Really pregnant?Da S Yujunjun’s private parties are exposed, and the woman’s body is blessed.

Today, some netizens showed a set of photos. It turned out that the friends of Da S met Da S Junjun when he was gathered and celebrated his birthday, so he talked very warmly and took a photo together.

This photo was exposed by the parties and fixed the picture, so the real state of the Big S was exposed, attracting many people’s onlookers and heated discussions.The big S in the picture is wearing a loose fat version of the shirt, which is suspected to have a sense of vision.And the big S that has not been repaired is really a lot fat, especially the small belly is very obvious.

Facing the blessing of Big S, the small belly is prominent, and many netizens are constantly discussing. I wonder if this is the happy fat of the big S or really pregnant?Because there has been a media that Big S has always been reported that Big S suspected to be pregnant for love for love, it was really worried about netizens.

Because Big S is currently 46 years old, it is really an elderly mother.Not only that, during the marriage with Wang Xiaofei, Big S was almost dead in order to give birth to a second child, so he could not continue to produce afterwards. Doctors were also worried that the old S will cause irreversible damage and losses, and may even be ruined.

Before that, Jun Jun’s boarding Korean media was also talking about the matter. Gu Junyi also made it clear that Big S would no longer have a child for him, because the big S was really old and his body was not allowed.When it comes to this, the host and Ge Junye are a little sorry. After all, Gu Junyi still has no children.

When Da S was at the beginning with Ge Junye, he stated that he would not hold a wedding, nor would he have a child again.However, the big S still held a wedding party in a low -key and customized wine products. It really held a small wedding.So will the big S be pregnant again for love and Jun Jun?

As we all know, Big S is famous for love. It used to do a crazy thing for love. He also said that he would dizzy for love. It can be seen that it is full of love.Many netizens said that such big S can really do anything.

However, many fans have said that Big S is now 46 years old, and her mother has also said that Da S is currently taking medicine to fight epilepsy and other diseases. At present, her physical condition is very bad.Therefore, netizens also guess that Big S should not be pregnant again with danger of life, and Jun Junyi should not allow her to do this.

Now that Da S Junjun is very sweet, he has taken a lot of love pictures before. Da S also praised Jun Ye as a person with no temper and never saw him with temper.Netizens all said that Big S is really happy, and netizens also bless her to marry love.

Really pregnant?Da S Yujunjun’s private parties were exposed, and the woman’s body was blessed.I still hope that Big S can respond to avoid unnecessary speculation in netizens.

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