Purchase after pregnancy

Knowing that I was pregnant, I didn’t tell him, because his epidemic was more serious, and I opened a video every day. He said that I was fat. I showed it to him. He said that he was pregnant.I thought I was kidding, and I didn’t say anything, so I was joking.

After almost a month, I finally unblocked. I asked him to come over for a while. He asked me why, I said you can come over.He came later and showed him the results. He was surprised and asked if I was true. I said yes, he said why he didn’t say it earlier, and I said you didn’t believe it.I went to the hospital together. The doctor said that it was almost three months. Why not come to the hospital earlier, if not, I should come earlier. I didn’t understand it at the time.IntersectionI said that I would go to work at work, and I came to me later.Later, because of the company’s system, many colleagues resigned, and the manager also resigned. I still went to work, but as long as I ate it, I spit it out. My face was pale, and I lost three or four pounds in half a month.

He came to me after get off work. He said that if you can accept my situation, then you move to me to live. I said you said, he said that my situation is more complicated, and I will just say it later.In a word, do you still have a child?Are you married?He said how do you know, did you peek at my mobile phone? I said no, I did n’t look at the hobbies in the hands of others, Intuition, after all, you never talked about your situation. Later he said that he had a daughter.At the age of 13, and when we met, it was just after he was separated from the early stage. He said that his daughter had a good grade. I also showed me the photos and let me guess. I saw it at a glance.Then he asked me if I could accept this situation.In fact, I think it’s okay at first!Nothing, after all, you are willing, and I am 30, and the family is urged to be powerful. Basically, it is a form of makeup, and why there are children, why not, he is innocent.He told his sister later, let his sister not tell the house first, because he also had to tell his daughter that after all, his daughter was 13 years old, and many things had to be let him know that after half a month, his affairs were dealt withAlmost, basically I will come here the next day. I buy a lot of things every time. I also resigned because of the new system of the company.

After resigning, he moved to him where he lived with him. He took me to see his sister and brother -in -law, and the children of his aunt’s house.Because I had just took a driver’s license for a long time, and I didn’t get a passing by the car, so he went to work during the day. I bought some dishes at home in the afternoon. After eating at night, I took me to practice on the road after eating.Together is basically the meal he made. One night I made meals in advance. After eating, he said that I went to practice the car, and I didn’t want to go. He said it was not proficient. Let me practice againThen I went wearing slippers. The car hit with others just five hundred meters after driving. At that time, I was stunned, and then I didn’t get off the car. He asked me if I had something.No response, there was nothing else. After getting off the bus, he was afraid that I would take the initiative to say our responsibility, but our car was seriously damaged by the other party.The owner who hit the hit was also kind. He said that you go back to change your shoes. At that time, the traffic police came. If you wear slippers, you will go back to change your shoes.After the traffic police came, the two parties were responsible for both parties, because I was the main road. He came out of the road. Although I hit it, he did not slow down. After the processing was handled, after two hours, he would take it.The car drove back and went to repairs the next day.Because he has bought the car for almost 6 years and has never had an accident. I hit him at once, and changed the headlights for repairing the car. The bumper was changed. It took almost 6,000.No money.After the car was repaired, he still took out and practiced several times.

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