Press anxiety after pregnancy

Are you happy?Of course, because it is the crystallization of love.The family is going to add new members, and I look forward to seeing the baby’s joy.

Will you be anxious if you are pregnant?Of course, to have a child for maternity leave, you do n’t know if you have your own place after maternity leave.

Presumably every pregnant woman will have such a personal feeling.

The balance between work and baby safety.In the past, I have always been dedicated to work. My husband is not around. I eat in the dormitory in school. If I work overtime, I am my home. It does n’t matter when I get out of get off work.

After pregnancy, the discomfort of the dormitory looks so obvious.Every day on the top floor, I feel hot, mosquito bites, poor sound insulation, and poor sleep as soon as I enter the summer. In order to ensure good sleep, I can only go home every day, so I also became the person who was aimed at get off work.

Leaders and colleagues knew that although I took care of me after pregnancy, I saved some jobs and felt that it was not very suitable.

How can pregnant women have so ingeniously? It is my job. I try not to be lazy and do it seriously.However, she really brought some consequences to themselves. After several blood in April pregnancy, the doctor suggested that bed rest.

At that time, my parents advised me not to go to work anymore and stayed at off?How can I do, I want to find my own value in my work.Besides, it is not easy to find a job now, and I have done this post for a few years, and I finally have today’s little achievements.

So during that time, I didn’t dare to ask for a long vacation. I insisted on going to work.

The leader knew that this matter was very concerned about me, and I was quite moved, but when she asked my due date, I was always afraid that there would be bad things.In October, the school can only take a vacation in the last month. The remaining people need to do my job for so long. These will inevitably bring some trouble.

Listening to colleagues said that there were previous leaders who asked pregnant women to rest directly in advance.Although there is no directly forced pregnant women to resign, they always want to stick to the due date.

One carrot and one pit, you will have another radish when you leave.

The worst thing in this society is not people, and the competitive pressure is so underlying that it is very unfriendly for pregnant women.In order to save expenses, some bosses will take the initiative to resign with their posts without their posts.

There is a question of the last time I read the hot search. "What a woman is unwilling to have children."Obviously, pregnancy has brought too much change to women.How much can ordinary jobs really wait for you to take a long vacation and how much do you do?How can many places be unable to be anxious now.

In addition, after a woman has a child, her identity becomes a mother and baby.She can no longer devote her wholeheartedly as she was before, she still needs to take care of her baby, balance work and family. The hardship behind this is that men cannot understand.

I really hope that every man will cherish the woman who is willing to have children for you, and have more considerate and love, then the grievances she suffer can be comforted.

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