Pregnant women’s emotions everyday: Love crying is easy to get angry, and it is difficult to coax the factor of 5 stars!How to control bad emotions

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Pregnancy is like pressing a magical button, and "one -click" has changed a lot of daily life.There is a "daddy who is about to work soon" in the circle of friends: my wife is pregnant and likes a person. It is easy to get angry when I cry, and it is difficult to coax the coax.Intersection

Indeed, many women are judged before and after pregnancy. They used to "have strong knowledge" and now "throw three or four".Later, "run away from a word."

Many people can’t understand it, don’t you be pregnant, why is this temper and stomach "long -proportion"?

It is said that "women are weak, and they are the mother." This is indeed the case. It is not only the physical state of women during pregnancy, but also the psychological state will change greatly.This is related to various physical discomfort after pregnancy, and it is inseparable from the hormone rising in the body of the pregnant mother.

In the first three months of pregnancy, adverse reactions continued to appear, especially for the first pregnant pregnant mother, the unsuitable manifestations of the one after the first, seriously affecting the mood of the pregnant mother.

Coupled with the sudden rise in estrogen hormones in pregnant mothers, it will also affect the emotions of pregnant women, so it will soon be from the sweetness, irritability, and even fear and worry from the sweetness in the first pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother was irritable and worried. In addition to the reasons for physical discomfort, there was part of the worry about the development of the baby’s baby, fearing that the fetal stop, miscarriage or fetal malformations, etc., even more and more nervous.

Get away from the "bad emotions" little tricks in the early pregnancy:

1. Preparation of planning and pregnancy, prepare for physical and mental preparation, and prepare for all kinds of "pregnancy challenges";

2. Keep a good mood every day and avoid too many content about the abortion of abortion from the Internet. Most of the pregnant mothers appear in the early pregnancy.

3. Do a good job of checking and obey the doctor’s advice. If there are no special circumstances, you can not check it. If you want to check the progesterone and HCG, you can listen to the advice of the doctor according to the results.

4. Moderate exercise, rest more, the fetus is unstable in the early pregnancy. If the pregnant mother has a pioneering abortion, it is necessary to reduce the exercise and take bed rest.One, reduce tension;

5. If you see red or severe abdominal pain, go to the doctor in time, you can’t care.

Entering the middle of pregnancy, the body’s discomfort will gradually disappear, and the nervous mood will gradually alleviate, especially after the fetal movement of the fetus gradually feels comfort, practical and happiness.

The second trimester is a relatively comfortable stage, and the mood of pregnant mothers will feel a lot more comfortable. The only big that makes the pregnant mother’s emotional change is several important "production inspections", including Tang screen testing, deformed examination, sugar resistance examinationWait, worry that the results are abnormal.

Get away from "bad emotions" in the second trimester:

1. Faced with several important birth checkups, pregnant mothers must make full preparations, understand the inspection process and precautions in advance, etc., which helps more confident production inspections;

2. Each check -up time, the prospective dad or family can accompany the pregnant mother, which will help reduce the anxiety and nervousness of the pregnant mother, and face it easily;

3. The physical and mental state of the second trimester becomes better, you can stick to appropriate exercise every day, adjust your mood through exercise, or you can plan a short trip at a time;

4. When the pregnant mother feels a bad mood, take the initiative to communicate with family and friends, and take a positive way to relieve it.

The late pregnancy is the last stage. Due to the increase in the uterus, the waist and leg pain, pubic pain, edema, not eating well or not.

At the same time, I also began to worry about the health of the baby in the stomach, and I was worried about whether I could give birth. In addition, the frequent birth check in the third trimester not only made the pregnant mother exhausted, but also the prenatal anxiety would become more and more serious.

Get away from the "bad emotions" tricks in the third trimester:

1. Keep enough sleep as much as possible. If the rest of the rest is not good, it will increase the bad emotions of the pregnant mother; if there is a serious sleep disorder in the pregnant mother, you can use listening to music and walking.

2. Use the method of diverting attention to relieve tension and anxiety. For example, to take a set of pregnancy photos, leave a memorial for this special combined period, or prepare something that will be used at the time of childbirth and the baby will be used after birth;

3. Learn from some precautions for the third trimester and childbirth in advance to better cope, practice breathing and force in advance, and reduce childbirth anxiety;

4. Persevere in the accompanying family every day, adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise, which helps release stress, and the other is to help promote sleep and control the weight of weight reasonably;

5. As a prospective father and family, you should also care about the emotions and status of the pregnant mother more, such as actively accompanying her to chat, shopping or eating a delicious meal, gifts, etc., so that the pregnant mother is more happy every day, pregnancyMom is in a good mood to be the best prenatal education for the fetus.

In October, the mood of pregnant mothers is easy to rise and fall like a roller coaster. In addition to the pregnant mothers who pay attention to adjusting their mentality in time, their families should also care about the mood and state of pregnant mothers to help pregnant mothers through pregnancy happily!

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