Preparing for the prospective mother in pregnancy, the little secret to succeed and fast pregnancy, send you

When you are ready and wait for your baby to arrive, how can you be pregnant with your baby quickly ~

01 Determine the same room time

The time of the same room depends on the ovulation day of women. We all know that men ejaculate once, and the number of small tadpoles is tens of thousands.But the egg sister is one month.After the eggs are discharged, the best insemination time is within 24 hours. Grasping the time is one of the important steps of natural conception.Just like what we often say "Tian Shi

"How to determine the ovulation time of women?

① Software record

Many people now record their own menstrual cycles through some apps. This kind of software is very "intelligent". It will speculate on ovulation day according to the menstrual cycle, and even give the chances of pregnancy, such as Meiyou, Auntie, Crazy Crazy Create Crazy CreationPeople and so on.These software are more suitable for people with menstruation.

② Judgment through your own symptoms

Many people judge based on their own symptoms, such as increasing sexual desire, leucorrhea brushed phenomenon, and predicting ovulation days, and some people will have unilateral pain (ovulation pain) in the lower abdomen during ovulation.Everyone’s performance is different, so this method is only suitable for some people.

③ Judgment through basic measurement

This method is a more traditional method, which is relatively troublesome.You need to get up early to measure your body temperature every day. You can record your body temperature in a special square grid (convenient for drawing curves), but when the body temperature increases, it is the best time to conceive.This method is both troublesome and not very accurate, and the temperature is easily affected by many factors (such as activities, eating, drugs, etc.).but!One advantage is that if you measure for several months in a row, the curve of the body temperature is a direction, not two -way, and may indicate that women do not have ovulation.This method cannot accurately know the eggs that were rowed on that day.

④ The use of ovulation test strips:

The accuracy of this method is better than the above methods, which are also widely used.It is easier to get pregnant when the ovulation test strip appears strong positive.However, some people cannot measure strong positive. The possible reason is that the measurement time is wrong, or the concentration of the urine is relatively thin, resulting in the diluted luteal formin in the urine.

⑤ Ultrasound monitoring ovulation:

This method is the most accurate method.At the same time, it is also a way for clinicians to judge ovulation.Ultrasonic monitoring ovulation can intuitively see the development of the eggs, and at the same time, it can also monitor whether the endometrium development is synchronized.Then determine the time in the same room according to the size of the follicles.In this way, we often say that "very reliable basis" can better grasp the time in the same room.

02 The best concerted posture

After the best time, many young couples have begun to work hard in their posture, and they are most likely to conceive in what posture.The gesture of men and women is the best!IntersectionIntersectionThe reason for this kind of posture is that after the male ejaculation, the uterine mouth can be better blown by semen. In this way, when the semen is fully liquefied, a large number of small tadpoles can attack the cervix.After the same room, you can use a small pillow to raise the buttocks and keep it for more than 30 minutes to prevent semen from flowing out without liquefaction, which will greatly reduce the chance of conception.The fertilized time limit for sperm is 48 to 72 hours, and the time limit for the pregnancy of eggs is 12 to 24 hours.

03 The frequency of the same room

This is really important. The more often the number of times in the same room is the easier to win.Although there are many men’s tadpoles, it also has its own development and maturity process.It is generally believed that if it is not too long, it will cause too many sperm and the vitality of sperm; too frequently the same room will cause the density of the sperm and not conducive to pregnancy.This also responded to the old saying, "Everything must be done."What frequency is the most scientific?On the first day of the ovulation period, it will be in the same room every other day, so that the probability of pregnancy will be higher.

04 More questions answer questions

Question: Will the anterior and relics of the uterus affect conception?

This question is the most common. If the uterus has no deformities, it will not affect conception before and after or back. Especially people who are in the back of the uterus, don’t have such a worry!

Q: Will women’s weight affect pregnancy?

Yes, if women’s weight exceeds normal standards and is not good for preparing for pregnancy, it is necessary to maintain a good BMI index to be more conducive to pregnancy.

Question: What is the best age for women?

Now the age of fertility is generally moved backwards. It is recommended to complete fertility at the age of 30. Do not exceed 35 years old!

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