Psychology: What is the difference between Freud’s dream interpretation and Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation?

Almost everyone has a dream experience. The dream is mysterious, magnificent, and messy. Some dreams make us seem to be immersive, with profound memory. After waking up, we still can’t help but want to explore the meaning of dreams.Or inspiration?The method of dream release in Chinese and Western is very different. We are deeply influenced by the dream of dreams, and we believe that dreams have a predictive effect.The West was influenced by Freud’s "Analysis of Dreams", thinking that dreams were interpretations of the past and a real self -reproduction.So what is the difference between them in applications?

"Analysis of Dreams" is Freud’s most important contribution to psychology and a sign of psychoanalytic theory.He believes that dreams are normal psychological activities, dreams are psychological stimulus night expressions, dreams are "satisfaction of wishes", and dreams provide us with understanding of the past.

Dream is the "quiet path" to the subconscious. It is a shortcut for self -understanding. Through the analysis of dreams, you can understand the activity of subconsciousness and understand the desire of the subconscious self.More realistic, self, this is the ultimate goal of dream analysis.

(Note: Zhou Gongmeng here refers to the method of Zhou Gongmeng’s dream -release method circulating online, folk, and in -law)

The ancients believed that dreams had mythical colors, which was the revelation of the gods by the gods. Dreams have mysterious foresight of the future.Because of the lack of scientific understanding, dreams are regarded as supernatural ability.They divide their dreams into two types, one is valuable dreams, which can warn the dreamer or foreseeable future inspiration; the other is worthless, empty dreams, which will only bring confusion and consume the dreamer’


Freud Dream Release: Represents a change of belief.Depending on the real situation, feeling, and description of the dreamer, the meaning will be different.The position of the teeth drops different, and the meaning is a bit different. For example, the falling of the incisor may mean that the face is dropped.

Zhou Gong interpreted: Dreaming of his teeth falling off will quarrel with people.There is also a bad time in the event.To put it bluntly, there is a risk of water difficulty.Water plays for rowing, surfing, swimming, fishing, etc. should be completely banned.Also be careful while doing other recreational activities.

take an exam

Freud Dream Release: If you have been working, you see that the school represents you feel that you have insufficient energy and need to go back to school to study; and dreaming is actually the judgment given by your Super I, that isIn the eyes of others, the requirements for themselves are very high, and I feel that I have not met the needs of the environment around myself, or it cannot be completed smoothly. It is very anxious.Dreaming of test passing: It shows that your super I think you are qualified in this regard.

Zhou Gong interprets dreams: The foundation is stable and peaceful, the wealth of wealth is wide, and there is the Yin Yi of the father and ancestors and the promotion of the boss.The power of authoritarianism, fame, and status are all magnificent and magnificent configuration.


Freud Dream Release: If you dreamed of the fluttering ghost in white, it means that you are boring and empty; if you dream of the ghost of the black shadow, it means that you have no fear of seeing.

Zhou Gongmeng: Ghost represents bad things, it is a omen.Dreaming of ghosts indicates that you have a bad fortune in the near future. It is unknown to encounter danger or disaster.

Dreaming of running when you see a ghost, it indicates that you will encounter enemies or competitors in the near future, and you will defeat each other.Dreaming of being chased by ghosts indicates that it may be seriously ill in the near future. It is best to do a full -body examination soon, especially pay attention to the health of the liver.Dreaming of a female ghost in white -indicates that your recent physical health is not good, and you are usually not in a state. It is recommended that you take more rest and take time to go to the hospital for a examination.


Freud Dream Release: There is a door in a dream, which may mean that you are facing a choice at this stage. Open the door and walk in, which means you make a choice.

Zhou Gong interpreted dreams: Dreaming of the door, often heralding a new stage and starting a new life.Dreaming of someone knocking on the door indicates that there will be good luck, or you will receive good news.Dreaming of a open door, or entering the open door by yourself, it indicates that new opportunities will be obtained. The career is smooth, the business is successful, there is no obstacle, the life is rich in the future, and the financial resources are prosperous.

I am pregnant and have children

Freud Dream Release: This dream does not mean that you are really conceived, but it means you may have a plan.I am pregnant with a child in my dream, but the stomach has not yet appeared, and others do not know that you are pregnant. It means that your plan is not mature. Only you know it; it has been 6 months after dreaming that you have given birth to a child. It means that you already planOne month; the boy was born, which means that your plan is preferred; a girl born, which means that your plan is emotional and female characteristics.

Zhou Gong interpreted dreams: Dreaming of pregnant and having children, good fortune, good things happen to himself, maybe someone at home is promoted.


Freud Dream Release: Whether it is killed or hunting, this means that you feel that some of your personality traits are not good, and it means that you are denying a part of your own part, perhaps the part of yourself is particularly dissatisfied.The personality death that appeared in the form of killing was actually a big conflict and bad.Normal personality death has rituals, such as funerals, sadness, grave, letting personality enter the soil.

Zhou Gong interpreted: Dreaming of killing, indicating that there are too many enemies who dreamed, and they must kill themselves.

Dream of loved ones

Freud Dream Release: Dreaming of his parents, grandparents and other relatives died.After the dream wakes up, there will be a great self -blame and sadness.Because of the faintness in your heart, in your dreams, you actually present a desire to attack loved ones-I hope they died early (subconscious, we cannot aware of it in reality).

This is actually a conflict of close relationships. When returning to the baby, in the process of pursuing independence, I hope to obtain their own control. If the loved ones are too disturbed, they will have a fantasy in their hearts. If they die, they will die. If they die, they will die.alright.For babies, this death is not a real death. They think the death is gone.

In reality, do we have different opinions, conflicts, or to get rid of their control with this relative.

Zhou Gongmeng: Dreaming about the death of your loved ones, indicating that you will make a fortune, and everything is going well.

Dreams may hidden some dark parts we do not want to accept.If we accept this darkness, then we will get two forces. One is to close the power of darkness, and the other is to defend the power of darkness.These forces will help us grow.

In our dreams, we will have fear, which is very similar to the fear in reality, and the way to fight against fear is: go to see and see clearly.Of course, if you feel that your ability is not enough, it doesn’t matter, you can accumulate slowly, wait for the energy to face it before you face it.

In the dream, there may be many characters. It may be a person who has only seen one side, maybe acquaintances, and maybe.The appearance of these people in dreams does not mean that you miss someone or obsessed that person, but a part of you.Maybe it was a certain characteristic you saw on that person, or your subconscious feeling.For unfamiliar people in their dreams, this can best reflect the mentality of subconsciousness.

For example: A woman often dreamed of unfamiliar male colleagues for a while, so she thought it was her true love, and then she pursued violently. Later, the two got married.The explanation to myself is: This is destined to be in my life.If she knows the meaning of dream earlier, she can also choose to be more suitable for her.

Everyone in the dream represents yourself.People are narcissistic, and all expressions in dreams are actually yourself.All, birth, love, marriage, childhood, death, are actually around yourself.

If you are interested in your dreams, you can leave a message, and we can continue to share the actual case of dream tomorrow.

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