Racial discrimination+femininity, the sun boss still wants to recruit players with a stripping dancer?

"If the president is here to investigate what happened here," said the current employee of the business operation department of a Sun team, "he will be shocked."

On November 5th, Beijing time, Baxter Holmes, a senior reporter of ESPN, severely charged the Phoenix Sun owner Robert Savol.

It is a trivial matter if the situation is true, if the situation is true, Savol sells the solar team, and these things are enough to make him defeat.These include the use of racist vocabulary and indifferent languages, gender discrimination and disgusting speech, as well as other inappropriate dialogue and behaviors in the workplace.A male employee "cold treatment" after a personal attack on a female colleague.At the same time, there is a toxic workplace culture in business and basketball operations.

As early as October 23, a reporter Jordan Schultz reported that the NBA plans accused Savol in a series of incidents that have racism, gender discrimination and sexual harassment.Looking back now, this report is more like a preheating for in -depth investigation for peers.In Holmes’s long report, Sun Boss Savol has serious racial discrimination and hate.

On the 5th, the NBA officially announced that the league was investigating the words and deeds of the Phoenix Sun’s owner of Robert Savol.

Mike Bath, executive vice president of NBA responsible for media communication, said in a statement: "Today’s ESPN article is very serious about Robert Savol, we have entrusted WACHTELL Lipton Law Firm to conduct a comprehensive investigation. NBA and WNBAIt will continue to be committed to providing a respect and tolerance working environment for all employees. Once the investigation is completed, the results of the survey will provide a basis for the action after the alliance. "

Holmes vocally describes a scene of Savol using racial discrimination vocabulary:

On the evening of October 30, 2016, the head coach Erl Watson, who taught the Sun team in the third game, faced a difficult task: defeating the powerful Golden State Warriors.After the Warriors won 106-100, the sun’s record was 0-3.Watson said that after losing, the boss Savol walked into the locker room, questioning why the striker Drammond Green of the Golden State Warriors could say "Black X (Nigger)" in the game without managing.

"Why can Green run to the court to call people black X?" Sawall, as a white man, said that the word "Black X" continued to repeat several times.(In the United States, except for black people can use this word, others say that the word will be considered to have racial discrimination in any case, and repeat others in N -word.)

"You can’t say this" Watson, a mixed -race of blacks and Latin American descent, told Savol.

"Why?" Savol replied, "Green said black X."

"You can’t say this." Watson said again.

Sources told ESPN that from this incident, people could have a glimpse of Savol’s behavior since they bought the sun in 2004.After interviewing more than 70 current and former Sun Team employees, he will find that in the 17 years when Savol has served as the Sun team owner, the working environment of the Sun team is poisonous and sometimes hostile.Some people revealed that Savol will use racial discrimination language repeatedly in the office.

The employees said that in their unsuccessful behavior and having a daughter, Savol once sent a photo of his wife wearing a bikini to the employee, and talked about his wife’s number of times to his mouth X.Some people say that the boss who has a high position has created an environment that makes employees feel that they are his own property. He even asked a female employee whether he "owned" her.Essence

One of the solar shareholders commented on Savol: "The degree of his femininity and racial discrimination exceeds people’s imagination. As a boss, this is really embarrassing."

A senior executive of a former Sun Basketball Department said: "In the two things of hate and race, no matter what you say he said he did anything, it would not surprise me."

The well -known entertainment media TMZ also inserted it in a timely manner to pick out the bad trace of Savol earlier.As early as 2004, Savor inadvertently used the word "Black Guy" at a work conference including Nash and Sisi and their agents.

This behavior can confirm each other with the previous reports. Both the little and his agent Bill Dafi were both black. At that time, the three people present told ESPN that during the meeting, Savol’s remarks felt that the racial consciousness was indifferent;They can’t remember the specific details, but Savol used the word "black buddy" in the conversation.

After a series of reports of the media, the Sun Boss issued a statement on the official website that denied the incident disclosed in this report and said, "Mr. Holmes reports is not the truth, but based on the former Sun head coach Watson and othersThe false statement of the "Message Source ‘without name. During Mr. Watson’s office, he created an unprofessional and harmful atmosphere in the team."

Savol has denied the use of racial discrimination language through his team of lawyers.He has repeatedly claimed that "never uses n words to call anyone or a group of people in verbal or in writing."

Savol admitted that he had used this word many years ago."Once, a player used N words to describe the importance of mutual support," Savol said through a lawyer team."I responded, ‘I won’t talk about the black ghost, but I would say that we are all on the boat.’ In the near future, a assistant instructor found me and told me not to say this word, even if I was quoting other people’s words.I apologized immediately, and I never said it again in the future. I don’t have n words in my vocabulary. "

But when this report or story was published and caused such a significant response, Savol’s denial seemed awkward, and people were more inclined to believe in media reports.

In the United States, the use of anonymous messages has long become a common phenomenon.Protecting the source of anonymous messages to obtain important evidence has become an important means for reporters to conduct investigative news reports.Therefore, accusing the source of anonymous sources as false statements can only make people feel more.

In particular, more than a dozen employees recalled that Savol had made obscenity remarks at all employee conferences, including discussing when his wife would give him a mouth.Four former employees said that Savol has claimed to wear a large number of condoms several times at several employee conferences many times.Other former employees said he also asked the players’ sexual life and the sexual ability of their other half.

Is this scene of boasting sexual abilities familiar?When a female former employee talked about his feelings, "(for him) Women are not worthy. Women are property. I think he thinks we cannot compare it with men at all."

Savol denied that he had discussed his sexual life with his employees through his legal team, and said he had discussed the condom "absolutely no".

ESPN said to Kong Yiji like the diners in the restaurant, "You must steal the things of others again!" Kong Yiji opened his eyes widely, flushed, and the blue tendons on the forehead bloomed.Why is it so innocent with the air pollution … "But just attracted everyone to laugh," the inside and outside the store are full of happy air. "Today, Savol’s anger and denying in the eyes of the public are just like Kong Yiji, just to cover up their embarrassment.

In Holmes reports, female employees’ complaints about Savol came from the yellow jokes that made women dislike themselves.But he also had an unexpected joke on the Sun team’s players.

In the 2009-10 season, Savol once again entered the training room of the Sun team and saw Blake Griffin’s brother Taylor Griffin weighing.He noticed that the athlete height and nearly 240 pounds of height and nearly 240 pounds had no leg hair.According to two witnesses, Savol asked whether Griffin scratched his leg hair.Griffin gave a certain answer.Savol went on and asked, "Do you also scrape the hair on the eggs?" Employees of a basketball department said that Savol also asked such a question about others in the following years.

When the reporter contacted Griffin’s comment, he said, "I used it as a joke at that time. But today, the company’s leaders or a team of rebounds are inappropriate."

A large number of women’s culture itself exists in comedy, talk shows, and cross talks. In this set of balls and greasy things, men are usually told to men.But now it is increasingly unsuitable. Even without women, it is facing the risk of offending women and vulnerable groups today.

Maybe Savol’s original intention is to be humorous, but "humor is very different from person to person."Considering that Savol’s 59 -year -old age, his growth environment and his living environment, it seems normal to be able to play such a joke.However, after the public opinion of public opinion in recent years, it is incredible to say that exports can be said in public.

Several employees told ESPN that Savol’s personality -related remarks and behaviors made them uncomfortable, even if he just wanted to show his humor.

"When the Sun recruited Aldridge in 2015, the team knew that Ade’s child was in Texas, so playing at the child near the child was very attractive. During the recruitment period, Savol emphasized that the team needs the local strip dancer.They are pregnant so that the players will have children in Fenix, which can force the players to get closer to the sun and make the team have potential advantages in the free market. "A former solar work player said.

In addition, many female employees have described or witnessed male executives harassing women.Some female employees said they almost wanted to commit suicide.

Of course, many people do not believe that Savol in the report is Savol they know.

"The Savol I met in Phoenix is not like this, but I attach great importance to the information in the report and I was disappointed when I hear these." Said Nash, head coach of the Nets.

The general manager of the Sun team James Jones, he issued a statement: "Those remarks are not in line with the highly respected and loved Swall I know."

The President and CEO of the Sun Jason Rolly also defended Savol, saying: "This story is basically outrageous and false. It can not represent Robert Savol, who has worked with me for 15 years. He is not racism.Those are not gender discrimination. "

Globally, the waves that oppose racial discrimination and gender discrimination are higher than waves.If a public figure involves racism and gender discrimination, it is "social death."In the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan alone, Kobayashi Kota, who was the "Director of Performance", was accused of ridicule the Jewish massacre in the show, was trapped in racial discrimination scandals, and was urgently dismissed by the Olympic Organizing Committee.In February of this year, the previous Japanese Prime Minister Mori Mori, who made a gender discrimination, caused questioning globally, and eventually resigned from the post of chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.Immediately after in March, Sasaki Hiroshi, the creative director of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, resigned because she publicly made a derogatory speech on a Japanese female artist.

At this point, Savol does not want to spend more tongues or even more comments.He publicly welcomed the league to investigate the matter.

Since Adam Xiao Hua served as the president of NBA in 2014, the NBA has launched major investigations on the two teams of the Los Angeles Clippers and the Atlanta Eagle, both of which are mainly based on ownership behaviors, and eventually ended the team.According to the NBA charter, the Alliance Council has the right to terminate the qualifications of a boss who violated the NBA charter and rules, and can be reached as long as it is submitted at the shareholders’ general meeting.

In April 2014, after the tape of the former Clippers owner Donald Stalin’s racist speech was exposed, Xiao Hua sentenced Sterling to a lifetime forbidden.In August of the same year, the Clippers sold to Steve Ballmer at a price of 2 billion

The former major shareholder of the Eagle team, Bruce Levinson, self -reported an email involving racial discrimination. In 2015, he sold the team to a team headed by Tony Rezler at a price of $ 850 million.

The 2018 "Sports Illustrated" exposed the scandal of the Dallas Lone Ranger about sexual harassment and malfeasance.After investigation by the alliance, Lone Ranger’s boss Mark Cuban donated $ 10 million to charity, which also included institutions that combat domestic violence against women.Kuban himself was not punished.

After experiencing the Sterling incident, similar incidents repeatedly re -played Chris Paul.When it comes to whether there is something in common between the two, he said, "I think the situation is different. We properly handled the matter."

"For the current situation, we are not indifferent to care and numbness. We just don’t know all the details. The league has already launched an investigation. At that time, everyone in our team will do what we should do while continuing the game."

To this day, racial problems and gender issues are still one of the most important issues in the world, and racism and femininity are entangled.Under the current social atmosphere, let the bullets fly for a while. After all, the final survey results may affect the management of global sports.

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