Real people: The husband took advantage of his wife to derail again while the wife was pregnant.

The story takes place in a small county in Guangdong. The woman’s name is Su Xuan (a pseudonym), 30 years old, single.

She worked in a private enterprise and met a man Zhao Qianjing (a pseudonym) in the company. Slowly, the two became friends who had nothing to talk about.Because Zhao Qianjing (pseudonym) is a person who knows and cares and considerate, and it is also single on the surface, Su Xuan and Zhao Qianjing are good and live together.

However, after a month of getting along, Su Xuan found that Zhao Qianjing actually had a family and was very sad. After communicating with Zhao Qianjing, Zhao Qianjing had a very uncomfortable relationship with his wife, and he was ready to divorce.Only when he was good at himself, and during the period of getting along, he listened to Su Xuan, and the money was handed over to Su Xuan.So Su Xuan didn’t have other ideas.

Later, after Zhao Qianjing was really divorced, Su Xuan and Zhao Qianjing got along for half a year. This half a year was the happiest time in their lives.In this way, they naturally got married.

After the marriage, Su Xuan was pregnant. One day, Zhao Qianjing told Su Xuan that the company would arrange for him to go on a business trip. It is estimated that he would raise his fetus at home.Su Xuan didn’t think of others, like a virtuous wife, preparing the clothes needed for a business trip for Zhao Qianjing.

In this way, two days after a day, a good neighbor told Su Xuan that she saw Zhao Qianjing holding a woman on Pedestrian Street yesterday.Su Xuan wondered not to believe this. When Zhao Qianjing returned, he confirmed with him.

But what I did not expect was that Zhao Qianjing’s indifference and ignorance was warned, and she warned her to get pregnant, so she kept it with peace of mind.After seeing the attitude of the other party, Su Xuan’s faith collapsed, and she was sad and desperate.But Zhao Qianjing seems to be okay, but I still do my own thing to do her own business.

Now Su Xuan is very entangled. She wants to divorce, but she can’t let go of the children who are about to be in the belly. Do you have any good suggestions in front of the screen?Welcome to comment on the comment area.

The above story is purely fiction. If it is similar, it is a coincidence.Please do not get a seat.

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