Pregnant women like spicy food. Will eating peppers affect the fetus after pregnancy?

Will pregnant women like spicy food on fetal development?For this situation, in fact, pregnant women eat spicy food during pregnancy and do not cause harm to developing fetuses. However, it is recommended to keep the diet balance in order to ensure that pregnant women and fetuses receive sufficient nutrition.It cannot be said that eating spicy food will affect the development of the fetus, but you cannot like chili too much.Let’s understand the following.

During pregnancy, spicy food does not require strict restraint

Eating some spicy during pregnancy will not only cause harm to the baby, but also make people feel happy, and supplement nutrition! The vitamin types and content in chili are extremely rich.The vitamin C content per 100 grams of pepper is as high as 198mg. Vitamin B2, carotene, calcium, iron and other mineral content are also particularly rich, which can strengthen the body’s immune function.

There are very many sisters. In the early pregnancy, due to the great pregnancy response, the appetite is not good, and the meal is not fragrant. If you put some peppers in the dishes, it will help increase appetite.But one thing is to pay attention to the heat when making peppers, because the vitamin C contained in the pepper itself is not heat -resistant and it is particularly easy to be destroyed. Therefore, it is best to avoid using copper tableware.

Of course, spicy can not be free

If you eat spicy food during pregnancy, you must also have a degree. You ca n’t be too presumptuous! Pregnant mothers should not eat spicy foods such as duck neck and spicy strips ~ There are also reports some time ago, eating hot news.

In addition, in the usual diet, the spicy amount must be controlled.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have slow gastrointestinal motility and easy constipation. If you eat too much pepper, especially dried peppers, it will increase constipation. When constipation, the qi will be increased, and the abdominal pressure will be increased.It’s not good for the fetus ~

At the same time, spicy substances will enter the fetus with the mother’s blood circulation, which may stimulate the baby and cause adverse effects on the fetal treasure.Pregnant mothers also experience skin acne, increased blood pressure, and nosebleeds.

Therefore, the spicy pregnant mothers can be appropriate during pregnancy. Note that it is appropriate to eat a little pepper, which has no effect on the pregnant mother and the baby.But be sure to control the amount. Don’t pout too much, causing constipation during pregnancy, getting angry, and affecting the development of the baby!

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