Prepare pregnancy chocolate cysts, first pregnancy or surgery first?Listen to what the doctor says

For women during pregnancy, the happiest is successful, and the most worried is that they can’t be pregnant.And many women have checked ovarian cysts during pregnancy, which makes them even more worried and will it affect successful pregnancy.

In gynecological clinics, ovarian cysts are also a very common gynecological disease, especially in women in childhood.In fact, most ovarian cysts can disappear by themselves.

But there are also some cysts that affect women’s pregnancy, such as chocolate cysts.When checking chocolate cysts, many people are worried. Is it necessary to perform an operation to get pregnant first.

What are the symptoms of women with chocolate cysts?

1. Dysmenorrhea

Most of the clever people will have dysmenorrhea. It may not be that dysmenorrhea will occur at the beginning, but then the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea is slowly occurred, and it will gradually increase.

For example, 1-2 days before the arrival of menstruation will appear before 1-2 days, 1-2 days of menstruation will increase, and pain may also prevent the body of the perineum and thighs.

2. Pain in the pelvic cavity

A considerable number of people often suffer from pain during their lives, especially the pain before menstruation is even more obvious.A few people will inhibit chronic pelvic pain.

Some people have acute abdominal pain. This is mainly because the pressure in the cyst increases, which will cause rupture. If a small cyst rupture occurs many times, it will cause acute pain in the lower abdomen.

3. Menstruation abnormalities

When the ovaries have cysts, there will be a phenomenon that causes ovarian lesions, even without ovulation, or lack of luteal function. In this way, the menstrual flow will increase, the menstrual period will be extended, or the menstrual periods often endless.

However, if women often have such a condition, it is not necessarily a chocolate cyst, and there are many factors that cause abnormal menstruation, and they need to be actively checked.

4. It will cause infertility

Patients with chocolate cysts may have infertility.The cause of chocolate cysts is more complicated.

For example, the increasing condition of the disease will affect the function of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, and it will also cause changes in the pelvic environment of women, which is not conducive to pregnancy.Or the chance of miscarriage after conceived.

Prepare pregnancy chocolate cysts, first pregnancy or surgery first?

Many women have found chocolate cysts while preparing for pregnancy, but doctors may recommend pregnancy.They don’t think that chocolate cysts are not easy to cause infertility.

Indeed, chocolate cysts will cause women infertility, but if the volume of the cysts in the early stage is not very large, as long as they can succeed in pregnancy, they will inhibit the growth of chocolate cysts. Many people have successfully reduced their volume after they succeed in pregnancy.

Therefore, chocolate cysts were found during pregnancy. If the physical examination of the cyst is very small, doctors will recommend pregnancy first, so that cysts can also be avoided.

But if you want to get pregnant after surgery, it is also possible. It is best to choose a gynecological surgery for laparoscopy.In the end, whether the surgery is required, it is necessary to combine the results of the examination and the comprehensive assessment of the professional doctors’ suggestions.

Because chocolate cysts are derived from endometriosis, women need to pay attention to avoid gynecological examinations during menstruation.

And do not do the smooth experiment of the fallopian tube before menstruation, so as not to bring the endometrial debris into the abdominal cavity.For women who marry late, women should have as soon as possible, especially women with irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

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