Pregnant women’s temperature is slightly higher and normal. Is the temperature of 38 degrees of fever?You have to attract attention

During pregnancy, pregnant women will be different due to physical changes, causing many details in signs.If you want to ensure that there is no problem with the body of the pregnant woman, and avoiding the development of the fetus from being affected, it is necessary to pay effective attention to the body during pregnancy to avoid the problem of pregnant women’s physical problems without knowing themselves.Usually during pregnancy, the physical temperature of pregnant women will be higher than ordinary people due to the influence of fetal development due to the influence of fetal development. Will pregnant women have a fever at 38 degrees?

The slightly higher body temperature of pregnant women does not really belong to a fever, but from the degree of body temperature of pregnant women, the maximum can only reach 37.2 degrees, so when the body temperature of pregnant women reaches 38 degrees, it must be a fever state.It is just that during the fever of pregnant women, it will not be used normally for many drugs.Therefore, the relevant arrangement and adjustment must be made when you fever to ensure that the antipyretic effect is achieved without hurting the development of the fetus.Usually when pregnant women are 38 degrees, if the mental state is good and the body is not specially unsatisfactory, the body temperature can be significantly reduced by a physical antipyretic method by drinking plenty of warm water and using the antipyretic post.In this way, the antipyretic method will not only cause the fetal development effect, but also the body temperature of pregnant women can be reduced rapidly, so it is safer to use physical antipyretics in time.

In fact, during pregnancy, there are many causes of 38 degrees of body temperature in pregnant women, but basically they have a direct relationship with a cold.Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of fever or cold during pregnancy, it is necessary to learn to prevent cold and warmth. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve a balanced dietary nutritional intake and exercise appropriately to enhance physical fitness.Because only the effect of improving the physique of pregnant women can avoid problems in the later period of pregnant women and cause fever.Usually, in the case of related details, pregnant women will naturally not have any problems during the entire pregnancy stage, thereby reducing the discomfort in the body of the pregnant woman and causing abnormalities in the development of the fetus.Therefore, learning effective conditioning and attention during pregnancy can reduce a series of unnecessary situations.

After the comprehensive introduction of this article, although the pregnant woman’s body temperature will be slightly higher, it will not exceed 37.2 degrees.Once a pregnant woman is detected 38 degrees, it is naturally a fever.At the same time, it is necessary to know that when the situation of pregnant women is not serious, it is necessary to timely reduce the fever in time to reduce the body temperature while reducing the risks of taking drugs.If you use excessive medication during pregnancy, it will directly affect the development of the fetus, so you must choose a safer method when you have to reduce fever.

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