Psychological question: What is the special meaning of dreaming that you are born?

Freud said: "There are not many things to be symbolized by dreams, including the human body, parents, children, brothers and sisters, birth, death, naked, and some difficult things."

The so -called difficult things to open up mainly refer to nature."Most of the symbols in dreams are sexual symbols, and modern people are strange that although there are few themes I mentioned, it is used to represent their symbols."

From the perspective of later psychologists, of course, the things symbolized by dreams are not just the above things.However, Freud’s words are roughly right, that is, the most common in dreams is those, and each of the few people, things or themes, each has many symbols.

The reason is simple, because the above -mentioned people, things, and themes are the most important things in life, things that people care about most, and things that people think most often.

The more important to people, the more people deal with it, the more the "words" it use is the symbol.Just like the ancients, horses are very important, so there are many names of horses. Horses of different colors and horses of different characteristics have a unique name.

Modern people are only called horses and no longer subdivided.

But there is a thinner division of car modern people, and each different car has its own name.For modern people, horses are not so important and cars are much more important.

Below we will list symbols that can be used to represent common themes such as birth, death, and sex.

For a person, life and death are the biggest problems. Let’s start with "birth".

About the dream of birth

Born has two levels of significance.

First, the birth of creatures, you only born once in your life.You can’t return to your mother’s belly after a few years old, and you are born again.The second is the "birth" of mental and psychological levels, and this kind of birth must be experienced many times in a lifetime.

When you ca n’t die, you feel as if you are born; when you join a group and the old life is replaced by a new life, you feel like birth; when a prisoner has changed from the new, we say that he "has won a new life."" ".

Similarly, a person who is in pain has a change of reborn, and since then, with a new lifestyle, this is also a new life.Born, this is a major event, and this incident is not just the first year of your life. Maybe in the age of 20 or 30, you will have a birth experience.

It can be said that the birth of dreams is a symbol, a significant change that symbolizes self, the possibility of new individual growth, new experience, etc. The birth of birth also symbolizes the beginning and the potential possibility of becoming reality, symbolizing the self -awakening.If you dreamed of your birth and light existence, this is definitely the wake of yourself.

The same is true of fertility. It symbolizes the process of giving you new content (sometimes this is a painful process), the process of establishing a new lifestyle, a more mature process, or the process of relieve depression, and so on.

What can you dream of a symbol of the birth of creatures or psychology?

First of all, dreaming directly.

When a woman dreams of birth, it may directly indicate a real birth, such as she wants to have a child, or she is going to have a child.

If she dreamed of being accompanied by bad emotions, it means that she didn’t want to get pregnant, but she was worried about her pregnancy.Dreaming of birth can also represent a variety of psychological and mental births, such as huge changes and self -awakening.

What is the child born in the dream, reflects what the changes in your psychology are like.

Birth can also be displayed in dreams in some symbolic ways.The first way symbolizes birth is to come out of the water or enter the water.Strictly speaking, entering the water should be a symbol of death.The use of water symbols to be born has undergone a conversion process.Water out of water is the purest symbol of birth.

Freud believes that water and birth have such a connection because everyone still remembers the life in the uterus before birth in the subconsciousness of everyone.

In my opinion, at least that’s just that. I said before that underwater is a symbol of an unconscious world, an unknown world or a ghost world.There are many things at the bottom of the water, but we can’t see it.

Just as we can’t see underground things, that represents "another world", from another world to this world, this is birth.There is a young pregnant woman dreamed of: an underground passage, the floor of her room is passed to the water source. She opened the door of the floor of the floor and quickly emerged with an animal with long hairs, very like seals. This animal suddenly changed suddenly.Become her brother.

She always looks like her brother’s mother.This is a symbol of birth, indicating that she is about to have children.Born can also be represented by the image of the head down.Please try this dream.

"I dreamed that in a cave, there is a Buddhist mural in the cave, and there is a Buddha (maybe a bodhisattva) in the golden lotus. There is also a person standing beside him, and I feel the murals are alive.I am afraid that I will have the idea of blasphemy, which is not suitable for such a sacred environment. ‘

The person next to him said, ‘You may wish to wait a while to feel this atmosphere.‘

I think, okay, so I feel it.I felt that my body turned slowly, my feet went upwards, and the feeling of turning was like in the water."It is easy to prove that this dream is a symbol of birth. It is the first evidence in the dream." Turning it is like in the water. "It refers to the feeling of amniotic fluid in the tire.

The Buddha or Bodhisattva statue is a symbol of the mother, because Bodhisattva, especially Guanyin, is often compared to a mother.In addition, Golden Lotus is a symbol of female sexual organs.Caves are also symbols of vaginal and uterus in women’s organs.

"Desertive idea" refers to sexual thoughts.The dreamer was interested in Buddhism at the time.

One of his friends persuaded him to believe in Buddhism.This friend is the person standing next to him.The dreamer believes that he is still greedy for secular enjoyment and is not suitable for learning Buddhism.But under the influence of friends, I think it is better to believe in the Buddha.Why do you use a symbol of birth?Because he hopes this incident can make him "new life".

To a place that I haven’t been to, sometimes it is a symbol of sexuality, and sometimes a symbol of birth.

Regarding the previous situation, there is such an example: A teenager often dreams of walking in a small courtyard in the hutong in reality, seeing an old white -haired lady in the small courtyard (this is not in reality.To.Entering her room, there was a hole in the wall behind the room. Passing through the hole is a new place that I haven’t seen in actual life.

The yard of a white -haired old lady here is a symbol of the mother’s body. The hole in the back wall of the house is a symbol of the vagina. Passing through a hole to a new place is a symbol of birth to a new world.

House caves symbolize feminine organs.

There is a hole in Wutai Mountain, and the hole is very narrow.Buddhists use it as a symbol of uterine.The landscape is the same.If a person dreamed of going to a place that he hadn’t been after for the first time, most of them were sexual symbols.

If, like the dream of this teenager, dreaming where you have n’t been, may represent the new world, which is a symbol of birth.That boy may be tired of his existing life, so he wanted to be born again in his dream.Dreaming of the place you have visited can also be returned to the uterus.This means death.If you come out again, it means regeneration.

Freud explains that this kind of dream is often said to be incest fantasies under the action of the Oedipus complex, but I think it is often not.The birth symbol of pregnant women’s dreams often see what is from far away from far, or what strange things are seen.

A lady’s dream is: "I dream of a fairy in the sky in the east, with a tall face and tall face, wearing pink clothes; there is a fairy on the west of the sky, a round face, wearing blue clothes, and north to the north sideThere was a geese flying in the sky, and the geese drained a ‘man’ shape. "

After doing this dream, she gave birth to a daughter.

This dream of pregnant women has an interesting characteristic: it is often the gender of newborn.The fetus is a boy, and the dreams are often seen in some men, such as tigers, cows and other animals and big trees. The fetus is a girl. The pregnant woman dreams of fairy, flowers, beautiful birds, and so on.

Although we are not sure to push the gender of the fetus according to the dream, we can still guess to a certain extent.The reason for this phenomenon is unknown, and we may be related to the physiological activities of the fetus.Although the mother herself does not know that she is a man or a woman, her "primitive" can be inferred according to the physiological micro experience.

It is also a symbol of birth through a cave or road, symbolizing the process of birth through the birth canal.In a dream mentioned earlier, the dreamer dreamed that he took the train first, then took a boat, and was with his mother.

This part also contains the symbol of birth, because he mentioned that he always had many tunnels when he left his hometown by train.The dreamer left his mother in a symbolic sense.

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