Psychology: I was just pregnant, but I was betrayed by my husband. I saved my marriage like this

Go forward, that is, resolutely save marriage and repair this relationship.Retreat back, that is, resolutely divorce, re -get new life, recruit grooms!

On August 12, for me, it was a real fall from Paradise straight streets to the ground. I think my husband who will have a good life has betrayed me.

[The marriage life of few people is heaven, but her husband is derailed!It is often because I don’t care too much about the undercurrents in marriage and not perceived.

Besides, derailment happened to be alarm, which is better than receiving the ruthless court ticket (prosecution to divorce you) directly.Betrayal does not mean that you don’t love you anymore, nor do you want to divorce!

Your response is also in line with the standard response of ordinary women: trauma stress disorder, completely denying yourself..

I trust him so much, although I also flipped up the phone, I can only occasionally. I know he saw that his phone was very tight, so I still chose to believe him.

Because I think he can’t betray me at all, because it is not easy for me to be together. From acquaintance to falling in love for 7 years, I was married at this time, and I maintained a marriage in just one year.It’s!

[Men are okay, why are you nervous?You occasionally watch his mobile phone, it just shows that you have noticed, but you are unwilling to face it..

[The more difficult couples are together, the greater the gap between the gap, the lower the marriage satisfaction, and the more we feel the tiredness in the heart..

[One -year marriage is a wedding, and two people have to run in many aspects. Many things need to be coordinated. It is easy to have conflicts and ideas.Therefore, a year of marriage is paste, and it will be broken as soon as possible..

The most innocent is the five -month -old child in my stomach. I bear the double blows in my heart and body, but I don’t choose to kill the child.

If you endure it like this, my head every day is full of their imagination: when I was the most uncomfortable, he went to accompany her to comfort her.

[The most innocent is yourself. The child is passively accepted. He has no room. Fortunately, he is not born, although he can feel your anxiety and grief..

[Who tells you to endure your husband’s extramarital affairs to give birth?He didn’t determine to divorce you at all!You think you must endure it!You can ask him to break up, you can drive away the invaders!The key is how to do this!.

[Extra -marriage is also a kind of love!Your husband went to fall in love. Of course, he was working hard to that woman to comfort her to care for her..

[He is in love, where would you remember how much your pregnant wife needs him to take care of, considerate, and accompaniment!With my stomach, I ca n’t eat, I ca n’t sleep well, and the fetus is dysplasia..

Her husband couldn’t give her warmth, she found it from my husband.and I?I was really ridiculous. From the beginning, he didn’t want this child, but why did I be able to conceive and let myself step by step.

[If her husband is good to her, where should she go outside to get comfort?Where is your husband?.

[Because of her husband’s extramarital affairs, let you make full doubts, even pregnancy is a doubt about you..

[Generally speaking, it is not recommended to get pregnant during the wedding period, which is not conducive to the two people entering the marriage state..

I live like a walking body every day, and I barely pretend to be a good look in front of people. I feel uncomfortable.

If I chose to bear it and give birth to the child, if he doesn’t care about me at all, I can only hold the child and cry in the future, then I can’t give the child a complete family, and let him follow me.manage?what to do?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

[You were defeated by extramarital affairs, and severe psychological problems were caused.The walking body is moving with a good face, which is suppressing the pain deep in his heart!So uncomfortable, so aggrieved, grieving, so lonely, so isolated..

[There are at least four months for giving birth to a child. These four months may reverse the defeat opponents. You are not as good as your husband..

[At least before the age of one year, as long as he gets the love of any parents, he can grow up healthy.I’m afraid that you are afraid of lack of positive love for your children because of extramarital affairs!.

【what to do?Starting!Save marriage, save husband, and defeat your girlfriend!.

I thought I betrayed me the best person as a result. I walked forward and I was a cliff, and I stepped back to be a wolf tiger and leopard!Am I retribution?

I want to keep my children, I want a husband who is completely good for me. Is this so difficult?Can’t God even meet me in this requirement?

[Tired of your best person!He needs to obtain energy, obtain recognition, obtain attention and support, and care..

[Go forward, that is to resolutely save marriage and repair this relationship.Retreat back, that is, resolutely divorce, re -get new life, recruit grooms!.

[It belongs to you completely, good to you, and now you still want him to treat you well. Have you considered you to be good to him?Have you considered you who can choose to discard this husband who betrayed himself!.

[Heaven is only responsible for making you two together, how can you work hard on your own!.

I’m really naive, so stupid, he really sold me!And I still love him until now, I am really stupid!God!what do I do!what to do!

[Naive is true, where are you stupid?Where did he sell you?.

[You don’t love him, where is so painful?sorrow?.

[Plan, action!.

[You are yourself, not the betrayal of the betrayal, nor the woman..

"[]" Analysis of Teacher Zhu Yiyong

Author: Zhu Shiyong, Fudan MBA, founder of marriage management school, national first -level marriage and family consultant, national second -level psychological counselor.

Welcome everyone to pay attention to me, let’s exchange and explore marriage together.I also welcome everyone to communicate privately.

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