Real records | After giving birth, my waist is "old" 10 years old?24 hours a day back sore back pain


Do you know what kind of experience is the back soreness of the back of 24 hours a day?

Today’s protagonist is Miss Liu of Guangzhou, sharing her back pain rehabilitation story–

At that time in January 16, I was just 1 month pregnant.One day I was about to go out. When I bent over, I suddenly felt a flash of waist, and then I couldn’t get up.However, I didn’t care too much at the time, because I had a good body since I was a child, and I restored at home for a few days.

Later, the baby was born. During that time, I was busy bringing children every day, almost unable to leave.

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After about half a year, in February 17th, the waist flashed again.It would be good for the first time to rest for a few days, but this time it was different. It was painful every day on the back of the waist, like the feeling of being hit.

Since then, low back pain has exploded every six months.In the worst, let alone walk, you ca n’t even go down, you can only keep one posture when you lie down, and you ca n’t hurt it.

Sure enough, it was time to pay back sooner or later.

Do you know what kind of experience is back pain every day?Get up in the morning and open your eyes, the first feeling is "pain"!When I was busy with work, the pain was temporarily blocked by the brain. Once I was idle, the pain immediately swept again …

I have repeatedly experienced this kind of torture for several years. It was not until December 21 that I found a special rehabilitation institution under the recommendation of my friend. At that time, the rehabilitation therapist Xiaosun gave me the first evaluation and inspection.

The first evaluation results in 2021 were weak in pelvic stability, and the left side of the left side was in the front position.Balance, weakness and stability of the waist and abdomen, weakness of the vertical spine muscles, left waist muscles, and bilateral lumbar muscles of the waist back, high tension of bilateral lumbar muscles, and high fascia tension on the body;Left high right and low), pelvic leaning+right rotation, super stretching of the knee, inner knee buckle, round shoulders+high and low shoulders; disorders of breathing mode; motion mode and daily life posture.

After the evaluation, Mr. Kong told me that my back pain was mainly due to sacroiliac joint disorders, and there were also problems such as weak back and abdomen, abnormal lower limb strength, and various bad postures.

In the early days of rehabilitation, it was mainly adjusted and loosening through methods to reduce physical pain.

Under the guidance of Teacher Kong, after three rehabilitation, low back pain did relieve a lot. It was uncomfortable walking. After the recovery, the entire back of the waist was much more comfortable.

However, because of my work, I often do n’t care about others as soon as I am busy. I almost spend all of my time when I go home, so I ca n’t come to recover on schedule, and family training rarely does it.

After this intermittently rehabilitation, the physical condition is much better than before. Although low back pain has not been completely eliminated, it no longer continues to appear as before, and the pain is reduced.

Next, we must further relieve low back pain through specific rehabilitation training, while activating the strength of the waist and abdomen, strengthen the stability of the pelvis, adjust the lower limb force line, and improve the body problems.

Teacher Kong will adjust the rehabilitation plan according to my situation, and also persuaded me to adjust my life rhythm appropriately. Do not let my body run overloaded.Looking back at my previous life, I work, bring children, and study every day. I have been exercising (yoga, Pirati, and iron) in the past few years. I always arrange myself.of.After listening to Mr. Kong’s suggestion, I realized that learning to reduce stress on myself was also part of the recovery.

Now I also set a "small indicator" for myself: adjusting the pace of life so that I am no longer so busy; regular recovery every week; usually take time to stick to daily training.Looking forward to a better rehabilitation effect next!

Some feelings:

Teacher Kong is very nice. He will adjust the rehabilitation plan according to my situation. First, let me stick to it, and then slowly increase the intensity. Every time I come over to complete the recovery, I feel a lot more comfortable.Compared to other rehabilitation methods, the rehabilitation institution allows me to spend the least energy and get the best results ~

Rehabilitation therapist message:

Treat each customer patiently, take every rehabilitation lesson at each section, do their best to solve the pain of customers, and let customers go out of the door of the agent with peace of mind ~

Finally Ding Ding: If you have postpartum problems, you can leave a message below!The rehabilitation therapist or health manager certified by the National Health and Health Commission will answer it for you.

Finally, please take care of yourself ~~

Bless you!

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