flour also adds many nutritional elements with additional science: calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1; these are the baby growth processThe necessary nutritional elements.For example, the current aged and zinc density of infant food supplementary food at the current June to August and September to November of my country mentioned above is low.In the baby’s diet, insufficient iron intake can lead to iron deficiency anemia; zinc helps to improve appetite, and avoid problems such as delayed body development.

In the packaging design, Akita is full of ingenuity. Choosing a small mouth -sucking packaging can be more fresh and more convenient to get. At the same time, the design of the small thin mouth is very good. It can be accurately weighed in the production of the baby’s supplementary food.There are many, small and thin mouths are easy to close. It is very convenient to use it after a rotation and one twist. Blocking aluminum film bags can also effectively isolate air to inhibit bacterial hyperplasia. All aspects ensure the quality and safety of flour.

With the improvement of consumers’ attention to food quality and the continuous improvement of infant food supplementary food supervision policies, in the future, high -quality infant supplementary food will usher in unprecedented new opportunities and challenges.In this context, Akita, which adheres to the continuous upgrading of raw materials and standards, will undoubtedly lead the awakening and upgrade of scientific parenting again and again.

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