Qinxin sharing: 14 weeks of pregnancy, whether the baby is healthy, these 13 questions are important

40 weeks of pregnancy full guidance (week 14)

Week 14

Mom must read this week

The fetus’s face looks more like a villain, and each feature is more obvious.Small teeth have been formed on the tooth bed, and the skin is very thin.During this period, the fetus grows quickly, and 7.6-10 cm is long.At this time, the fetus can already do a lot of things in the mother’s belly, such as frowning, making a ghost face, and oblique eyes. Maybe he is also sucking his fingers. Scientifically proves that these actions can promote the growth of the brain.

Frequent fatigue, nausea, and frequent urination have been reduced in early pregnancy.The increase in estrogen in the body makes your hair dark black hair, rarely dandruff, and now it is a rare good hair in your life.

Because the growth of the fetus requires more nutrients and oxygen, the heart burden of pregnant women has reached the highest value that pregnant women can bear.Pregnant mothers are now high in estrogen, pelvic cavity and vaginal congestion, and vaginal secretions increase.The skin of pregnant mothers occasionally has itching symptoms, but there will be no lumps.

Some pregnant women in the second trimester began to feel energy to recover, and the very tired body began to be a little vitality.Nowadays, the skin color and body shape have changed, and at this time, you should pay more attention to appearance.During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen in the body, the hair of pregnant women is more and more black, and there are few dirt or dandruff. It is a rare natural hair in life.It is not advisable to wash or blow when protecting hair. You can use wood combing hair to improve the blood circulation in the brain.

Important matters this week

1. Decrease vision: You may feel that the vision has decreased recently. Don’t worry. This may be related to the hyperemia of the eye, or the rapid secretion of abnormal secretion of the retinal thickening.In addition to feeling decline in vision, pregnant mothers will feel a lot of vision problems. Don’t worry, these are basically normal phenomena during pregnancy.

2. Reduce swelling: It is normal for pregnant mothers to swell and swelling in the legs, and some swelling methods can effectively alleviate the discomfort of pregnant mothers.Such as: to raise your feet with pillows to help blood circulation and reduce swelling and uncomfortable situations.

3. Itching of the skin: Most of the skin itching at this stage is due to the stretching of the skin in all parts of the pregnant mother’s body. The stretching skin will itch, it will be more sensitive to stimulation. Moisturizing the skin can reduce the skin itching.

4. Still feel very tired: this week, if the pregnant mother still feels tired, confirm whether iron is deficient.The National Health Society recommends that pregnant mothers take an iron supplement film containing 30 mg of iron every day, and work hard to consume enough iron from food.If everything is normal, pregnant mothers can use some methods to relieve fatigue.

5. Pay attention to activity posture: As the stomach of the pregnant mother gradually increases, the direction of the force of the body also changes.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to maintaining the correct activity posture, such as: avoid back bending and not compress the belly.

6. Can pregnant mothers watch TV: Do not watch TV at close range and long for a long time. Pregnant women should watch TV more than 2 meters away from the screen, and it is not advisable to watch thrilling TV shows.

Frequently Asked questions this week

1. The weight of fourteen weeks of pregnancy has not increased. What is the problem?

The most ideal pregnancy weight increases by 2 kg within 3 months of pregnancy, and 5 kg is increased by 3-6 months of pregnancy or 7-9 months.If you really do not gain weight in the past two weeks, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for some necessary examinations.

2. Is the fetal movement began to move normally at fourteen weeks of pregnancy?

Generally, at 16 weeks to 20 weeks, there are slight fetal movements in the abdomen. In the future, with the progress of pregnancy, the fetal movement gradually becomes stronger and the number of times has increased.

3. What should I do if pregnant women have a cold at fourteen weeks of pregnancy?

Although taking medicine during pregnancy will affect the fetus, if the cold is severe and does not take medicine, the fetus will live in the germs. It is even more terrible. It is recommended that you go to the doctor.If there is no effect, you must buy medicine in the hospital. Do not buy it in the pharmacy. Look at the instructions carefully, as long as you can eat it, as long as you can, it is recommended that you should cure the cold quickly. And you must take care of your body.Essence

4. Fourteen weeks of pregnancy, the electric heating mosquito repellent liquid for a few nights, the one with the worst mosquito killing effect, what harm does it cause to the baby?

Don’t worry, these things are inevitable, just pay attention to it yourself.Some products indicate that pregnant women are disabled, and you should not use it.Some businesses say what they say to promote their products.Anti -radiation.To prevent that to prevent that is to make you fear and buy his product.Don’t "be soldiers" yourself.Just like radiation, can you avoid?For the sun’s activity, there are radiation with electrical appliances.Are you back to the primitive society.Ha ha.So just feel comfortable.Just pay attention to other attention.There are mosquito mosquito nets.

5. In the 14th weeks of pregnancy, the mood is very ups and downs, and it is sad now.Is it normal?

It is normal for pregnant people to have a strong temper.But it is recommended that you take a proper rest for a while.Think of good things, don’t immerse themselves in bad emotions, so bad for your baby.

6. Should I do a color Doppler ultrasound in 14 weeks of pregnancy?

At 14 weeks, I went to the hospital to take a photo. I didn’t take it out or could not be checked too early. It would not be seen until five or six months!Generally, a B -ultrasound examination is performed before 12 weeks of pregnancy, and it is enough to go to the hospital for a birth checkup from the hospital from 16 weeks.Do a good job of testing at 22-26 weeks of pregnancy.Pregnant women wait until May to June to do the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound to understand whether the development of the fetus’s reproductive organs is normal!

7. What is the big belly at 14 weeks of pregnancy, as if my belly has nothing to reflect?

Normally, just 3 months after 14 weeks.There is no change in the belly in 3 months, and it will slowly grow up after 3 months.It is right when the waist is thick, and pave the way for the big belly in the future.Don’t worry, I am the same.

Pregnancy reminder this week

This week’s fetal growth and development are fast, the auditory ability has improved significantly, and the content of music prenatal education must be richer.Such as cello solo, bass songs or music.The father sings or hums some tunes, and the fetus will be more acceptable.This week, pregnant women can listen to some music that can eliminate fatigue.In addition, yoga meditation music is also possible.

Notice of Daddy

Now, although pregnancy has entered a stable period, the prospective dad must not be too relaxed. Sexual life must still be restrained, and pay attention to hygiene.Using condoms can prevent men from transmitting some germs to pregnant women, and can prevent prostaglandin from causing uterine contraction.Are you thinking now, how do you be a good dad?Do you feel pressured?Talk to your wife, this will make your feelings closer and feel the comfort and support of each other.

That’s it for this sharing, because there are 40 weeks of pregnancy, depending on other weekly precautions, please pay attention to our headline number: Qinxin parent -child parenting education, depending on our historical records, there are detailed introductions

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