Pregnant women have coughing for a long time and have not been seek medical treatment. After childbirth, the family regrets it.

During pregnancy, the health of the pregnant mother’s own health will affect the safety of the fetus. If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to her physical condition when she is pregnant, it will be late when the fetus regrets it.

Especially the weight and physiological response during pregnancy are very critical. Some pregnant mothers have decreased in weight during pregnancy. This may be a signal of unhealthy body.At the same time, if the pregnant mother is likely to have a lot of accidents, parents are caught off guard, then everyone will look at the following example.

There is such a pregnant mother. The pregnant mother has been coughing while she is pregnant, thinking that it may be that the season is changed to the cold, so I did not go to my heart. As a result, I regret it after giving birth.Ignorance.The doctor found that the newborn’s spleen and other organs were swollen, while the bone marrow was missing.After the examination, I learned that it was because the pregnant mother accidentally suffered from tuberculosis during pregnancy, which caused the fetus to infected the tuberculosis.In this regard, it caused the current results, and the family of Baoma and Bao Ma regretted it.

Then let’s understand the relevant knowledge about tuberculosis during pregnancy, hoping to attract the attention of pregnant mothers and expectant mothers who want to get pregnant.

First of all, for China, China is one of the high -incidence countries of tuberculosis. Although the overall incidence has declined from a national perspective, the number of infections of tuberculosis is still rising due to the continuous growth of the population. Related studies have shown that the incidence of tuberculosis among women in my country is as high as 2%-7%, which is 3 times that of no pregnant women.

Tuberculosis is mainly transmitted through air. In fact, only 5%-10%of the infected people will occur; in another case, when the body is invaded by the germs, but it is not manifested as a latent tuberculosis infection.When the body’s resistance decreases, it will develop into active tuberculosis.

According to relevant research, pregnant women are more likely to suffer from tuberculosis, which is related to a series of changes in women’s experience during pregnancy. In the early pregnancy, pregnant women’s early pregnancy reactions were serious, and vomiting, loss of appetite, and metabolic disorders occurred.

This will lead to the rapid decline in the resistance and immunity of pregnant women, and it is more likely to be infected by the virus. Estrogen can make the lungs prone to congestion and edema, which is conducive to the reproduction of the tuberculosis. In additionIt is easy to spread through blood and get sick.

Because there are no obvious symptoms or symptoms in the early days of pregnancy tuberculosis, it is similar to the response to early pregnancy, such as low fever, shortness of breath, burnout, fatigue, etc. at the same time.Delay, some severe patients are more dangerous.

Therefore, pregnant mothers during pregnancy should cooperate with doctors to actively treat them. Many pregnant mothers are afraid that anti -tuberculosis drugs will cause side effects on the fetus, and it will inevitably refuse to treat. This is an extremely unpleasant behavior.

A large amount of data shows that unprecedented pregnancy tuberculosis has more damage to maternal and infants, so it is recommended to be pregnant before pregnancy before pregnancy.

First of all, we must know that tuberculosis generally occurs in people with low resistance, so the most important thing is to enhance the immunity of pregnant women.I have intimate contact with tuberculosis patients with tuberculosis and immune defect virus before pregnancy.

According to the "Proposal Guidelines for Robilizer Infection in Bacteria", the γ-interferon release test and tuberculosis are needed to detect the treatment plan recommended as 6 months or 9 months after the lack of infection.The monthly Lifove Tingting+Alien Smoothy, 3-4 months of cigarettes+Liping, 3-4 months of Liping.

All in all, during pregnancy, family members and pregnant mothers must pay attention to the abnormalities of the body. They must be responsible for themselves and their children, try to keep the mother and fetus from being harmed by any harm, and let the child grow up healthy!””””

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